4 Juice and Smoothie Recipes from My Book

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Hi, I'm Tina!

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.

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Hey, hey! Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday as well as a cool fundraiser that I am participating in this weekend and some delicious smoothie and juice recipes from my new book. Ok, here goes!

3:00 AM… Murphy is not a fan of early morning feedings, especially when he’s not the one being fed. Poor pug. His life is so hard.

photo 1 (800x800) (2)

Pre-WOD eats: Toast with almond butter and banana with a side of baby cuteness.

photo 2 (2) (800x600)

Yesterday’s WOD was a FUN one… a serious leg and lung smoker! I finished in 18:45.

photo 3 (800x800) (2)

PSA: Canned tuna is on sale at CVS for $0.88 per can. I also had a $5.00 ExtraCare coupon, so I got 10 cans for $3.80. Booyah. (I know I’m a dork. It’s cool. I just love good deals!)

photo 4 (3) (800x800)

Post-WOD refueling: SFH vanilla Recovery protein powder + iced coffee + almond milk + water.

Please note the nail file next to my shaker. Q scratched the crap out of his face yesterday. He even made himself bleed (his own blood – Dodgeball anyone?) in a couple of different places, like big, long scratches. Mal says it looks like he got into a fight, so I’ve been filing down his nails when I feed him to prevent him from doing it anymore.

photo 5 (3) (800x600)

Lunch: Big salad with roasted sweet potatoes, chicken, crumbled feta, and spicy mustard.

photo 1 (6) (800x600)

After lunch: Dark chocolate chunks + almonds. Mal asked me if I think the chocolate is healthier because I eat it with almonds. Well, yes, obviously, Mal. 

photo 2 (8) (800x800)

Tummy time included kicking Murphy in the butt yesterday. The pug didn’t notice Q’s baby kicks at all… or pretended not to. He’s such a good big brother.


Afternoon snack: Broccoli florets mixed with Light Creamy Swiss from The Laughing Cow, dried currants, and sunflower seeds. Delicious!

photo 1 (800x800)

Late in the afternoon, I headed to the park with my favorite boys.

photo 5 (2) (800x600)

photo 3 (600x800)

photo 2 (2) (600x800)

photo 4 (2) (800x600)

The evening concluded with dinner (chicken, roasted broccoli, and rice), a glass of wine, and more dark chocolate and almonds.

The end.

Kettlebells 4 Kids

This coming Saturday, I am participating in an event called Kettlebells 4 Kids with other members from my CrossFix box. CrossFit 781 is joining forces with Horizons for Homeless Children and Reebok to host their first annual fundraising event.


Horizons for Homeless Children is a nonprofit organization that serves over 2,000 homeless children and families each week throughout its three Boston-based early education centers and its 150 Playspaces located in family shelters across the state. 

CrossFit 781 will host the following WOD in support of Horizons for Homeless Children:

WOD: 8-81-8

The WOD name is derived from a series of important statistics on homeless children and families:

  • 8 = The average age of a homeless person in Massachusetts
  • 81 = From 2006 through 2013, Massachusetts has seen an 81% increase in the number of homeless family members
  • 8 = A homeless child is 8 times more likely than a housed peer to be asked to repeat a grade


8 Kettlebell Swings
81 Double Unders
8 Burpees

RX: (53, 35), 81 Double Unders or 162 Single Unders
L2: (53, 35), 40 Double Unders or 80 Single Unders
L1: (35, 20), 8 Double Unders or 24 Single Unders

If you’re feeling generous today, we’d love for you make a donation to our team!

Health News & Views

I recently published a book! It’s called The Part Time Vegetarian (PTV) Smoothies and Juices: Boost Your Immune System and Increase Your Energy With a Flexitarian Diet, and it was just released a few weeks ago. Of course, I’m really excited about having my juice and smoothie recipes published in book, so I wanted to share some of my very favorites that most likely will appeal to the fitness lovers out there.

These recipes include nutritious ingredients like blueberries, watermelon, and cherries which may help fight inflammation and promote repair inside the body, which is especially important for overcoming soreness and getting out the door for your next workout. Enjoy!

4 Juice and Smoothie Recipes for Fitness Fanatics

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Question of the Day

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