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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hey, hey!

I completed my first week of workouts at OPEX, and I’m feeling really great overall! I actually don’t *feel* like I’m working out all that much, but I’m starting to realize I need to change my thinking about that.

I think a lot of us – myself included – believe that you need to feel exhausted and sore after a workout for it to “count.” I remember going all out, 6 days a week, at CrossFit and thinking I was in the best shape of my life. Ha! Sure, I was having a great time, but I was 100% overtraining and beating up my body so badly. Now, I’m spending about an hour per session at OPEX and challenging myself, so I’m clearly working on my fitness, but it’s tough not to think that these workouts don’t “count” if I don’t totally kill myself during them.

At the end of the day, I just want to be healthy and functionally fit well into my elderly years. (I picture Mal and myself with gray hair and jumpsuits still doing partner workouts together!) I’m sick of dealing with injuries, and there’s no chance of me ever going to the CrossFit Games. I don’t even like competing all that much, so why do I think I need to push myself so hard, all the time?

I still love a tough, super sweaty CrossFit workout (I probably always will), but if I want long-term health to be my #1 goal, I know it’s time to do what’s right for my body. I think our fitness journeys are ever-evolving, and, for me, this is the next phase with what I’m doing at OPEX. And, of course, I’m excited to see where it takes me. I’m curious: what do you guys “count” as a workout? 



MONDAY: 30-MINUTE PUG WALK <– does this count as a workout?


My first official workout at OPEX was great, but holy imbalances! We did a bunch of single-limb movements (dumbbell rows, single-leg deadlifts), which made them seem so much more obvious. And, whoa, I could definitely feel the difference between the right and left side of my body. We have lots of work to do, but I’m excited to begin this journey!

Thoracic Mobility Exercises x 5 each
Banded Hip Flexor Stretch 1 min each side
Oblique Wall Stretch 1 min each side

A1) Box Step Up

10/side x 3 @2111, 25lbs, 16″ box, rest 90 sec
*start on Right

A2) Supinated Band Assisted Pullup

6-8 x 3 @2010, red band, rest 90 sec

B1) Single Leg RDL’s

8/side x 3 @3011, 25lbs, rest 45 sec

B2) Dual Dumbbell Seated Press

8 x 3 @2010, 20lbs, rest 90 sec

C1) Lateral Banded Walk

20 steps each way x 3, blue band, rest 30 sec

C2) Dumbbell Row

8/side x 3 @2011, 35lbs, rest 1 min

D1) Shoulder I, Y, T

8 each x 2 @2110, 5lbs, rest 30 sec

D2) Front Leaning Rest on Rings

45 sec x 2, rest 1 min

ROTEX Inward Hip
ROTEX Outward Shoulder
ROTEX Full Body Rotation
ROTEX Pelvic Floor
ROTEX Upper Body Turn


Feeling the imbalances, like, whoa! For this Half Kneeling Single Arm Press below, I could bang out 8 reps, no problem. But, for my left side, it was a serious struggle!

Thoracic Mobility Exercises x 5 each
Banded Hip Flexor Stretch 1 min each side
Oblique Wall Stretch 1 min each side

A1) Dumbbell Goblet Split Squat
10/side x 3 @2011, 25lbs, rest 1 min

A2) Ring Row
10 x 3 @2010, rest 90 sec
*position feet so that 10 is challenging but not impossible

B1) Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
10 x 3 @3011, rest 45 sec

B2) Dual Dumbbell Neutral Grip Bench Press
8 x 3 @2010, 35lbs, rest 90 sec

C1) GHD Back Extension
10 x 3 @2010, rest 30 sec

C2) Half Kneeling Single Arm Press <— definitely felt the imbalance on my pushing strength on this one!
8/side x 3 @2010, 20lbs, rest 1 min

D) 4 Rounds, NOT Rushed of:
80 foot sled push +90lbs,
25 meter SA farmers walk/side 44lbs,
25 meter SA rack walk/side 26lbs,
25 meter OH walk/side 18lbs

ROTEX Inward Hip
ROTEX Outward Shoulder
ROTEX Full Body Rotation
ROTEX Pelvic Floor
ROTEX Upper Body Turn

THURSDAY: 30-minute run + walk (alternating 5 minutes running, 5 minutes walking)


Same workout as Monday, but increased weight on Steps Ups to #30.


