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Good morning, friends!

I’m officially past my due date with no signs of labor””well, ok, no signs of labor that I can actually feel, but I’ll take it. More on that in a minute!


Yesterday started with a delicious, but not very pretty-looking two-ingredient pancake with almond butter, strawberry jelly, and chia seeds on top. I swear it tasted way better than it looked!


After breakfast, I did a bunch of work and then headed out to my 40-week doctor’s appointment. On the way, I stopped by Marylou’s for some iced coffee. I went with a Peanut Butter Wonderful, light on the mocha, milk, and no sugar. FYI: That’s the way to order it if you want a sweet, creamy iced coffee, but not a total sugar bomb.

IMG_3389 (675x900)

On the drive (well, technically, while sitting in traffic), I saw this “MOMMY” license plate in front of me. I thought it might be a little foreshadowing of exciting things to come, but no dice.

IMG_3400 (900x675)

Everything went well at my doctor’s appointment. She told me that I’m 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced, which she said was good progress. She also said 90% of women go into labor by 41 weeks, so she was hopeful something might happen soon. If I am still pregnant come Monday when I have another appointment with her, we’ll talk about induction.

Since I’m past my due date, my doctor sent me for a Non-Stress Test (NST) and an ultrasound to make sure the baby’s heart is still strong and steady, the placenta is still doing its thing, and the baby is getting the oxygen he needs”” probably some other things too, but basically just checking everything is still ok in there.

IMG_3402 (675x900)

The NST lasted about 20 minutes and everything looked great with Baby H.’s heart. The monitor that I was hooked up to actually showed that I was having a few irregular contractions, which I couldn’t feel, but means something is finally starting to happen. My stomach was also feeling kind of sore last night, which I told my mother-in-law this morning and she said that might be some contractions too.

Things also went well with the ultrasound. The placenta is working fine and Baby H. has plenty of oxygen, which the ultrasound technician suggested might be the reason for him still moving around like a maniac. She explained that when babies don’t have a lot of oxygen, they move around less, but Baby H. NEVER stops moving and he doesn’t seem to care that there’s no room for him to do so. He just punches and kicks his little heart out. My stomach basically looks like a bowl of Jello because he’s moving around so much”” even during the NST and ultrasound. Haha!

The ultrasound also estimated that Baby H. is about 7.6 pounds, and I got to see his little squished face in 3D, which was so cool. The technician said he looks really “comfy” inside, but he looked super cramped to me!

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When I got home from my appointment, I was more than ready to eat, so I heated up some Chinese leftovers for lunch.

IMG_3407 (900x675)

And then I took Murphy for his afternoon walk. The ice cream man drove by us during our walk, and Murphy barked his brains out at him. He loves to hate the ice cream man. #funpolice

photo (675x900)


After our walk, I busted out some work while snacking on a bunch of dark chocolate chunks + almonds, which apparently is the snack of the week. #love

dark_chocolate_chunks_ _almonds_


Dinner was quick and easy: ham and cheddar lettuce wraps with mustard. Mal and I broke out all of the ingredients and just made them while watching TV. Easy-peasy.

photo (1) (640x480)

Question of the Day

When do you think Baby H. will get here? Any guesses? 



  1. Try acupuncture or acupressure. There are points you can press on yourself to possibly start things. You can google acupuncture point LI4 and Sp.6 and press on them like crazy.

  2. acupuncture? if so, later today/tomorrow!
    no acupuncture? Friday
    I keep checking on you! what fun!

  3. June 5 and weighing in at 7.8 lbs.! So exciting! If you’re going to SS hospital, they’re so great there. My sister had all three of her kids and the private rooms are perfect!

  4. Baby H is coming Sunday, 6/8! AND – I just realized I’m not sure I have ever heard Murphy’s ‘voice’… you should do a video of him barking at the Ice Cream/UPS/Mail Man…

  5. I’m calling it by this weekend. I can imagine it’s difficult to wait these last several days, but try to remind yourself how great it is that Baby H was able to bake in there as long as possible. You’re going to have one healthy little boy!

