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Friendsgiving at the Haupert’s was a big success! I’m so glad we have this wonderful tradition with our hometown friends. I know it means a lot to all of us!


On Friday afternoon, Mal, Quinn, and I headed to Bongi’s Turkey Farm to pick up our already-cooked turkey (and gravy and stuffing) for the next day. We just needed to reheat it, which, of course, made things so easy!

IMG_0214 (1024x1024) (1024x1024)

Once Quinn went to bed later that night, Mal and I figured out a seating arrangement that would accommodate 15 people. It took a few tries, but we eventually found a table layout that worked!


On Saturday morning, we had a few small things to do to prepare for Friendsgiving, but with the turkey, gravy, and stuffing already made and our house set up and ready to go, we ended up having a stress-free morning, which is so unlike us when it comes to hosting. We’re usually scrambling to get everything done! Haha!

Once our friends started to arrive, I just couldn’t stop smiling– Mal too. We were so happy to have everyone together in our home. We’ve known this group of friends since we were kids and now we’re having kids ourselves. It’s crazy and awesome at the same time. So many warm fuzzies. (I didn’t snap a ton of photos, but, thankfully, my friend Kaitlyn captured quite a few sweet moments. Some of them are below.)

SAM_5526 (683x1024)





After a couple of hours of mix and mingling, the bird was ready!


Mike, our chef friend extraordinaire (he was the brains behind our pig roast a few years ago), gave Mal a quick carving lesson while I scrambled to get all of the side dishes into the oven.


Once everything was just about ready, we all sat down to play a game. Earlier in the week, I asked everyone to send me a photo of themselves. I taped each one to the bottom of a plate on the table, so when everyone sat down to eat, they found a photo of a friend. Then, each of us went around the table and said what we were thankful for, followed by a favorite memory of the person pictured on their plate. We had a few fun/funny stories and a bunch of sentimental/mushy-gooshy memories that brought a few of us to tears. We’re definitely lucky to have such a wonderful group of friends. (Please note the adorable “table gopher.” He loved playing between and under the tables!)

SAM_5557 (1024x683)

Then, it was time to eat!!

SAM_5565 (1024x683)

Everyone brought a dish or two to contribute and, holy goodness, we had a ton of incredible food!


We gave Quinn a little bit of everything to try and he ended up eating… cottage cheese. *sigh* He ate quite a few appetizers (he’s obsessed with the cranberry goat cheese from Trader Joe’s), so maybe he wasn’t all that hungry. We’ll try again on Thanksgiving.


After dinner, we snapped a family photo together. (Yes, we all planned to wear plaid!)


After that, we enjoyed some dessert and coffee before saying good night and goodbye to everyone.


It really was a special evening and it made me appreciate and love our friends even more!

Questions of the Day

Do you take part in Friendsgiving?

What are you most looking forward to about Thanksgiving this week? Are you making anything for it?

Anyone have an awesome appetizer recipe? I’m making one for my family’s Turkey Day and would love some ideas!

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    1. My husband and I hosted our friendsgiving this past weekend. It’s the 10th year with this group of college friends. We made a Thai-inspired turkey, wild rice stuffing with mushrooms, apples, and sage, and green salad, while everyone else brought sides and dessert.

  1. I love the plaid theme and the photo memory sharing idea! I love playing games and being sentimental on Thanksgiving. It always takes a little coercing to get it moving but once we get started it’s a ton of fun! I hosted my first Thanksgiving this year (early 😉 ) and it was SO rewarding! I know the warm and fuzzy feeling.. Nothing better than getting everyone you care about together 🙂

  2. Fun! Favorite app: goat cheese and roasted grape crostini! Roast red grapes with olive oil, salt and rosemary (optional) until they are soft and gooey. Slice a baguette and toast in the oven. Assemble at your destination (or else too messy) by spreading goat cheese and grapes on each toast.

  3. I love the plaid! What a cute idea, and the baby’s little plaid onesie is adorable! For appetizers, I love to make little mini caprese salads. On a toothpick, just add a cherry tomato, mini mozzarella ball, and piece of basil. You can also use rosemary instead, and then you don’t need a toothpick! I serve it with a balsamic glaze and everyone loves it!

  4. I miss Friendsgiving! We used to do that each year in college, but with friends scattered about, I haven’t had one in awhile. I’m looking forward to spending time with family, though! I made spinach, sundried tomato, and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer one year and they went fast.

