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Hi, friends!

I recently received some great tips from around the internet, so I thought I’d “pay it forward” and share them with you. I hope you find them as helpful/neat/awesome as I did!

Buy a Veggetti; it will change your life. I’m part of a “clean eats” group on Facebook (through KFIT) and one of the ladies posted about how she loves her Veggetti Sprial Vegetable Slicer (aka a “spiralizer”) for making healthy meals with nutritious veggie noodles. I’ve seen spiralizers all over the blog world and wanted to buy one myself, but a lot of them seemed kind of big and clunky. I didn’t want another kitchen tool taking up space in our already cramped cabinets, so I never bought one. Well, as soon as I saw the Veggetti, I knew I needed it in my life ASAP. It’s easy to use, fits right in our utensil drawer and makes veggie noodles in just seconds. Literally seconds! It is awesome. And so affordable. The Veggetti was just $12 from Amazon!

i love my spiralizer

Pin a mesh lingerie bag to the side of your hamper to prevent socks from getting lost. Genius, right? A CNC reader suggested this last week on one of my blog posts. I absolutely loved the idea and did it immediately. Then, you just throw the whole mesh sock bag in the washer and dryer. Boom. No missing socks. (FYI: The adorable goat hamper below is from 3 Sprouts. They have the cutest stuff!)


Check out MY ASCIS for awesome custom training plans. Rachel told me about this website the other day, and it’s the coolest website! You can customize your own personal training plan in so many ways. It also predicts race times, reschedules your runs if you miss one, and gives you all sorts of graphs and charts to compare your running performance overtime. I’m obsessed with it.


Question of the Day

Have a cool tip to share?



  1. Love these tips! I have a spiralizer and it is my favorite kitchen utensil I own!

    My tip: download the app Genius Scan–you take pictures of your documents, it crops them and enhances the photo for you, and then saves as PDF and lets you email to people. Makes signing documents and emailing them SO much easier!

  2. I have a larger tri blade spiralizer. But I think the vegetti would be easier to use and quicker too. Especially when I want zoodles. I might have to grab one!

  3. Don’t ever hard boil eggs again. STEAM them! Yep. Just wait til the water is boiling, put a steamer basket with eggs in the pot, and 9-12 minutes later (depending on your egg size and how you like the yolks), you have the same result as hard boiled eggs. And I really think they are easier to peel when they’ve been steamed!

  4. Mesh bags are a life saver! My tip is to double anything you’re making. For example, make two salads for lunch today and save the other one for tomorrow. Everything is already out so why not double up!

  5. Do you cook your veggie noodles or eat them raw? I bought a Veggetti and spiralizd some zucchini to make a “pasta” dish. I ate the “noodles” raw and it wasn’t my thing. The dish looked great, though! 🙂 Thanks for any ideas!

  6. Treat yourself to some Spacebag vacuum seal storage bags. I was always skeptical and thought the commercials were cheesy/too good to be true. And then we tried them… my sweater collection is barely a quarter of its size when sucked into these bags! Last fall, my husband and I treated ourselves to Spacebags and a mini storage unit. Hooray for a clutter-free studio apartment!

    ALSO, if you have an ugly light fixture in your ceiling that you can’t replace due to time/money/apartment regulations, cover the light fixture with a homemade drum lamp shade. We made one for our kitchen and it looks amazing! We used a vibrant print that really brightens up our small space. Here’s the website we used: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-a-diy-drum-shade-169299

  7. I love the sock bag idea; that really is genius. I am sure it has been done before but I recently discovered if you line the discard bin of your juicer where the pulp comes out, with a plastic bag, it makes clean up so much easier. Half the headache of cleaning the juicer is gone and your likely to pull out the juicer more often to use it!

  8. I have a clunky spiralizer and I don’t use it as much as I’d like because it’s so cumbersome to set up and clean – I don’t have a ton of kitchen space so it gets stored away when not being used. How easy is it to clean the version you own?

  9. Love these! I’m always up for easy tips to make life a little easier! My tip is to use a water bottle to get the yolk out of an egg! Crack it then use the water bottle to suck the yolk up!

  10. Oh I will have to try the veggetti… have you tried it on tough things like sweet potatoes??

    My tip, buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System… it has changed my kitchen world! I have had it two months and literally used it every day if not 2x/day.

  11. My tip is to keep a list of food in your freezer on the outside of your fridge, especially if you have a deep freezer. This way you won’t forget what is in there. I use this for meal planning and it really helps to save money and eat up what you have before buying more.

  12. I got a vegetti at walgreens a few months ago (assuming it wouldn’t really work because of the amazing price) and I LOVE IT! It’s so great and easy to use.

  13. Use apple cider vinegar as a face astringent for acne prone skin, for dandruff as a scalp cleanser or to clean green with.

  14. This is kinda off topic but what hair dryer did you end up getting? I’m in the market for a new one and just wondering. I seem to go through hair dryers (expensive ones!) like water. I’m tempted to buy a cheap one from target or something! Just wondering what you bought and how you like it. Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m a bum and still haven’t bought one. I need to sit down with that post and research all the suggestions. I’ll blog about it soon! I just need to get my butt in gear!

  15. Love my Veggetti!! I actually made some “zoodles” tonight with it. My fave thing to do is cook a small amount of angel hair pasta and mix it in with the cooked zucchini and it becomes a HUGE plate of delicious noodles! Sooo good!

    A tip I learned from someone who commented on Katheats is to put all spoons in one section of the silverware basket in the dishwasher, forks in another, knives in another, instead of just throwing everything in. It takes literally seconds to put them away when they are clean if they are already sorted before you wash them.

  16. Great tips! I just got a julienne peeler and have been loving it for making zucchini noodles. My tip is to thoroughly dry spinach (or any other greens) when you get home from the store and keep it in a large plastic bin lined with paper towels. It will keep fresh much longer and prevent it from getting soggy. This has saved me from soggy leaves at the bottom of the bin:)

  17. Oh muh gossssh. I need to buy the vegetti! I was just writing how I have been lusting after a spiralizer, but you are totally right that all the good ones seem to be giant complex machines. The vegetti looks small enough to live comfortably in my mini apartment kitchen. Thanks for posting!

  18. I just starting using contact lens cases for my liquid makeup (foundation, luminizer) and other face products (serums, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.) when I travel. They hold the perfect amount of product for a weekend trip and they don’t spill, leak, or explode! Bonus, they take up far less space and you can easily tuck them into a quart size bag if you’re going on a quick trip for work or will just be gone for a few days. I love the tips you shared here though–I’ve been wanting a spiralizer for a while so I’m definitely checking that one out!

  19. I’ve been looking for something like the Vegetti, but I wasn’t sure which type to buy. There are so many spiralizer/noodle-making options out there it seems. My handmade noodles aren’t nearly as pretty as those made by a spiralizer-type machine. That one looks like a perfect size though! Not like a big machine to lug around. Thanks for the tip Tina! 🙂

  20. Ben and I were just talking about buying one of the veggie noodle maker machines…we came across the Vegetti and couldn’t stop our sick minds from giggling at the name 😜

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