43 Fun Things From Our Trip to Burlington, Vermont

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends!

We’re back from Burlington and we had an absolutely wonderful time. What a great a great city! It was a relatively short trip, but we managed to fit in a lot. That said, here are 43 fun things from our trip!

1. Quinn was awesome during our 5 hour drive to Burlington. (Holy traffic!)

IMG_7382 (1024x1024)

2. At one point, he started to get a little fussy (he did not want to be in his car seat anymore), so I moved into the backseat to keep him company/entertain him.

3. Apparently, Quinn was just bored because we ended up having a blast together. I had him practically busting a gut because he was laughing so hard!

IMG_7377 (1024x768)

4. We broke up the trip by stopping for dinner at The Seven Barrel Brewery.

IMG_7416 (1024x768)

5. I ordered a garden salad with chicken and sweet potato fries with honey mustard on the side of both.

IMG_7401 (1024x768)

6. Quinn ate mac & cheese, but avoided the hot dogs, which was totally understandable.

IMG_7403 (1024x768)

7. After dinner, Dada and Quinn went on a “guys’ adventure” to check out a nearby tractor.

IMG_7417 (1024x768)

8. It was just about bedtime, so we did our usual routine (minus a bath) in the back of our car.

IMG_7427 (1024x1024)

9. It worked like a charm because Quinn slept soundly for the rest of the drive to Burlington.

10. The next morning, we explored Church Street, which is one of our favorite places ever.

SAM_4081 (1024x683)

11. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of downtown.

IMG_7453 (1024x1024)

12. I wore a fun new shirt and shorts (Kut from the Kloth) from Stitch Fix.

IMG_7462 (1024x1024)

13. We bought a half dozen doughnuts at Doughnut Dilemma.

14. I only tried two of them (apple fritter + coconut), but they were incredible. Highly recommended.

IMG_7430 (747x747)

15. We enjoyed breakfast with our friends at their house. It was so nice to catch up. We already miss them!

IMG_7439 (1024x1024)

16. We wandered around the farmer’s market.

SAM_3949 (1024x683)

17. We enjoyed checking out all of the different vendors.


18. Quinn especially liked seeing all of the different dogs at the farmer’s market!


19. We enjoyed a delicious (and very fun) lunch at Sweetwaters.


20. Quinn’s new dinosaur (from the Dollar Spot at Target) was a huge hit.

SAM_3954 (1024x683)

21. It totally cracked him up! (I love his face in the photo below!)


22. I ate Poutine for lunch. Mmm!

SAM_3965 (1024x683)

23. Cheers to an awesome lunch!

IMG_7468 (1024x1024)

24. We visited the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.

SAM_3971 (1024x683)

25. Quinn absolutely loved it, especially the exhibits that involved water.

26. He was so wet by the end, we needed to change his clothes!

IMG_7490 (1024x1024)

27. Quinn touched a starfish for the first time!


28. He also played at the water table for a lonngggg time!

SAM_3997 (683x1024)

29. He saw lots of different kinds of fish.

SAM_4007 (1024x683)

30. The BIG ones were his favorite!


31. Quinn may or may not have tried to kiss a few fish.

SAM_4009 (1024x683)

32. Quinn really enjoyed watching the boats on Lake Champlain.

IMG_7480 (1024x1024)

33. We took a family photo there!


34. We bought some delicious Creamies!

IMG_7500 (1024x1024)

35. We also had a very happy hour at Juniper’s outdoor patio.

IMG_7518 (1024x1024)

36. We popped into Muddy Waters for drinks and snacks.


37. I ordered an iced chia latte and an almond butter-coconut cookie. Both were excellent.

SAM_3944 (1024x683)

38. I enjoyed an epic breakfast sandwich + a maple almond milk iced latte on Sunday morning.

IMG_7536 (738x738)

39. And then we said goodbye to Burlington until the next time.

IMG_7543 (1024x1024)

40. My super cozy sweatshirt is from Brooks.

41. It was perfect for the cool Fall morning in Burlington. AND it’s reversible. How fun is that? It’s teal and gray on the inside.

