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Hi, guys! Happy Saturday! 🙂

So, I totally slacked on taking food photos this week (whomp whomp… P.S. Quinn said this the other day, and it was hilarious), BUT I have a whole bunch of CrossFit workouts for you to try. It was definitely a CrossFit-heavy week. I went 4 days in a row, so, by Friday, I was more than ready for a rest day, which, if you’re following the Open, means I didn’t do 18.5. And, truthfully, I’m totally okay with that! I’ve actually done that workout in the past, and it’s awful. It’s basically a longer, more painful Fran. #hardpass Anyway, it’s time for another edition of Fitness & Eats from the Week!


Sunday: Off

Monday: CrossFit

I went to the 5:15 AM class, so this workout felt all sorts of terrible. Thrusters at #65 just never feel good, especially at that hour of the day. It was still a great workout, and I finished 5+5.

Tuesday: CrossFit 

Wednesday: CrossFit

This was such a fun partner workout – I’d definitely do it again! Save this one!

Thursday: CrossFit 

This “easy” workout was actually much harder than expected. My buns were so sore from the row the next day!

Friday: Off

Saturday: CrossFit

This workout took our threesome about 30 minutes to finish, but there was definitely a lot of rest time. This workout would have been awesome with just 2 people – next time!


This week’s food obsession: Tahini dressing on everything!

Post-fashion show eats and drinks at The Met Bar: Salmon and Tuna Tartar + a dirty vodka martini with olives. FYI: I should have a fashion show recap coming next week! 🙂

My new favorite iced coffee combo: 1/2 decaf hazelnut + 1/2 pecan sticky bun from Coffee Shack. YUM!

Quick and easy breakfast: Blueberry grain-free waffle with mashed banana, ground flax, and almond butter.

Question of the Day

Did you do 18.5? Thoughts? 

What’s up for the weekend?



  1. 11.15 mile run this morning followed up with a quick spin … the joys of tri training. I honestly had to quit crossfit because I got so annoyed with the WOD’s because I honestly felt like all we would do is stand around waiting for others. Do you ever feel like you go and struggle to actually get your heart rate up?

    Have you kept running? I know you mentioned that you were going to be running a race in the near future.

    1. Yes, all the time, but I’ve really taken it down a notch with the intensity of my workouts. Most of the time, I’m just there to move and socialize! 🙂

      Yep, still running! Hoping to get in some more runs next week! Just wasn’t super motivated with all the snow last week. We need Spring ASAP!!

  2. Whomp Whomp (in Quinns words) I hurt my back last Monday! Not even sure what I did but it just sucks being injured, not only does it bum you out about not being able to workout but it makes me a grumpy Mom! So 18.5 was scaled for me, I felt better by the time we did the workout on Saturday but wanted to be safe vs sorry so I scaled down to 55lbs / my chest to bar aren’t amazing so I just did regular pullups.

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