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Hi, guys! Happy Monday and greetings from Israel! 🙂

I’m having such a great time here and couldn’t wait for my usual “5 for Friday” blog post, so I decided to bump it to today, so I can tell you a little about some of the incredible experiences I’ve already had here. We’re just halfway through the trip, but I have SO MUCH to tell you guys! Here are just some highlights!

FASCINATING – Jerusalem. What an experience. On Saturday, we explored Jerusalem and some of the world’s most sacred places. It was emotional, beautiful, and an experience I will never forget. I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to visit. Never in a million years did I think I would visit Jerusalem. I was raised Catholic and religion was an integral part of my life growing up, so many times throughout our visit, I stopped and made it a point to take it all in. And, of course, I’m so incredibly grateful for this once in a lifetime experience. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys, so thank you for supporting me and following me on all of my life adventures.

Photo: Or Kaplan

FOOD – One of my favorite meals in Israel so far: Sabich! It’s a popular pita sandwich stuffed with fried eggplant and hard boiled eggs as well as other delicious ingredients – everything from artichokes and potatoes to figs and pickles. Fun fact: The word “Sabich” comes from the Arabic word for “morning”, so Israelis often eat these sandwiches for breakfast.

Photo: Shani Sadicario

FITNESS – Running through the markets of Tel Aviv! We did an “urban run” with a group called Reaction Club, and they were SO FUN! We ran through the streets of Tel Aviv and finished at the beach with a dance party. It was easily one of the coolest fitness activities I’ve ever experienced!

Sneakers: Brooks Glycerin

FAVORITE – Bamba! These peanut butter puffs are a popular snack in Israel, especially with babies and little kids. And, my gosh, they are delicious. If you love peanut butter, you will lovvvvee these! Related: I heard Trader Joe’s recently started to sell Bamba. I’m planning to bring some home from Israel, but I’m glad to know I can find it at TJ’s now!

Photo: Or Kaplan

FRIENDS – The influencers on this trip are phenomenal. Vibe Israel picked such a great group! We’ve had a lot of fun already, and I know these guys are people I will keep in touch with in the future. Left to right: Jorge, Rebecca, Charlie, me, Danny.

Photo: Or Kaplan

That’s it for now – just some quick highlights from the first three days. I have lots more to tell you! In the meantime, be sure to check back tomorrow for a fun giveaway! 🙂





  1. Growing up my family always had Sabich when family would visit. On my first trip to Israel I ate it everyday! Looks like you are having a great time!

  2. Funny you mention Bamba! Now that they’re recommending allergenic foods be introduced earlier to babies, a friend of mine recommended bamba as an easy way to introduce peanuts early! My boy is 5 months and will (hopefully) be enjoying bamba the next 4-6 weeks!

  3. I’ve been following your experience on Insta and am blown away by the beauty and all of your excursions! A trip of a lifetime! Sabich Sounds really interesting, I hope you recreate it and share soon!

  4. This all makes my heart so happy-as you already know from all my IG messages haha. Did you have amba (savory mango curry) in your sabich?? 🙂

  5. You can find bamba in the international sections of the grocery store. I’ve had luck at stop and shop and market basket!

  6. There was a good story on NPR that I believe was from the New York Times a few years ago about how children in Isreal don’t have the peanut allergies children in North America do because they all eat Bamba when they’re very young and develop antibodies against the peanuts. I’m allergic to peanuts so I thought this was a wonderful idea to bring to the States!

  7. Sabich is alsoy favorite. Lived in Israel for years, married to an Israeli and we go back yearly with our kids to visit. Most Israelis definitely don’t eat sabich for breakfast. We usually stick to cereal and toast and coffee 😉

    You also cant get sabich until 10 or 11am … I’ve tried in a jetlag state to find it early seeing as on day 1 the kids get up at 2am so by 9 I’m ready for lunch 😉

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