24 Days of Togetherness (Days 13 – 19)

The holiday fun continues in the Haupert household! It’s been a fun few weeks to say the least, and I really love that this tradition adds so much to our daily lives this time of year. Here’s the next recap of our 24 Days of Togetherness activities!

Day 13: Make a holiday drawing.

We named this year’s drawing: “Snowstorm in December.”

Day 14: Tell each other something you love about them. Quinn told me his favorite thing about me is “cuddling.” Awwwww!

Day 15: Give each other 10-minute massages or back scratches (Mal and Quinn’s favorite).

Day 16: Wrap Christmas presents and drink adult beverages.

Day 17: Buy Murphy a Christmas present. Murphy loved the ride in the car + the trip to the store.

We ended up buying him donut doggie treats, which, of course, he loved! 🙂

Day 18: See Christmas lights. We saw the lightshow on Lilah Lane once again this year. If you’re local, it’s a MUST SEE!

Day 19: Get holiday drinks from Starbucks. Quinn got a kid’s hot chocolate, Mal went with an iced peppermint latte, and I got an eggnog latte.

P.S. Still looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? I’ve got ya covered with this holiday gifting round-up!

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