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Heyyyyyy! Happy Friday! Are you looking forward to the long weekend? Any fun and exciting plans? I actually have a jam-packed weekend ahead, but I am very much looking forward to it!

How about some Friday Favorites? Sure, why not, right? Ok, let’s do it!

Fall running. The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, so Quinn and I took the jogging stroller out for a 4-mile run yesterday morning. The cool, crisp air and colorful foliage made it an even more enjoyable experience. Running + fall is truly a wonderful thing.

photo 2 (19) (800x600)

Quinn’s new fuzzy car seat cover + children’s consignment shops. Funny story about the new car seat cover”¦ I went to Babies “R” Us the other day and almost bought this exact same cover for $39.99. Just as I was about to put it into my shopping cart (well, Quinn’s stroller), a woman next to me said she sold that same cover to a local consignment shop just the other day. There’s a secondhand children’s store right near our house, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out. I thanked the woman and then headed straight there. Sure enough, I found her car seat cover, brand new in the original packaging, for less than half the price. Score!

photo 1 (22) (600x800)

Stitch FixStitch Fix rules. (Ok, that was totally an affiliate link, but I would 100% still do Stitch Fix even if it wasn’t. I can’t dress myself for the life of me, and Sitch Fix helps me dress better without a doubt!) I haven’t talked about it in awhile on CNC, but I’m still loving my fixes! Some favorites are below! (Here is my first Stitch Fix review.)


Jacket: Market & Spruce / Jeans: KUT Catherine Boyfriend 

photo 1 (16)photo 1 (5)

Blouse: 41Hawthorne / Cardigan: Skies Are Blue 

photo 3 (12)

Gray polka dot sweater: willow & clay / Jeans: Mavi / Purple jeans: Just USA 


Cumerland Farm’s iced coffee. It’s no Marylou’s, but Cumberland Farm’s iced coffee is pretty good. It’s so fun to mix and match the flavored syrups and creamers to make your coffee just the way you like. I went with two squirts of coconut and one squirt of chocolate syrup and a splash milk. It was deeeeelicious!

photo 4 (14) (800x600)

Pug cuddles. Obviously, Murphy is always my favorite, but ever since Quinn arrived, we don’t spend the same quality time together. It’s a little sad, but I appreciate our cuddles so much more now.

photo 5 (9) (800x600)

Questions of the Day

Can you dress yourself? Do you have a sense of style?

Who has the best iced coffee?

Consignment shops? Yay or nay?

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  1. Are you still in to iced coffee as much when it gets cold? I’m still loving ice cream..sitting eating ice cream with hat and scarf on…needs must! I don’t take the time to dress myself…jeans and plain tops all the way! We need a Stitch Fix in Ireland!

  2. I have become much better dressing myself ever since I started working at The Limited part time- I get great ideas from all of my co-workers, but my sense of style had gone by wayside while being in grad school for physical therapy (we wear gym clothes to all of our labs)! I do love a good consignment store, though, so my closet is a mixture of consignment clothes and clothes from 40% off SALE items at The Limited. 🙂

  3. Definitely a yay for consignment stores! I used to work in walking distance of one and I would go during my lunch break to look around. My boss would do the same thing and we would do little office hauls and oooh and ahhh over what each other found.

  4. “Pug cuddles. Obviously, Murphy is always my favorite, but ever since Quinn arrived, we don’t spend the same quality time together.” Eeeek… I sure hope this came across wrong or something, that makes me sad. I hope he’s not your favorite.

    1. @Lindsey: Agreed. I was so attached to my cats before my first child was born–my pregnancy hormones had me crying at the thought of them feeling left out after the baby arrived–but once my son was born, I realized they were “just” animals and my baby needed me a lot more! Still love my furry friends but would much rather cuddle a kid!

  5. I get so jealous every time I read about running in cooler weather!

    I live in Los Angeles and we are *finally* out of the three digit temperatures. The other day I was thinking to myself “Thank goodness it’s just 91 degrees today” lol. Today it’s supposed to be “only” in the 80s and I keep praying that it keeps going down!

    Enjoy your wonderful weather. 🙂

  6. I recently signed up for Stitch Fix. I’m terrible at dressing myself – unless it’s workout clothes (which, really, is easy for everyone) – I have no idea what looks good. I hope that it ends up being helpful and affordable!

  7. I have that same 41Hawthorne top in burgundy and my co-worker has it in black. I love it! Great for work, weekend, night out! That fix was definitely worth that find. I’ve only kept one from each of the three fixes I’ve done so far, so I’ve put it on hold for now. But I’ve worn the heck out of all three items, so I’m sure I’ll try again after the holidays.
    I originally did it not because I couldn’t dress myself, but I felt like I had really boring style. I’ve come to realize, though, that I have pretty minimalist taste and I can use that to my advantage–buying only limited things that I love and that go with a lot of other things in my closet!
    Such a cute pick of Quinn! He looks so nice and cozy! And I am loving this fall weather for running, lunch time walks, evening walks (getting a bit chilly!), you name it. Enjoy the long weekend!

  8. I haven’t had such great luck with my fixes. I’ve been stitch fixing for probably close to a year now and I usually only end up keeping one thing from each stitch fix. The last two I kept nothing..therefore losing my $20 each time. I put a hold on mine for a bit b/c I’m just not feeling it. I love all the things you are wearing though. Maybe after a short reprieve it will start working for me again.

  9. Kids’ consignment stores are the bomb!! I’ve bought almost nothing full price since having a baby almost a year ago. Way to listen to that lady, and now you know where to go with that consignment store nearby! 🙂

    I don’t do stitch fix b/c it’s a bit too pricey for me right now, but they have some really cute stuff!

  10. That picture under fall running – oh my gosh beautiful!!
    I totally have no style and no fashion sense – stitch fix is awesome (though I don’t do regular fixes at this time.)

  11. Hi–
    Wondering where that consignment shop is?
    Would love to check it out–live in Milton–assuming it South Shore area? .thx!

  12. Hello!! Long time reader, first time commenter!
    I love running up here in the fall! It’s so pretty and the temp is tolerable, great mid run pic!
    I’d say totally yes to consignment, where have you found good ones around? I’m from the same area as you and was just looking yesterday actually. I’ve done Second Time Around in Boston, but want something else too.

  13. I love thrift and consignment shops so much! They are awesome! I have those KUT Catherine boyfriend jeans! My work sells KUT and I bought them last year and still wear them all the time! 🙂

  14. LOVE consignment shops for kids. Can find such great deals on stuff that is new or barely worn! I got an exersaucer for $25 bucks! I used to get a lot of clothes for my son too. Consignment shops are great I got my wedding dress from consignment. It has been a floor model somewhere, fit perfect was 3/4 off. What a deal!

  15. I think i have an ok sense of style just not enough money to buy the things i like!! I bet alot of us could say that!
    I am currently trying different black coffee’s and we have a nespresso pod that is caramel and coffee and i really like that mmmm.

  16. I wanna try out stitchfix. I’ve heard great things.. the prices aren’t exactly reasonable though for someone who enjoys to shop outside, but it’s definitely a good option for Moms! I love the polka dot sweater.

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