24 Days of Togetherness Recap {2015}

24 Days of Togetherness recap

Day 1: Get a Christmas Tree

Day 2: Share one funny memory and something you are looking forward to

Day 3: Do an anonymous good deed

Day 4: Buy each other $5 gifts

Day 5: Make a Christmas drawing

Day 6: Drink hot chocolate

Day 7: Tell each other a holiday joke

Day 8: Share 3 things you love about the other person + Quinn and Murphy

Day 9: Watch a Christmas movie

Day 10: Donate a gift

Day 11: Take a family photo

Day 12: Get holiday drinks from Starbucks

Day 13: Read a Christmas book to Quinn

Day 14: Drink eggnog

Day 15: Buy Quinn a Christmas tree ornament

Day 16: Top 3 favorite Quinn moments

Day 17: Wear red and green all day

Day 18: Make Christmas cookies

Day 19: Visit Bass Pro Shop

Day 20: Make Christmas pancakes

Day 21: Watch Elf

Day 22: Have a fire

Day 23: Have a date night

Day 24: Take the boys for a “nature walk”



  1. <3 this was such a good idea! It would be so fun to intentionally do this kind of thing every day of the year, too. Lots of good opportunities for strong, positive bonding in togetherness 🙂

  2. I’d love to know what togetherness activities you liked the most and what ideas you would add next year. I love the idea and need to mark my calendar for 2016!

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