42. My jeans are Kut from the Kloth from Stitch Fix.

43. The end.

Question of the Day

Your turn! Name some fun things from your weekend!

Something you wore:

A moment:

Food or drink:

New experience:



  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love that Brooks sweatshirt.

    Something you wore: A cozy Buckeye sweatshirt (they won!)

    A moment: Snuggling on the floor with my dog on Saturday morning. I kinda love her.

    Food or drink: Salmon topped with crab meat and asparagus for Friday night dinner… and a super peanut-buttery Reese’s Blizzard yesterday afternoon 🙂

    New experience: Shopping for dishes and cookware. I’m almost an adult or something…?

  2. Burlington looks fun! I’ve been to Vermont to the ski areas and love it, so I want to explore more. I want a maple almond milk latte!

    Something you wore: Sandals. Have to wear them as much as possible before the impending New England fall.
    A moment: Time with my my fiance, my parents, and his parents to get some wedding planning done. Fun to have us all together and realize we’re all family now.
    Food or drink: An amazing sandwich while out to lunch with chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, and broccoli rabe
    New experience: Getting a Keurig? haha, it felt revolutionary that I could brew just one cup of coffee so quickly.

  3. A moment: My son wanted to pretend to trick or treat around the house, it was adorable!
    Food or drink: Mexican Quinoa stuffed peppers, yum!

  4. Love your pictures of Quinn. So cute! My Lincoln is near the same age (born 7/1/14). I love that you had his bedtime routine in the car 🙂 We took him for an 8 hour drive to SC (from MD) and it was a little worrisome but planned it so he slept for a few hours of the ride also.

    You are really tempting me to try Stitch Fix with your cute clothes! Love the jeans, shorts and top!
    I wore some tattered old navy boyfriend style capris yesterday and a loose gray top to the apple farm. We got fresh pumpkin and apple donuts- delish!
    We also made a trip to IKEA (and picked up the kids LATT table and chairs too!).

  5. Looks like so much fun!! I live in Ottawa, which is less than 4 hours from Burlington. It never even occurred to me to visit but this post makes it look well worth the visit. Oh man that picture of Quinn at the restaurant – TOO cute! I drank some delicious wine that my friend just brought me back from France and got some productive studying in that will make this week a lot more relaxed! Happy Monday to your little trio 🙂

  6. Something you wore: great new sweater from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. yay for sweater weather!
    That looks like so much fun! I want to go now! That aquarium with the kids area looks phenomenal!

    A moment: snuggling my 2 year old daughter before bed. It will never get old. I live for bedtime because it’s rare that she’s in the mood for snuggles!

    Food or drink: Kath Eats Real Food’s recipe for baked cod fillets with pasta sauce, feta, Greek olives and capers. OMG.

    New experience: Seeing my daughter’s wonder and excitement when we went to the local nature center.

  7. Something you wore: a jacket at night- yay fall weather!
    A moment: fireworks at a local Italina festival
    Food or drink: DELICIOUS eggplant rollatini during Date Night
    New experience: buying a new laptop and NOT having it be a total disaster 🙂

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Love those weekend getaways!

    Something you wore: It was feeling like fall on Saturday evening, so I enjoyed wearing a fleece, leggings, and boots!
    A moment: Playing cornhole and standing around a fire pit at a local brewery. Perfection.
    Food or drink: Pumpkin beer. Need I say more?!
    New experience: Checking out the Cincinnati Jazz and Barbecue Jazz Festival. It was a good time!

  9. The poutine at Sweetwaters is some of the best I have ever had! And also, fun this weekend: my 10 year high school reunion and the children’s chorus that I work for sang at a charity event at Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyards for the March of Dimes on Sunday. Awesome time, but I need a weekend from my weekend!

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love how simple, Farmer’s Market type outings/weekends are made so much more fun simply because you have a little kiddo’s lense to see it all through. 🙂

  11. Quinn’s face laughing is priceless. Too cute and I love your Brooks sweatshirt! It must have been warm then cold. I’m obsessed with weather because it’s still 100 degrees in Phoenix and I cannot wait for some cooler weather so I can wear my cute sweaters. It’s all about the fashion you know!

