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I survived my longest marathon training run to date: 2 hours and 50 minutes! Holy cow. The mileage is really getting up there now!

I started my run around 8:30 this morning, so the weather was just starting to warm up. (It was about 34 degrees when I arrived at Southfield.) There was a good amount of black ice and slush, so the first few miles of my run were slow and steady as I dodged the slippery parts of the road.

IMG_0110 (800x600)

About an hour into my run, the sun came out, and I finally started to feel better. Usually, the first 2-3 miles of a long run are a little rough for me, but once I’m warmed up, I’m good to go. Today, it took a lot more warming up for me to feel okay, but once I hit that sweet spot, I felt pretty great right up until the end of my run. (It might have had something to do with my fueling today?) I actually felt better after this long run than my 15-miler. That’s a good sign, right?

IMG_0108 (800x600)

Anyway, I covered 17.44 miles in 2:50, which included two water stops at my car, a few short walking breaks to switch podcasts on my iPhone (I finally finished Serial – anyone want to talk about it?!) and snap some photos for this blog post.

Side note: I was recently sent some Nuun to sample, so I tried the watermelon flavor this morning and really liked it. Now I know why so many runners love this stuff. It’s delicious, kind of fizzy, and not too sweet. And I think the electrolytes probably helped me through my long run today, especially since I didn’t feel like death at the end, like I did after those 15 miles a couple of weeks ago. (I also ate 3 packets of GU during my run – every 45 minutes.)

IMG_0105 (800x600)

At one point during my run, I stopped to climb over a huge snow bank because I *thought* the sidewalks were clear, which, of course, made me insanely happy because, well, Spring(!) and I wouldn’t need to run in the middle of the road anymore.

IMG_0112 (800x600)

Unfortunately, my happiness only lasted a couple of minutes because the majority of the sidewalks are still covered in snow. It was just a little section that was clear. Boo.

IMG_0113 (800x600)

After my run, I hit up Whole Foods for FOOD, which included sushi and copious amounts of mac & cheese and buffalo chicken from the hot bar.

IMG_0115 (800x600)

Speaking of post-run, let’s talk about our recovery routines. I love to hear what other runners do. Here are mine:

  • Drive to Whole Foods. Buy delicious food.
  • Arrive home. Immediately take off sneakers and sweaty clothes. Put on sweatpants and a hoodie.
  • Make a protein shake.
  • Get ice packs from fridge.
  • Turn on TV.
  • Sit on the couch while icing my knees and drinking my protein shake.
  • Once I finish my protein shake, I chow down.
  • Take a shower and get dressed.
  • Continue on with my day, which includes a lot more eating and eventually PJs and compression socks. 

Question of the Day

What’s your recovery routine consist of?



  1. I go straight to the shower, unless I run more than 15 and then I hop in an ice bath first. Then into comfy clothes, followed by a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips! Nice work on the long run! I’m so bummed the sidewalks aren’t clear at Southfield yet. Hopefully soon.

  2. LOVE Nuun, I drink one every day, and always when I run! (Watermelon is seasonal and I have yet to see it this season, you are lucky!)
    When I was training, I would stretch on the front lawn to cool down.
    Inside, kick of sneakers, get my recovery drink (Nuun or a smoothie), put on compression socks and lounge on the couch as long as possible!

    Great job today! Makes me miss training! I cannot wait to get back at it and sign up for a race this spring/summer!

  3. My routine is get a NUUN asap (its delicious right!). Stretch & foam roll for about half an hour. Eat or drink something quick like a chocolate milk or protein bar. Shower and then make something more substantial to eat.

  4. Oh man, I’m a little backwards from you. After a long run I roll out/stretch and drink a protein shake (just protein + water). Then I head home to shower, get in comfy clothes THEN EAT!!! I’m weird in that I love to be absolutely comfortable while I eat because 9 times out of 10 I want to just veg out immediately after I eat. I can’t stand to sit around in my gym clothes – and I’m usually too lazy to move after eating. But don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of times I’ve just hung out in my sweaty gym clothes longer than I should have haha!

  5. Mine is really similar to yours. I stop at a coffee shop to give myself a little treat, get back home and shower immediately. The rest of the day I chill out and relax and refuel! Sometimes I’ll take a bath with epsom salt or soak my feet if it was a really painful run.

  6. Great job on your run! I’ve taken several months off from running due to the cold (I’m a wimp), but am so excited to get back into it!

