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Good morning, friends!

I’m officially past my due date with no signs of labor””well, ok, no signs of labor that I can actually feel, but I’ll take it. More on that in a minute!


Yesterday started with a delicious, but not very pretty-looking two-ingredient pancake with almond butter, strawberry jelly, and chia seeds on top. I swear it tasted way better than it looked!


After breakfast, I did a bunch of work and then headed out to my 40-week doctor’s appointment. On the way, I stopped by Marylou’s for some iced coffee. I went with a Peanut Butter Wonderful, light on the mocha, milk, and no sugar. FYI: That’s the way to order it if you want a sweet, creamy iced coffee, but not a total sugar bomb.

IMG_3389 (675x900)

On the drive (well, technically, while sitting in traffic), I saw this “MOMMY” license plate in front of me. I thought it might be a little foreshadowing of exciting things to come, but no dice.

IMG_3400 (900x675)

Everything went well at my doctor’s appointment. She told me that I’m 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced, which she said was good progress. She also said 90% of women go into labor by 41 weeks, so she was hopeful something might happen soon. If I am still pregnant come Monday when I have another appointment with her, we’ll talk about induction.

Since I’m past my due date, my doctor sent me for a Non-Stress Test (NST) and an ultrasound to make sure the baby’s heart is still strong and steady, the placenta is still doing its thing, and the baby is getting the oxygen he needs”” probably some other things too, but basically just checking everything is still ok in there.

IMG_3402 (675x900)

The NST lasted about 20 minutes and everything looked great with Baby H.’s heart. The monitor that I was hooked up to actually showed that I was having a few irregular contractions, which I couldn’t feel, but means something is finally starting to happen. My stomach was also feeling kind of sore last night, which I told my mother-in-law this morning and she said that might be some contractions too.

Things also went well with the ultrasound. The placenta is working fine and Baby H. has plenty of oxygen, which the ultrasound technician suggested might be the reason for him still moving around like a maniac. She explained that when babies don’t have a lot of oxygen, they move around less, but Baby H. NEVER stops moving and he doesn’t seem to care that there’s no room for him to do so. He just punches and kicks his little heart out. My stomach basically looks like a bowl of Jello because he’s moving around so much”” even during the NST and ultrasound. Haha!

The ultrasound also estimated that Baby H. is about 7.6 pounds, and I got to see his little squished face in 3D, which was so cool. The technician said he looks really “comfy” inside, but he looked super cramped to me!

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When I got home from my appointment, I was more than ready to eat, so I heated up some Chinese leftovers for lunch.

IMG_3407 (900x675)

And then I took Murphy for his afternoon walk. The ice cream man drove by us during our walk, and Murphy barked his brains out at him. He loves to hate the ice cream man. #funpolice

photo (675x900)


After our walk, I busted out some work while snacking on a bunch of dark chocolate chunks + almonds, which apparently is the snack of the week. #love

dark_chocolate_chunks_ _almonds_


Dinner was quick and easy: ham and cheddar lettuce wraps with mustard. Mal and I broke out all of the ingredients and just made them while watching TV. Easy-peasy.

photo (1) (640x480)

Question of the Day

When do you think Baby H. will get here? Any guesses? 



  1. My first came at 41 weeks, 3 days after being induced. I hope Hippity comes sooner than that for yoU!!!

  2. My nephew was born without my sister even having an epidural and within 1 hour of her water breaking – crazy!! 🙂

  3. HAHA that meme of the college dorm. I laughed hard out loud! 😉

    As I’ve mentioned before, my baby came super late (freaking 15 days late) so I am hoping baby H comes really soon for your sake!! My guess is Saturday night 🙂

    By the way, have you thought about having the doc strip your membranes? It hurts a bit, but the 2nd time he did it seemed to help move things along for me–just a thought!

  4. You’re seriously so close… keep reminding yourself that he’ll be an easy/healthy baby since he got to bake so long 🙂 One question (and this is NOT to judge — I’m 18 weeks pregnant and honestly curious!) — is ham different than other lunch meats from a “safe to eat” perspective, or do you just eat it sparingly when its of high quality, etc.? Thanks! And good luck!

  5. He is coming on Friday. Go to the movies tonight and tomorrow as you won’t go again for five years. 🙂

  6. I’m going with active labor starting Thursday with Baby H here by late Friday/early Saturday. Each extra day he gets to bake is an extra day for his brain and lungs to strengthen, but I hope he comes soon on his own!

  7. I think he’ll come either the day you discuss induction or the day you are scheduled to be induced 🙂 babies don’t like being told what to do 😉

  8. My bet is June 7th, around 5pm. I’m just shooting in the dark here really;) I’m so excited for Baby H though, how wonderful, and thank you for letting us all be a part of this journey!

  9. I am betting on Thursday, hopefully labor goes quickly. Rub your belly tonight and tell little H, tomorrow is his day. Worked for us! Well make sure Mal tells him the samething my husband said – you can come tomorrow just after 6 am please 🙂 Best wishes!

  10. I can’t even imagine how antsy you are waiting for the baby! Just keep having faith I am sure you will have Baby H in no time!

  11. Friday…only cuz nearly all the women in my family were always 2-3 days over their due date. My mum was two days over with me and my brother! Fingers crossed for you!!! I still haven’t tried the two ingredient pancake! I’ve been making my grain free coconut flour buns like theirs no tomorrow but I need to switch up snack time!

  12. I have a feeling he will come on Sunday, the 8th. I have a few friends with that birthday, so it may be a popular day!

    (And! He’d have a cool birthdate: 6/8/14….6+8=14!)
    (And #2: I am a geek! Haha!)

  13. I will say the 7th because that’s my BFF’s little guy’s 1st birthday! My other friend went a month earlier with her 1st and 2 weeks over with her 2nd she was a mess and it was during an end of july early aug heat wave so who could blame her. Her boyfriends mom told them to get a little frisky because its known to bring on labor and sure enough it worked 3am the magic started, and baby was here by 7am, likely girl has fast births 🙂

  14. SERIOUSLY, go out to dinner and a movie! @Kerry is right; those grown up excisions will be few and far between for a while.
    My guess is Sunday. Good luck!

  15. Yeah let’s go with June 6th so you can watch the whole new season of Orange is the New Black during labor…

  16. HAAHAHAHA that baby picture is hilarious! I was at the same point as you but lost my mucus plug at 40 weeks 1 day. Then I had Quinn the next day! It’s so crazy, but you are in for a ride pretty soon! So amazing!

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