  5. oh i LOVE the photo on the bottom of the plate /story sharing idea!! So fun! I will have to try that at a brunch we are having with friends soon!!

  6. What a fun day you all had! Maybe Quinn was too excited to eat, looks like he had a blast with all the guests! It made me think of this video I just recently watched though and they sing about how all their kids wanted to eat at Thanksgiving was the jello, lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=YzDxt6axexs

    We do a Fall get together every year with friends in September – we enjoy all things Fall which would entail pumpkin beers, apple crisps, and cider donuts, to name a few.

    I’m making pumpkin pie and apple crumb pie as well as eggplant parm (Italians need something with sauce, haha) for Thanksgiving, my Dad is hosting!

  7. Looks like so much fun! Babies in plaid = too much to handle.

    Are we ever going to get a tour of your new house? I’d love to see it!

  8. That looks like such a fun time! I did Friendsgiving in college and it was always so much fun!

    One of my favorite (unhealthy) appetizers is artichoke dip: equal parts hellman’s mayo, kraft parmesan cheese, and chopped artichokes (from the jar). I also add green chiles sometimes and sprinkle the top with paprika. You pop it in the oven in a baking dish at like 350-375 degrees til the top is browned – can’t remember the exact time and temperature. It’s delicious and always a huge hit!! We always serve it with triscuits.

  9. What a great game y’all played! I am going to have to suggest that at my next friends or family dinner 🙂 This year, we aren’t doing a Friendsgiving which makes me sad, but I am hosting my family this year. I am making the turkey, pumpkin cornbread, chocolate French silk pie, and mashed potatoes. Can’t wait!

  10. Awww all the little ones in the first picture just make me smile!! What a wonderful group of friends, how fantastic that you’ve maintained your bond all these years.

  11. So much fun!

    We already celebrated Thanksgiving in October so this week is a little less crazy busy for those of us north of the border 🙂

    One of our favorite appetizer recipes to have at parties or bring to potlucks is bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. Always a winner!

  12. I am soo looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family! Would love to start a friendsgiving tradition, but seems that I’ve been in Philly for the marathon the last 4 years the weekend before Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday!! 🙂

  13. This year I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because my family is visiting me in London for the holiday!

    With our little London apartment, it’s unlikely I’ll do any cooking, but hopefully we’ll piece together a good meal!

    Love the coordinating plaid idea! Too cute – and so fun for pictures!

  14. My husband and I hosted friendsgiving at our new home this weekend. It’s the 10th year for this group of college friends! We made the turkey and stuffing while everyone else brought sides and dessert. I like your idea about the photos!

  15. Looks like such a sweet time together!! <3

    My husband and I host a friendsgiving brunch each year, this was our 3rd time doing it as well 🙂 Actually, the 1st year we did friendsgiving dinner but switched to brunch because it was so much easier prep wise for us with the brunch-y foods…which I especially appreciated this year when hosting it 8 months preggo, lol! It's always a lovely time though, so hard to get everyone together as we get older and the event makes us all happy and thankful to spend the time together.

  16. Love the plaid theme!

    We don’t do a Friendsgiving, but I would like to!

    I’m making a baked brie with apricot preserves wrapped in puff pastry for Thursday…it’s usually a hit!

  17. Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cream cheese!!! I made them this weekend for Friendsgiving and they were a total hit!

  18. Buffalo chicken dip!!!! Softened cream cheese, sour cream (or, plain Greek yogurt), Franks buffalo sauce and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and green onion…can use a crock pot or bake! Serve with wheat thins, pretzel crisps, tortilla chips or celary!

  19. I’m most excited about spending time with my nieces and nephews this week, since I don’t get to see them much. I’m making a green bean dish from Juli Bauer’s new cookbook, a cranberry sauce, and a chocolate tart.

  20. You are so blessed that looks like a blast. Thanksgiving means Spinach balls. Search for a recipe. Maybe use gluten free stuffing mix. I use a recipe from my Aunt that includes pepperridge farms stuffing and Parmesan. They are always a hit.

  21. Love the plaid! We used to do Friendsgiving, but I haven’t been able to attend the last few years due to being busy and living far away from one of my groups of friends. 🙁

    I love chicken jalapeno bacon bites (a sliced jalapeno, a cube of chicken, wrapped in half a piece of bacon and baked) and I love love love brie en croute.

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