Since I’m working on fixing muscle imbalances, I modified a couple of the movements.


Adding balsamic vinegar to avocado toast is a game-changer! Post-workout eats from Rosa Farms! Listen to this meal: “Juice Head” smoothie (almond milk, vanilla protein, spinach, banana, spirulina) + avocado toast with slice tomato, sesame seeds, and balsamic vinegar. So yum!

Munk Pack Protein Cookies are so amazing! The ingredients are clean-ish, but the flavor and texture are just like the real deal. They’re definitely a legit (and decadent) treat – and better than the majority of protein cookies I’ve tried! 🙂

One-pan pesto shrimp with veggies – New super simple and tasty recipe coming to CNC soon! 🙂

Loved this lunch because it came together in no time, thanks to some awesome Sunday food prep. In the mix: Blue cheese turkey burger with roasted butternut squash and kale + broccoli slaw from Trader Joe’s with a drizzle of dressing on top.

Apparently, I’m a bit of a food hoarder. Our cabinets and freezer are packed full, so we’re “shopping” from our stockpile and limiting this week’s grocery purchases. On the menu for lunch: Shredded chicken breast (previously frozen from Thrive Market), carrot spirals (from the freezer), steamed greens, and avocado topped with Everything But The Bagel Seasoning!



  1. I’m definitely with you on this! What counts as a workout for me absolutely changed once I had my son. I was totally in the same camp of “if I’m not sweating and panting, it doesn’t count”. But I didn’t exercise throughout my entire pregnancy, lost so much of my stamina and didn’t get back to working out until almost a year post-partum. That humbling experience of starting from scratch really reminded me that a workout isn’t about that intense feeling I was used to but about doing something positive for my body. I’m getting back to my old self but the new perspective about “seriously sore” has stuck with me. I still love those types of workouts but I know that they’re not necessary to be doing good.

    As always, love reading your journey 🙂

  2. I think walks definitely count as workouts – depending on your speed. They can count as low intensity for sure! Great weeks of workouts!

  3. I am so excited you shared the Munk Pack cookie! I just had allergy testing and found out I’m allergic to alllll the things but I’m pregnant and dying for a chocolate chip cookie and this fits the bill! Can’t wait to try them out.

  4. I used to believe that if I only had time to run 3 miles, it wasn’t worth me even going out for it. Six miles was the minimum. As my kids got older, my life got even busier and I came to the realization that something/anything on the workout front is better than nothing. My mindset was so crazy. I incorporate a lot more weight training into the workout schedule now and I do have to fight the mindset that I must drip in sweat to have that workout. Now in my late forties I struggle with the desire to be active and push myself and the realization that I only have this one body and I need to be smart with what I do.

  5. Having a hip replacement at 38 and dealing with extreme AVN for 18 years, I’ve always had to pull myself back from workouts and constantly work bilaterally. I guess I’m at that point that I am just grateful every morning when I can get up and do some form of activity without pain. It all counts in my book!

  6. Anything intentional counts as a workout to me. I did years of only high intensity, then years of nothing and now I’m trying to find my balance 🙂

  7. I love Munk Pack cookies, too!
    Be careful – in my area (Florida) I can only purchase them in-store at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they had a recall recently on the Oatmeal Cookie and Double Chocolate due to mold. Apparently any expiration date before Dec 2018 was/is affected. I took mine back to the store and exchanged them for the Peanut Butter Chip. Just an FYI!

    1. @Amy: Hi Amy,

      We’re happy to hear you’re a fan of our Protein Cookies! We wanted to reach out and clarify what you heard from Bed Bath and Beyond. Munk Pack did not issue a recall. We found some cookies that were expiring before the best by date printed on the package, therefore we proactively removed a limited quantity of product from retail shelves as a precaution. All Munk Pack products are safe to eat. You should feel confident trying all flavors of Munk Pack Protein Cookies. For any additional questions or feedback, please contact us at smile@munkpack.com.

      The Munk Pack Team

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