    And yes, would love to hear your thoughts on Serial!!

  7. I get home and immediately drink a tall glass of water with Nuun (I drink it during my run too).
    After that I make myself something to eat. I usually have two fried eggs and a slice of toast with butter and jelly.
    After that I foam roll and stretch a little.
    Then.. I either soak in the bath or take a piping hot shower.
    Sometimes if I’m really cold when I finish I’ll quickly put dry clothes on before I eat and foam roll.
    I take entirely long to shower.. ha ha!

  8. after long runs in winter (i’m an ultrarunner, taking a break for pregnancy!), i find a nice snowbank to sit or kneel in. no joke. best icing method i’ve found yet, and it makes me a little less crabby that there’s so much snow on the trails. then shower (hate being cold & sweaty), put on compression socks and comfy clothes, then eat a big high-protein meal with coffee. i avoid comfy furniture for a while so i keep moving and keep the blood flowing… helps reduce next-day soreness.

    1. @Kelly: mine is basically the same! if i start laying on the couch or try to take a nap too soon after my run, my legs tense up and the soreness is so much worse! wish we had more snow in TN so I could do all-natural ice baths, haha

  9. Serial!!!!!!! Ah it was so addicting. I want them so bad to have follow-up seasons with more on what’s going on but I’m assuming nothing is since the creator held a press conference back in February and said she didn’t know what to do with season 2. I’m so torn on the verdict!!!

    PS your Whole Foods lunch sounds amazing and I want to go there now so so bad. πŸ™‚

  10. I would eat a Philly cheesesteak sandwich while taking an ice bath when I trained for my marathon. It was awesome.

  11. I love Nuun for before and after long runs! I usually change, eat oatmeal and drink Nuun and some coffee, and then shower. Compression socks go on after I shower because they help so much! Afterwards I usually sit down to work and have more coffee and water, but I try to move around throughout the day to prevent soreness.

  12. Way to go! That is totally a lot of miles.

    I prefer to hit the shower before eating food, but I always drink a protein-recovery drink first, right as I get home/am driving home. I don’t know why, but I like to be showered when I eat. haha

  13. I love this question, it’s so fun to read other runners responses!

    I grab water, my compression socks(I wear them after a run not during) and Lie on the ground with my legs in the air until I have the energy to put those guys on haha. I then promptly eat something with peanut butter πŸ™‚

  14. My post run ritual goes pretty much like this – 1) OMG water 2) OMG food – usually an apple and some almond butter 3) think about changing my clothes, but just end up plopping down on my couch 4) fart around on IG, facebook, twitter while stretching 5) finally consider showering, but then decide against it 6) boyfriend yells at me for not showering so I finally shower.

  15. UM YES I WANT TO TALK ABOUT SERIAL! We listened to it right before Christmas and I’m already counting down the days until they do a second one! It’s so good! What were your thoughts?? Have you followed any of the case in real life as well? There have been a few developments lately! Congrats on your run! You are rockin’ it!

  16. I havent completed a long run in quite some time. Probably about a year ago. I know how exhausting it can be but the feeling of accomplishment is always amazing.

    cant go wrong with delicious sushi as part of a great recovery meal!

  17. Im usually not able to take a shower right away because I work out in the morning and then want to get my blog post up for the day. I guess I could technically shower, but I want to get the post done first, so I come home, make/drink a protein shake, write blog post, shower, then return to read and comment on blogs.

    If it is a weekend and I don’t have anything going on, I usually shower as soon as I get back and then carry on with my day. Congrats on the long run!!

  18. When I was running long distances, Nuun was always my go to drink. Post run, I always foam rolled while drinking a ton of lemon water. Then eat 3 boiled eggs, roasted broccoli and oatmeal with fruit and nut butter. It’s all about the bulk!

  19. I went on a walk the other day on paths that I thought were clear. I didn’t last long on that route though because there were some super slippery icy spots on hills. Coming back I was sure I was going to fall. I ended up going on some sidewalks that were thankfully ice free.

  20. Way to go!!!! This post is getting me excited for my 18 mile run this weekend! I love hitting up whole foods after a long run as well. I also have listened to serial so we can try and chat about it at the 20 miler!

