24 Days of Togetherness (Days 6-12)

Our holiday adventures continue with day 6-12 of 24 Days of Togetherness!

I seriously can’t believe we are almost halfway to Christmas. I love this time of year so much; I only wish it would last longer. BUT that’s exactly why our family participates in this tradition, so we get to do all of the fun things that go along with the season and not have it fly by and miss out on our favorite activities. That said, here’s our next 24 Days of Togetherness recap!

Day 6: Get a new ornament for the Christmas tree. We’re not surprised that Qman picked Batman! It was actually the last one at Target, so I have a feeling it’s a popular one.

Day 7: Visit Santa Claus! We went to the Christmas Place in Abington again this year. The Santa Claus was really nice and chatted with Quinn for a solid 5 minutes about his Christmas list, which Qman brought with him and then left with Santa. It was so sweet, and Quinn loved his time with Santa.

Day 8: Watch a holiday movie. Quinn picked The Grinch (Jim Carrey version), which, for the record, is the weirdest movie ever. He was initially interested, but we only made it about half way though before we turned it off.

Day 9: Take a family photo.

Day 10: Drink eggnog.

Day 11: Make a holiday craft. We made a paper chain for the Christmas tree.

Day 12: Wear red and green all day. We got into the holiday spirit this morning! 🙂

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