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Is there anything better in life than a pair of good black leggings? You know, the kind you say that are for working out, but they’re also for sitting on your couch in a hoodie and fuzzy socks. (You know you do it too!) Every time I go shopping for workout clothes, I tell myself not to buy another pair of black workout leggings. And just about every time I go shopping for workout clothes… let’s just say, I’ve lost count of how many pairs I have, but they’re my favorite and ones that I wear all the time. I mean, they go with everything! Here are my top five favorites.

Brooks Greenlight Capris (on sale for $42!): These are my hands-down favorite leggings, and I’ll always pick them from the top of the (clean!) laundry pile. They’re seriously reliable for every type of workout from CrossFit to running to OrangeTheory. Plus, the fabric is super-soft so that I can focus on getting a good sweat in and not on some awkwardly fitting tights.

Brooks Go-To Capri – Yeah, I think these are called “go-to” for a reason. I love these for similar reasons to the Greenlight Capris mentioned above, but they’re much more shiny and the material is a bit more sheer, but not see-through at all. The drawstring is key, so they stay up, no problem, so I can run and squat and never have to worry about them slipping down. They’re also often my go-to pair for traveling because they’re so comfy and move with you. I love them so much that I bought them in several colors besides black. (You’ve probably seen me in the burgundy ones a zillion times now!)

Athleta Highline Hybrid Ankle Tight – I frickin’ love these tights. They’re more of an athleisure style, and I don’t even wear them to work out. They’re much more stylish than workout leggings. I actually fell in love with these tights and went to the nearest Athleta because they were sold out online. I tried them on in-store and needed to have them in my life. Unfortunately, they were a bit too long, BUT Athleta sells petite sizes (online), so I ordered them that same day. Love, love, lovvveeee!

Lululemon Align Pant II – Lululemon pants are obviously never cheap, but they are SO WORTH IT! I want these in every color! They’re high-waisted, so they’re really flattering, and the material is seriously like butter. They also have a hidden pocket for keys, so they’re great for running.

UA Vanish Crop Women’s Studio Capris – If there’s anything from this post that you purchase, make sure these babies are in your shopping cart! The material is SO SOFT and moves SO WELL with you. It definitely performs while giving you a bit of support without adding a ton of bulk. And, for those of you who are super sweaty like me, the fabric is actually called “UA Vanish” because that’s exactly what sweat does when you’ve got these on. It’s super quick to dry and doesn’t show any “weird” sweat marks. If you like a little color is your life, these capris also come in Static Blue.

Question of the Day

What are your favorite black leggings? …and how many pairs do you have?? 




  1. I do not have the greatest luck or love for black leggings. I am super self conscious about sheerness (I’m one of those weirdos that wears underwear with leggings because of it) and I can never find black leggings that pass the “squat test.” I have one pair that are just so-so from Old Navy. I love them because they’re high waisted, but that’s about it. I may need to try the Zella leggings!

  2. My favorite black leggings are from Lularoe. I snagged three pairs back in the day when Lularoe was all the craze and I absolutely love them. I will say too that stitch fix just sent me a pair of black leggings that are also amazing! #teamblackleggingsalldayeveryday

  3. There’s just something about black leggings – so slimming and flattering! I love my pair from Brooks! I’ve also had luck with Fabletics – have you tried them?

  4. Black Leggings are my favorite and I have a ton of them, but unfortunately most of the ones I own are pretty low quality and don’t end up lasting very long. Ideally, I’d love to purchase a pair of Athleta leggings, I think they look great and would be comfortable!

  5. How do you manage to wear black leggings with a pug in the house?? I just cannot wear black basically because of my two pugs, or if I do, its putting something on right before I leave the house and no sitting on anything!! haha

  6. I definitely need to invest in some good leggings and shorts for Crossfit. Right now, I’m shimmying out of all my bottoms, resulting in this constant game of “tug up your britches” I play in between sets or during a WOD. It’s not a cute look.

  7. Can’t go wrong with black leggings! Thats why I own soo many but they range from just super thin cottony ones ill wear to bed or around the house to heavier duty ones that I can do yoga or run in. Once this pregnancy is over I need to invest in some new high quality ones, so this is a good list to keep in mind. I always shy away from the pricier ones but maybe I should give them a chance.

  8. Zella Live In leggings! I have four pair of black because I literally do live in them. They are reversible- one side is a performance fabric and the other side is brushed for a nice cozy feel. A little pricey, but so worth it!

  9. Target Cat and Jack (yes, I have to wear kids size) because they are very cheap and work well by themselves or under clothes. Victoria’s Secret XS work for me most of the time. I have huge issues with sizing.

  10. I feel ya, I’m already planning on asking Santa for a pair of Nike ones. The ones with the big Just do it text are still missing from my collection 🙂

  11. Too many pairs! Although I did just donate a few. My favs are the Zella high waist Live-In for hanging out. As for working out I prefer the lululemons.

  12. I feel like I’ve been in a workout clothes rut lately, but I will say that I love Lululemon’s leggings. I also have a pair of running shorts from Lulu that are my favorite, but now that it’s negative 8 million degrees out, they’ll have to stay put for awhile. And oddly enough, I think I only have like, 2 pairs of black leggings!

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