  21. I tried sushi 1st time after my 20 miler plus an avocado salad last Saturday- great recovery meal. Usually I hydrate put something down quit like cheese sticks. Then i change clothes and grab food anything from eggs n bacon, hamburger/fries and my favorite Chinese food. Followed by lounging on the couch.

  22. Drink a Vega recover drink in the car on the way home. Immediately get out of stinky clothes and shower. I can’t do anything until I feel clean. Throw on some compression sleeves or socks, throw my legs up against the wall – still wondering if this truly works? Then finish getting dressed, by dressed I mean lulu’s and a tee, then grub. Grub on whatever I have to eat or get something to eat! Pretty simple, but I don’t ever feel normal until the shower is had! xoxo, ganeeban

  23. I am usually training in the summer months so I shower immediatly and then foam roll and have eggs and toast.

  24. I have to shower IMMEDIATELY or I feel nasty. I like to be all clean and then collapse on the couch to chow down. If it’s a really long run I’m not able to eat right away anyway, so it works out. Then I usually have a protein shake made with Shakeology, peanut butter, oatmeal, maybe an extra scoop of regular protein powder too.

  25. I LOVE NUUN! I always had GI issues after long runs until I discovered NUUN. When I drink it before, during, and after my long runs=NO GI issues πŸ™‚
    I love to come home, eat a little bit, take a long warm shower (they are the best after a long run!!!), and then eat some more!! When I was marathon training, I would barely make it home at times because I would have to stop at Taco Bell or Qdoba because I needed A LOT of food NOW. I am embarrassed to admit this now because I am not one to eat fast food…like….EVER πŸ˜‰

  26. Serial: I actually think that he may have actually committed the crime. That being said, I do think that the prosecution did not have enough evidence to convict him. He likely did it but I think he didn’t get a fair trial! I can’t wait to hear her new trial for the next Serial season! Ps- if you haven’t already, Google SNL Serial Parody. You will crack up! πŸ™‚

  27. I LOVE talking about Serial! What’d you think!?

    My post-long run ritual always involves an ice bath and stretching and rolling. I usually don’t eat much the day of my long run but the day after I’m always famished so that’s when the non-stop eating kicks in! Great job on your run today!

  28. I’m on episode 8 of Serial!! I love it. Sometimes I forget that it really happened and I’m not just listening to someone tell an elaborate story.

  29. that is awesome that you got in such a great long run!! i am dealing with a bit of new-to-me outer ankle pain (pretty sure it’s from inverting my feet during one of my long runs a few weekends ago…) so haven’t been running much as usual, and my legs really feel like they could get in a good long run and speed workout but i don’t want to make the situation worse (whatever it is) πŸ™ i hope i’ll be able to heal and get back in the game for the nj marathon at the end of april…

    as for my post long-run routine, usually i stretch for a bit, shower, then hobble to the kitchen to stuff my face. and for the rest of the day i wear compression socks and stuff my face. i need to start adding ice baths/ice to my routine because clearly i am starting to deal with some inflammatory issues now!

  30. I love Nuun too (lemon lime flavor is my go-to). My post long run routine is a little stretching before I get in the car to drive home, consume more Nuun and a banana in the car, once home continue stretching for a good 10 minutes, EAT EAT EAT, ice my legs, shower and then compression socks.

  31. Wow your recovery sounds amazing! How do you stay motivated to keep running when you’re doing long distances? I find that I keep getting bored and lack the mental fortitude to keep myself running!

  32. My recovery routine is to make a protein shake, drink the shake while watching Netflix and stretching, foam roll, shower, eat, go to work. I usually ice my knees before bed.

    Congrats on the long run! Also i have heard so many good things about nuun, I will have to try it!

  33. my recovery is so similar although i don’t do the protein shake. But i change into dry clothes first then eat then shower….gosh i miss my long runs. Been recovering from knee issues and haven’t run double digits since last november…sigh!

  34. When I am training for a half and my mileage gets up there, I immediately come home and stretch. Then, I make a big smoothie and drink that. I shower, and a little while later, I’ll have some savory food, like a sandwich, or a stir-fry. Then I pretty much lay around and eat stuff the rest of the day haha

  35. Wow almost 3 hours of running?! I cannot handle much more after 20-30 minutes. Holy cow is right. Your run looked beautiful, albeit a little scary though! I don’t know if I could manage running on ice, as I think I would deb too frightened.

    AGH fellow Serial listener. I am tempted go back and listen to it again. I miss it.

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