  6. My sister is pregnant and one week behind you — so it has been fun following your updates along with hers. Very excited for Baby H!

  7. Hi!! What kind of dark chocolate do you use with your almonds? I recently bought an organic one from my local health food store and it was $8.00. I was hoping to find a healthy one that is somewhat cheaper.

    thanks 🙂

  8. If he does come Friday (looks like most are predicting Friday), he’ll share a birthday with my daughter! She turns 11 Friday. June babies are the best. (I may be a tad bit bias) 🙂

    Best wishes to you!

  9. Any talk of stripping your membranes? Guess its too late for that since they didn’t do it yesterday. And I thought it was kind of painful personally.

    I say 40 weeks, 3 days (Friday!)….that’s when my contractions started anyway! Here’s hoping you sneeze and he “falls out” with no pain! Good luck, girl!

  10. All your Murphy posts make me laugh out loud! I’m guessing baby H will make an appearance on Friday to start the weekend off right!

  11. Good Luck..I think Baby H. will come next week, just in time for Father’s Day. What a great present for Mal 🙂 Eat spicy food, if your tummy can handle it, I hear it works. I also hear that having sexy time with your husband can start contractions..maybe worth a shot (no pun intended 🙂

  12. I had my daughter at 40 weeks and 6 days. I went into labor the day after the NST. I remember the technician telling me that I was contracting, but I couldn’t feel anything either. The day I went into labor I noticed that I had low back pressure all day. Good luck! I have a feeling he will come soon.

  13. I think he will come on Saturday or Sunday – June 7 or 8th. I was 8 days overdue with my son and had him on a Sunday morning. It was wonderful to have so many visitors that day (since everyone was off work), so it will be great if you have him on the weekend!
    I had no signs of labour the day I went into labour so you never know! You could wake up feeling normal and then BAM! I started having contractions around 11am and they just started out of no where. I was feeling completely normal up until then.

  14. Hang in there! I know that feeling well. My little one came exactly 7 days past her due date. It was a LONG 7 days but I’m so glad she stayed until she was ready. It made for a quick (er) labor and a healthy, strong, baby girl. So when it’s hard just consider it’s a good thing!

    Oh and I had zero signs of labor the day I went into labor. I woke up to cramping in the night and then my water broke. 7 hours later she arrived. I hope your experience is a good one. You can do this mama!

  15. That dorm room meme is hilarious 🙂 My cousin was almost 2 weeks overdue with her first baby and I know she was so tired of being pregnant by then but both she and the baby were totally fine and healthy! Her baby also slept pretty well through the night so maybe the extra time in there will do the same for Baby H? 🙂

  16. Later TODAY!!! But poor Murphy..where will he nap?? Can’t wait to hear about Murphy’s reaction to the new baby

  17. Hes gonna come this weekend i bet, ur already dilated and 50% effaced that’s pretty good. Hopefully u have a quick and easy labor!!

  18. I think you’re going to wake up very early Thursday morning with signs of labor, and that he will be born late Thursday evening.

  19. My kiddo came at 41w1d! 🙂 I had zero indications before hand. I just woke up at 3:30 that morning to pee and realized I was having contractions. I stayed at home until 9:00 PM that night and then went to the hospital. I had my kiddo at 10:03 the next morning. My water broke just before he made his entrance. He was almost born in caul.

    We then realized after he was born that my kiddo, hubby and myself were all born on Mondays! 🙂

  20. My guess is also late today or tonight. I bet you are having little contractions all night long and sleeping through them, which is why your tummy is sore. Once I reached 50% effaced on all 3 of my boys it was less than 24 hours until that *one* huge contraction…and me saying “time to head to the hospital!” Good luck honey! Wishing you all the best in the next few days, so excited for you!!!

  21. My guess is 3 more days, but that’s not based on anything ‘scientific’ 😉 I’ve heard the average first-time mom, if left to go into labor on her own, goes at 41 weeks + 1 day.

  22. Enjoy these last few hours (hopefully?)! I remember being so excited to go into labor, but when I did, I still didn’t believe it when I finally DID go into labor!

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