4 Healthy Things I Don’t Do When I Travel

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Since I’m traveling today, I planned to write a travel-inspired blog post. I thought about doing the whole healthy travel thing, but I know I’ve done that before on CNC.

You’ve seen me pack all kinds of healthy foods.


You’ve read posts about my favorite travel-friendly meals and snacks.


You’ve even seen me walk a mile to the commuter rail for a little extra exercise.


Been there and done that with the healthy travel posts, right? I figured, so this post is about typically-healthy things I don’t do when I travel. (You like what I did there? Switching it up, people.) Obviously, being healthy means different things to different people, and it’s all about what works best for you. With that said, here are some healthy things I don’t do when I travel.

I don’t wear sneakers.

When you’re traveling, you’re suppose to wear your sneakers to encourage you to move more, take the stairs, and all that jazz, right? I do sometimes wear sneakers when I travel, but the majority of the time (and especially in the warmer months), I wear flip flops. It makes getting through security so much easier. Even in the colder months, I often wear my UGGS instead of sneakers, just so I can easily slip them off and on.


I don’t take the stairs.

Bypass the escalator and take the stairs to add a short burst of exercise to your travels! You’ve heard that one before, right? Since I almost always travel with my carry-on (I refuse to check luggage), I often use the escalator and walking escalator in airports. I’m usually lugging around my suitcase plus a backpack and usually a bag full of food, so I tend to pick the easiest travel option. Plus, I don’t want to get all sweaty lugging around my stuff!


I don’t drink a ton of water.

I know travel, and especially flying, dehydrates me, but I don’t drink a ton of water while I am traveling. I have a tiny bladder and pee ALL the time, so when I’m en route, I don’t drink all that much just so I can avoid lots of trips to the bathroom. When I arrive at my destination, however, I definitely try to make up for lost hydration, and I almost always have a water bottle with me, so I can drink throughout the day.


I don’t stick to my usual habits.

One of the things I love most about travel is that I have the chance to break away from my usual routine and try something new, especially when it comes to food and fitness. Instead of sticking to what I normally do, I like to branch out and try new foods, restaurants, and workouts, which, a lot of the time, inspires my own healthy habits back home.


Questions of the Day

What healthy things do you do when you travel?

What healthy things do you not do when you travel?

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  1. I just got back to Denver from my travels (hello 3.25 hour delay in Indianapolis!). I also struggle with being snacky when I travel, whether it’s by plane, car or train. My worst habit when traveling is snacking, constantly eating. With that said, I do TRY and make them as healthy as I can (I got chocolate vitamin water today…with my chex mix and MandM’s, haha). Life, and travel, is all about balance, right? 😉

  2. I definitely forget to pack more than just healthy snacks for the trip. I normally fly early in the morning and don’t think about the long flight ahead and how I will not be able to eat anything that the airline provides. By the time I land I’m hangry and about to eat my arm!

  3. 100% agree about flops/Uggs vs sneakers in airports and not getting all sweaty lugging carryons up the stairs. I sweat enough outside the airport, dammit. LOL

    I wish I were better about sticking with my eating routine when I travel. Temptations are always there and I can’t resist the “travel treats”.

  4. I hardly drink water as well, because I too have a tiny bladder and do not need to be going to the bathroom every hour! I wear flip flops too, even though it kind of grosses me out. I always pack healthy snacks such as almonds, bars, apples, and whatever else the airports won’t confiscate from me. HA!

  5. Do.
    1. Walk instead of use the moving walkway, my luggage has wheels for a reason
    2. Wear sneakers because they take up too much space in my carry on
    3. Bring an empty water bottle that I can fill with water after security

    1. Always order a salad or the healthiest option. I’m on vacation and I like to enjoy the specialties, that being said, I tend to like vegetables and lighter fare food.
    2. Avoid desserts – I travel just so I can visit as many bakeries as I can in my life.

  6. Love this – I agree with all of them…..especially wearing your flip flops on the plane….let’s be real, who wants to take off their sneakers to go through security?!

  7. Love this! Travel definitely throws off the “healthy living” that so many of us try to strive for. I would say I also don’t do all the same things you mentioned, but especially not drinking a lot of water. I HATE airplane bathrooms and I always have to use one even on short flights.

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