5 Things I Learned Late Last Night

After a late night celebrating Jen and Mike’s wedding, Mal and I slept in on Sunday. We woke up to a gray, rainy morning and no iced coffee. Oh, the horror!

IMG_3818 (750x563)

For me, I could have easily made a batch of cold Dandy Blend, but Mal didn’t want to wait for a hot pot of coffee to cool down, so we took a ride with Murphy to Starbucks.

IMG_3800 (750x563)

Muddy pug feet… oops!

IMG_3802 (750x563)

At Starbucks, I ordered a hot decaf Americano with one pump of pumpkin syrup. (Mal ordered an iced coffee.)

IMG_3803 (750x563)

I drank half of my Americano while eating OMG Pancakes (topped with maple syrup and sunflower butter) and a couple of pieces of bacon.

IMG_3823 (750x563)

After breakfast, I got my life together Sunday style, which included lots of food prep in the form of baking and roasting veggies. Yay, carbs!!


While I worked in the kitchen, I drank the second half of my (supposedly) decaf pumpkin Americano. I poured it over ice this time.

I spent almost 2 hours in the kitchen””chopping and cooking veggies, making a frittata for Mal (he wanted something new and different for breakfast this week), and cooking dinner””which might seem like a long time, but it was totally worth it. Our fridge is full of ready-to-go, healthy food now!


Last night’s dinner was inspired by this recipe, but I forgot to buy shredded coconut and coconut milk at the grocery store (duh), so I did my own thing. I dipped the haddock in egg and then in a mixture of coconut flour, almond meal, and garlic powder for the breading, and then baked it in the oven. It turned out great!

IMG_3846 (750x563)

On the side: roasted potatoes and sautéed kale.

IMG_3859 (750x563)

IMG_3857 (750x563)

After dinner, I shared some red grapes with Mal while we watched TV.

IMG_3867 (563x750)

I went to bed a few hours later, but I could not fall asleep, so I”¦

  • Read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
  • Caught up with my favorite blogs on my iPhone
  • Watched TV
  • Ate a snack (sliced banana with almond butter and raisins)
  • Read a couple of magazines

IMG_3868 (563x750)

Around 1:00 AM, I finally felt tired enough to go to bed. I’m usually a really good sleeper””I can pretty much sleep anywhere and fall asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow””but I’m starting to think my pumpkin Americano was not at all decaf. I was wired last night!

I spent a lot of time reading between the hours of 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM, so here are 5 interesting things I learned:

  • In 1972, only 278 runners signed up for the New York City Marathon (for this year’s race, 47,000 have entered) and paid just $1 to get in (instead of today’s $255). [source: Runner’s World, November 2012]
  • $2 is the additional amount that people will pay, on average, for a bottle of wine with a name that’s difficult to pronounce. The hypothesis: A wine we can’t pronounce seems rare and unique, so we may think it’s worth a premium. [source: Real Simple, November 2012]
  • $112,692 is the salary a 2012 stay-at-home mom would earn (that is, if she were paid), as determined by Salary.com. The income was calculated by combing the average wages, plus overtime, for the jobs a mom typically performs, including laundress, janitor, driver, cook, facilities manager, psychologist, and CEO (of the household). The results also showed that the average stay-at-home mom works a 94.7-hour week and would make an average of $22.94 an hour. [source: Real Simple, November 2012]
  • Shoppers holding a basket (as opposed to pushing carts) were seven times more likely to buy “vice” products. The slightly weird theory: The flexing of your arm triggers an unconscious desire to acquire things that bring you pleasure. Holding something (here, the basket) close to your body makes you crave things that offer instant gratification. [source: Real Simple, November 2012]
  • Eating a banana can cheer you up! Bananas are the only fruit to contain the amino acid, tryptophan plus Vitamin B6, which together help the body produce serotonin””the natural chemical which makes you happy and alleviates mental depression. (It’s also found in Prozac.) [source: TodayIFoundOut.com]

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: CrossFit
  • Tuesday: 6 miles
  • Wednesday: Yoga with Martha Stewart (no big deal)
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: CrossFit
  • Saturday: Off

Question of the Day

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

P.S. You still have time to enter to win a Reebok #getafterit t-shirt! I’ll pick 4 winners this afternoon!


  1. Ugh I hate when I can’t fall asleep!! I usually read as well because I am more likely to get tired when I can’t fall asleep! WORST thing I usually do is watch TV or play on my Iphone!

  2. I’ll usually read, watch Netflix on my phone, or if I really want to give sleep the ol’ college try, I’ll imagine my ideal life, hoping for good dreams. I usually get so bored that I fall asleep. Not ideal, but it happens.

