20/200 Stroller Workout

Hey, hey!

Quinn and I had a fabulous, quickie workout this morning, so I just wanted to share it with all of you nice people. I did it with the jogging stroller, but you could easily do it without too.

The workout only includes 3 exercises (running, walking lunges, plyo squats), all of which don’t require any equipment, so you can do this workout just about anywhere. FYI: It took us about 16 minutes to complete just to give you an idea how long it might take to finish. Enjoy!

walking lunges with stroller  (800x600)
plyo squats with stroller  (800x471)

20200 stroller workout


  1. I don’t know how you moms do it. Running is hard enough on it’s own, pushing a stroller is a special kind of tough. I got passed by several moms with strollers during my 5k last Sunday!

  2. What a cool idea! Great combo of strength and cardio. It’s probably a great way to get used to running with a stroller, too, since you can pick a flat surface for 200 meters and it’s not too long of a way to push the stroller. Awesome idea!

  3. i just found out i was prego and i know u had a tuff-ish time getting use to running with a stroller.. i think i should do this now with the empty one haha!

  4. What a great post! I admit I’m not huge on running with my daughter, I’ll pawn her off on someone most days, but I could get behind this, with or without her along, and probably feel better about having to stop for the sippy cup retrieval with some squats thrown in.

  5. I have had days like this lately. I stay home with my Quinn and sometimes I can’t workout until later, but no one is there to help watch her so I put her in the stroller and off I go! I have been sprinting to a driveway, do 5 pushups, then lunge until I get to the other side of the driveway. I do this twice around the block. There’s a lot of driveways!

  6. I like workouts that incorporate strollers 🙂 Question. Do you run with Quinn? We had the BOB along with the infant car seat attachment which I used with our daughter when she was little and I was too scared to run with her for the fear of hurting her neck. I read everywhere that you’re not supposed to run with them until they’re 6 months even in the car seat?

  7. I don’t run, I power walk and must say – yes running is not recommended with the tiny babies until they can seat unassisted. I got a jogging stroller when my son was 9 months and before that I walked really fast with the pram/carrycot. Still, a car seat is okay if you make enough padding around the neck, taking into account BOB’s great suspension.
    I had my stroller with no shocks at all – and what I did for the extra padding was literary any type of soft clothings/pillows/blanket (I tried to draw it here: http://www.walkingmama.net/jogging-strollers-accessoires/)

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