First Annual Cape Cod Classic

Hey, guys! We’re spending the week on Cape Cod with some friends (7 adults + 3 kids) and just want to share some photos (via 3 words per picture) from our vacation so far! Smile

IMG_0278 (1280x1280)

Vacation starts now

IMG_0284 (1280x1280)

Our morning view

Image-1 (750x1232)

Iced coffee bar!!

IMG_0289 (1280x1280)

“Mama, boat. Meeeeee!”

IMG_0296 (855x854)

My favorite guys

IMG_0311 (1280x1280)

Sunday family dinner

IMG_0326 (1280x1280)

Morning at beach

IMG_0335 (1280x1280)

Death by Slamball

IMG_0343 (1280x1280)

Evening cuddle session

IMG_0285 (747x1131)

Mini Dragon Rider

IMG_0359 (1280x1280)

Hunting for crabs

IMG_0383 (1280x1280)

Love their smiles

IMG_0395 (1280x1280)

Found a boat!

IMG_0402 (1280x1280)

The sweetest boy <3

IMG_0403 (1280x1280)


  1. I LOVE this! This makes me so excited to start taking our little guy on family vacas!
    You have been blessed with a beautiful family! -)

  2. After your holiday, can you give us the skinny on the accommodations?
    We’re looking to do a multi-family group trip there next fall and the only area that I know is Chatham. I’m on the hunt for a toddler friendly beach house!

  3. – Love the iced coffee bar
    – Mal & Quinn in their pictures make me so excited to have a baby so I can take daddy + baby photos 🙂 They’re the cutest
    – Your exercise routine / healthy eating DEFINITELY shows through in your photos! You look so fit and healthy! Awesome job & so so motivating for your readers!!

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