  3. I don’t think I have ever had trouble falling asleep. Unless I was stressed about something. And then I usually just lay in bed thinking of every worst case scenario I can imagine! Not that that helps at all…..it’s just what I do! =)

  4. I’m amazed that you are able to roast that many veggies at one time! That IS efficient prep. Do you find that you have to raise the temperature above what you would usually roast the vegetables at?

  5. A banana a day makes you more attractive to monkeys…or something like that!

    “Shoppers holding a basket (as opposed to pushing carts) were seven times more likely to buy “vice” products” — hmm interesting I thought you were going to go the direction that those who hold a basket are healthier thank those who push carts…who knew?

  6. I try to pretend that I”m already asleep in order to actually fall asleep… so I let my body relax and go completely limp and breathe more deeply and slowly. If that doesn’t work, I break out a boring book (although I heard turning on the light is not good when trying to sleep).
    Yum! Love the picture of all the potatoes and pumpkins in the oven!

  7. When you make a whole batch of roasted veggies on Sunday…how do you reheat them during the week? Just in the microwave for a minute or two?

  8. I hope this doesn’t seem like a silly comment. But I wanted to let you know that grapes are toxic to dogs, which I am sure you didn’t know. I can tell you love your dog and just wanted to let you know!

    1. It depends on the day, but the ones I read fairly consistently are Run, Eat, Repeat, Losing Weight in the City, Peanut Butter Fingers, Ali on the Run, The Petite Athleat, and Kath Eats Real Food.

  9. You amaze me with all the veggie prep and your consistency with healthy eating. Such an inspiration. 🙂 This has quickly become my favorite blog and I find myself looking forward to the next day’s post. Thanks for the trivia – I will now swap out baskets for carts and up my banana intake. 🙂

  10. I agree – those hours in the kitchen on Sunday are 100% worth it to have a fridge stocked with healthy options especially helpful when work/life get chaotic.

    When I can’t sleep I usually resort to tv but then usually forget to set the timer and wind up waking up again at some ungodly hour to infomercials!

  11. My Sunday was spent much the same way and I cannot wait to eat all of the different squash I prepped, yum!
    I’m jealous of your ability to fall asleep so easily I always say if I could acquire a talent I would be singing, now I’m thinking sleeping would be even better!

    I completely agree with that stay at home mom salary, that’s no easy job!

  12. If I can’t sleep I rub lavender on my chest & temples, read a bit, and stretch. It usually works wonders! I also need a chilly room & dark, dark, DARKness 🙂

    I knew that about the basket…and it’s so true! hah

  13. I hate when I can’t sleep. I know they say to never put yourself in front of the computer of tv in that situation but it’s really the only thing I want to do when I’m having trouble hitting the hay.
    Or I’ll eat a bowl of cereal. Carbs and milk always seem to do the trick. 😉

  14. Whew–you were up late! I do the same thing–must read before I go to bed, in bed. I have been trying to shut off electronics one hour before bedtime–but it never fails. especially when I keep refreshing our CrossFit’s box’s website to see the next WOD! 🙂

  15. Hi Tina! I actually had a friend who worked at a coffee shop. She said that because so few people get decaf, hence sometimes they have a seperate pot or make it on request, they usually end up giving you regular instead of decaf when you order. Restaurants too are known for giving regualr so they save money by not making decaf. I for one can not drink regular, only decaf, and find it so wrong that places do that because it can really mess up ones health.

  16. That is how I LOVE to spend my Sundays.
    -coffee in bed with hubby and pups
    -up for a run/workout
    -food shop (if not done on Sat) spend day prepping, cooking for the week.

    I am usually exhausted by the end of Sunday, but knowing my week will be easier makes it all worth it.
    I like to make a meal on Sunday that I know I can have atleast 1-2 times for lunch for the week and atleast 1 more time for dinner during the week
    (lots of grilled meat/roasted veggies; crockpot meals; soups/stews)

  17. I could *not* fall asleep last night either… I even stayed out in the family room watching football with my hubby and couldn’t doze off 😛 3 hours later than usual, I was out…

  18. I’m like you–normally I can fall asleep anywhere anytime. Lately though I’ve had the hardest time sleeping due to a new thyroid medication that makes me WIRED. So I often find myself writing in my journal or watching HGTV reruns!

  19. hey Tina!

    I have Well Fed – *love it* – and the weekly cook up. So many variations, so little time. Le sigh.

    Would you consider doing a weekly blog with more deets on your weekly cook up?! 🙂

      1. @Tina: Yes! So like what you made, how long it took, strategy for streamlining the cooking…photos of course of the production & happily stocked fridge at the end 🙂

        Thanks Tina!

  20. Reading is my go-to activity when I can’t sleep. I love to read, but reading in bed always helps me fall asleep almost immediately (unless it’s a REALLY good book 😉 ).

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