4/15: Fitness & Eats from the Week

Hi, guys! Happy Monday to you!

How was your weekend? I have a recap of ours coming tomorrow (as well as the LAUNCH of my leggings!!), but I wanted to share my “fitness & eats” from last week to give you some ideas for your own.

Last week started out a little slow on the fitness front, but it picked up with three awesome workouts in a row. I typically like the “2 days on/one day off” schedule when it comes to workout and rest days, but it all depends on how I’m feeling from day-to-day. Thursday’s and Friday’s workouts weren’t super taxing, so I didn’t feel like I needed a rest day. Plus, I love a good Saturday workout, so three in a row it was! 🙂 Also, below are some extra workouts to try and my favorite meals from last week – I hope they give you some tasty ideas!




TUESDAY: Orangetheory



FRIDAY: CrossFit


“Fight Gone Bad” is a CrossFit benchmark workout, which I hadn’t done since 2012. I got 287, which is 53 more reps! 🙂

More Workouts to Try


Fresh and colorful airport salad – I made a few customizations (kale for romaine, marinated cucumbers and tomatoes for dressing (didn’t use it), added chicken), but I was still impressed with the options available!

Meal Prep Breakfast Cookies – A staple in this week’s breakfasts! 🙂

Grilled shrimp tacos with green goddess dressing from Rivershed – So damn good!

Bacon, egg, and avocado rice cake – Another tasty idea for rice cakes! And eggs seem to be working out okay! 🙂

Afternoon tasting plate – I’m loving these lately! This one was baby carrots and cucumber slices with cottage cheese and Deep River Snacks chips on the side. It was so good!


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