30+ Ideas for Breakfast When You Don’t Eat Eggs

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I’ve mentioned on the blog in recent months, I’ve limited the amount of eggs I’m eating due to skin issues (acne) that I’ve dealt with which seems like forever. My skin improved dramatically, so I slowly started to incorporate eggs again – basically, 2-3 eggs per week because, well, I missed them (I love a good egg sandwich!) and they’re so good for you.

At first, I didn’t have any sort of reaction, but then the breakouts started to happen again. Whomp whomp. And, to seal the deal, my EverlyWell results had eggs as one of my top reactive foods. Boo. I’m not saying I’ll never ever have eggs again – I do fine if they’re mixed into a recipe or baked good – I just shouldn’t have them on a regular basis.

Initially, it was super tough to find breakfast recipes that did not include eggs, and I was a little stumped as to what the heck to eat. Fortunately, I’ve found tons of delicious, egg-free combos that hit the spot. It meant stepping outside the traditional “breakfast” box, but I feel like I also got control of my craving for something sweet first thing in the morning. I mean, turkey burgers and roasted Brussels sprouts for breakfast? Sounds a little weird, but I swear, it works! I’ve really started to enjoy a whole new variety of morning eats!

With that, here are 30+ ideas for breakfast when you don’t eat eggs. I hope they help inspire some new meals and break you out of a breakfast rut!

1. Rice cakes or toast with nut butter + cinnamon

2. Rice cakes or toast with peanut butter and banana slices

3. Rice cakes or toast with mashed avocado + your favorite seasoning

4. Breakfast tacos with mashed sweet potatoes, spinach, and shredded chicken

5. Sweet potato toast with collagen and nut butter

6. Chicken sausage with greens and potatoes

7. Banana Flax Protein Breakfast Cookies

8. Turkey burger with melted cheese + sauteed greens

9. Greek yogurt with granola + fruit

10. Overnight peanut butter protein oatmeal

11. Shredded chicken, greens, and butternut squash

12. Honey Bread Pudding

13. Avocado toast with tomato and bacon slices on top

14. Powerseed Overnight Oatmeal

15. Everyday Sweet Potato Hash

16. Oatmeal with collagen, berries, and nut butter

17. Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

18. Gluten and Egg Free Pancakes

19. Cottage cheese on toast with jam

20. Smoked salmon and cream cheese toast

21. Spinach salad with grilled salmon and dressing of choice

22. Cowboy Caviar Cauliflower Rice Bowl

23. Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi with butter + grated Parmesan

24. Meal Prep Breakfast Cookies

25. Overnight Carrot Cake Protein Oatmeal

26. RXBAR and a piece of whole fruit

27. Avocado smoothie

28. Breakfast sausage + sautéed greens

29. One-Pan Roasted Kielbasa & Veggies 

30. Gluten- and Egg-Free Pancakes

And here are even more Eggless Paleo Breakfast Ideas!

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