  12. Looks like a lot of fun! Our daughter’s 8-months so everything revolves around naps at this point. I’m curious what you did about Quinn’s? Did you take a break each afternoon or just let him fall asleep in the stroller as needed? We want to take her to Ireland next year when she’s 1-1/2 years and I’m not sure how to tackle naps. I’m sure it’s all different per kid, but would love to know your experience.

    1. Good question! Usually, we stick to nap time when we travel, but Quinn had his own plans for Saturday. After we had brunch with our friends, we drove back to our hotel. Quinn fell asleep in the car, but he woke up when he carried him up to our room… and then he would NOT go back to sleep. He put up SUCH a fight, so we decided to go downtown and figured he’d fall asleep in the stroller while we walked around. Napping was definitely a no-go, but Quinn was in an awesome mood, so we just went along with our day. Mal and I joked that it felt like Quinn was a “ticking time bomb,” but he never got fussy, so we just did our thing in Burlington and then put him to bed a little earlier than usual. Surprisingly, it all worked out, but, typically, we stick to a schedule. On Sunday, we timed the drive home with his morning nap.

  13. Lots of cool stuff this weekend for me:
    Went to the 4th Annual Squirrel Cook-off,
    tried/ate Smoked Trout and Crawfish chowder,
    went to the casino for the first time in my life, and
    had a nice Sunday of church + lunch with gal pals.
    Bonus, we had glorious weather!.

  14. That sounds like such a fun trip! He seems like such a happy kid–that is so wonderful!! <3

    My mom was in town to help with baby #2 and she bought us yummy food to enjoy. It was awesome–both the food & company 🙂

  15. I love the Kut from the Kloth brand! I have a few pair of capris, a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans that I got from stitch fix! They fit so nice!

  16. ohhhh so fun! i love burlington, such a beautiful city.

    Something you wore: um, sundresses. every day. because it was 100 degrees and i wanted to wear as little fabric as possible!
    A moment: working out in the ac in the living room! made it bearable.
    Food or drink: hmm… got pizza twice? friend brought back some chocolates from Amsterdam for my boyfriend and me!
    New experience: hm. went to a new restaurant with my friend. that was delicious.

  17. I love Burlington! Great location for a fall weekend!
    My CT weekend went something like this:
    Something you wore: a raincoat 🙁 it was rainy on and off all weekend.
    A moment: Showing my fiance’s grandma my wedding dress! She was so happy to get a sneak peek!
    Food or drink: New haven style pizza. I’m such a snob for the thin crust, brick oven pizza. I cannot wait until Pepe’s opens in Chestnut Hill! (www.pepespizzeria.com)
    New experience: Saying, I am the bride. It sounded so funny coming out of my mouth. We have a while until the wedding but a few planning things happening now are making it feel so much more real! Cannot Wait for next spring!

  18. Burlington Vermont is one of my favorite places too! My brother went to college at UVM and I just loved visiting! I totally extended the Parents Weekend invitation to sibling weekend… that’s allowed, right?

  19. So nice to see you having a lovely weekend with your sweet family.
    Something you wore: Beyond Yoga Leggings.
    A moment: Had a fun meeting with a future photography client and her 3 year old daughter.
    Food or drink: Starbuckss.
    New experience: Ummmm. I’ve got nothing.

  20. I love stitch fix and really need a new fix -it’s been over a year:(. I love the fall colors, especially cozy burgundy sweaters

  21. What I wore: I wore my first pair of Palazzo pants this weekend and I am hooked!
    My moment: Being the Bung Queen at LakeFront Brewery Tour in Wisconsin
    New Experience: Trying absinthe at a GLD tour. Turns out I don’t like that at all.

    Quinn is so adorable! He’s getting so big!

  22. I looove Burlington! We usually make a trip over in the winter and make sure to visit some of favorite breweries! I was just wondering if you guys have ever made a trip up to Portsmouth, NH? I know you go to Maine quite a bit. I feel like you would really enjoy Portsmouth. Tons of restaurants and shops and lots of old coastal charm!

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