3 High-Intensity, Bodyweight Workouts for 2018

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Good morning and happy weekend!

With the start of a new week right around the corner, I wanted to share some high-intensity, bodyweight workouts with you. Monday is always my favorite day to GET MOTIVATED for the week ahead, especially with regard to my fitness. And with it being the New Year and all, many of us are probably feeling pretty inspired to get fit. Perhaps it’s Week 3 of your New Year’s resolution and you need some new workouts to keep you going and help you stick to your goals for 2018. Whatever your reason for wanting (or needing!) some #motivation, here are 3 workouts that don’t require any equipment, which means you can do them just about anywhere. I hope they’re just what you need to keep rocking your goals this year!


Follow the links below for a video tutorial of each exercise. If you have questions about any of the exercises, please let me know. I’m more than happy to suggest a modification if needed.


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Nike Breathe Cropped Women’s Training Tank – How fun is the cropped tank? I wasn’t sure if I was a crop-top gal… I mean, they always look cute on other people, but I wasn’t sure if one would work for me until trying this one. It’s not your “usual” crop-top because it covers most of your belly, but, at the same time, it opens on the sides, so it’s airy and totally breathable for those super sweaty workouts. I wore it for a workout with Mal the other day, and I’m hooked. It’s such a fun addition to my workout gear!

Nike Sculpt Lux Women’s Training Tights  I’m still loving these tights! You might remember from my last Nike post that they come in short sizes! Just about all of my leggings are capris because the full length ones are always too long for me. I love that these ones come in different lengths (including tall). The Nike Sculpt Lux Women’s Training Tights feature sweat-wicking, compression fabric to help you feel dry, comfortable, and supported. I’m a BIG fan and wear these babies a ton! The Nike Power Hyper Women’s Training Tights also come in short sizes. Don’t you think all brands should make short sizes?!

Nike Dri-FIT Knit Women’s Tank – I’m loving this flow-y top! The ladies at my gym often sport this sports bra + tank top look with the loose fit and wide armholes for workouts, so I’m glad I finally got a hop on the trend. This tank is super smooth and breathable, which keeps me cool and allows me to move freely during my workouts.

Nike Metcon 3 Women’s Training Shoe – I’m still loving my Metcons and wear them to every CrossFit workout. They’re similar to the Reebok Grace, but the soles are a bit more firm, so they offer a little more stability for weight lifting. The soles are flexible enough for running workouts though, so they’re the best of both worlds. Guy CrossFitter in your life? Check out the Nike Metcon 3 Men’s Training Shoe. Mal has worn them for years and loves them! He’s already talking about upgrading to the recently released Metcon 4!

Nike Dri-FIT Knit Women’s Tank – I’m obsessed with this tank and want it in every color! Seriously, it’s one of the comfiest and most flattering tank tops that I own. It has a slim fit, but it’s not skin-tight either. It just follows your body’s shape, so you can still move freely. The fabric is smooth and seamless, so it keeps you cool and doesn’t bunch or hike up as you work out. I also love the strappy design at the shoulders. I really love this one!

Question of the Day

What’s your workout schedule look like this week?

Here’s mine:

  • Monday: CrossFit
  • Tuesday: CrossFit
  • Wednesday: Hotel workout <— I’m off to Austin!
  • Thursday: Hotel workout
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: CrossFit




  1. My schedule looks like 30 minutes of Pilates, then one hour of jogging outside 🙂 and then the next following 7 days I’m going to play it by ear. One of those days I’m going to do a high intensity interval training workout, another day another run, and three times this week I will do yoga for at least 30 minutes. 🙂

  2. Not fair that you just happen to look amazing in all of those; jeez, Nike. 😀 (Kidding, I know you’ve worked hard for that body!) I’m a fly by the seat of my pants girl when it comes to workouts. I have bunches of Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels DVD’s that I rotate between depending on mood and time. My boyfriend goes to the gym, but I get way too bored doing solo treadmill work.

  3. You look amazing, Tina! You’re a great role model for your son 🙂 I wish you showed the back of the red tank (what, you expect me to click on the link to look at it? lol)

  4. Looks like a very effective high intensity regime. One should also take care to take adequate rest and stay hydrated post workout. Good amount of stretching is also necessary, allowing the body to cool down for maximum results.

  5. The third workout was great! I’m so excited that I pushed through this workout by doing all the push ups NOT on my knees!! This is the first workout ever that I haven’t gone to my knees for push ups!! Thanks for sharing the workouts, Tina 🙂

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