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I had such an amazing time at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, I don’t even know where to start with this post.



So many awesome things happened during the Games competition: legless rope climbs, Wall Burpees, the Rogue worm, a one-arm snatch, 265-pound (ladies) and 405-pound (men) deadlifts”¦ I could seriously go on and on. I saw some truly incredible fitness feats last weekend.


I’m not going to recap every little detail of the competition because you can watch it online and, honestly, there’s no way I could do it justice in a blog post. Instead, I will share some scenes, highlights, and tidbits from my experience. Enjoy!



reebok crossfit games gear

Reebok 2013 CrossFit Games

Here we are rocking our new Reebok gear! The tire flip shirt is so fun!


Like last year, there was a huge vendor village at the Games where you could go shopping for fun CrossFit gear, try new products, and even get your WOD on.



We stopped by the Stronger Faster Healthier booth to say hi to a friend and try the company’s new peach mango protein, which was really tasty!


We also stopped by to say hi to the folks at Junk Brands. Remember when I blogged about the sweet skull headband I got for my birthday? Well, a bunch of you guys clicked over to the Junk website after I linked to it, so one of the owners (Kourtney) started following my blog. When she found out I was going to the Games, she contacted me, so we could meet up.


I loved meeting Kourtney and hearing the Junk Brands story. Kourney is a CrossFitter and mom of three, and she’s been making and wearing these headbands for years now. More and more people started asking her about them, so she decided to create Junk Brands. Last year, she rented an RV with her husband and kids and traveled the East coast to CrossFit boxes spreading the word about her headbands. Since then, Junk Brands has taken off, and now she’s working with Reebok and CrossFit.


I was so excited to see the Reebok CrossFit Junk bands at the Games. Rumor has it, you’ll be able to buy them on the Reebok website soon!

junk crossfit band

The food at the Games was surprisingly delicious (healthy and lots of Paleo options). I ate the Free Range BBQ Chicken Plate three different times!


Love the new Reebok CrossFit gear!


Especially the Nano 3.0!


The Games also offered a number of workshops and seminars for those in attendance. On Saturday afternoon, I participated in a handstand workshop put on by CrossFit Gymnastics, which was really great. The progressions and cues were so, so, so helpful.


I can’t say I’m all that much better at handstand walks, but I definitely have the tools to improve now. Practice, practice, practice!


During the intermission between a few of the workouts, the audience enjoyed a number of performances, including one by Tyga, who sings that song “Bubble Butt” with Bruno Mars and Mystic.

tyga crossfit games

CrossFit dance party!

crossfit games concert


Hello, handstand walks! Here’s Elisabeth Akinwale during her 80-foot handstand walk.

elizabeth handstand walk crossfit games

Ben Smith dead-lifting 405 pounds during the final men’s workout. No big deal.

ben smith 405 pound deadlift

Stacie Tovar during the Sprint Chipper. She’s snatching 100 pounds like it’s nothing!

stacie crossfit games


The Rogue Worm!

IMG_2980 (600x450)

rougue worm

Kristan Clever killed the 100-pound Snatches during the Chipper WOD. Her strength amazes me. She was easily the smallest woman competitor at the Games, but, man, she’s strong.

kristan clever destoying 100 pound snatches

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet did her 80-foot handstand walk so fast and unbroken. It was awesome!


final ladies WOD 2013 Crossfit Games

Camille cruised through Cinco 2 during the final. She took second place for this workout.

IMG_2998 (600x450)

Rich Froning winning the Sprint Chipper.

rich froning 2013 crossfit games

rich froning 2013 reebok crossfit games

IMG_2894 (600x450)

Sam Briggs during the final workout. The women used 265 pounds for the deadlifts. Holy heavy!

sam briggs 2013 crossfit games

valerie crossfit games

Sam Briggs, the Fittest Woman on Earth!

Sam Briggs 2013 fittest woman on earth

Wall Burpees!

wall burpees rich froning

fittest man on earth 2013 crossfit games

I included a few extra photos of Rich Froning for his fans. You’re welcome.

Press Conference

And, if the CrossFit Games couldn’t get any better, I was invited to a press conference with the winning athletes. Holy cow.

Hack’s Pack Ute, the defending team champion, were the first to be interviewed. They were a fun bunch, and I loved watching them interact. They definitely had a great team dynamic, which is sort of surprising since they said the six of them rarely ever trained together. They said they communicated frequently (often through Facebook) and worked out in pairs and small groups, but hardly ever all six at once because of conflicting schedules. Pretty incredible, right?

IMG_3004 (600x450)

Once we heard from Hack’s Pack Ute, the individual winners, along with Dave Castro (Games Director) and a couple of other guys from CrossFit Headquarters, came into the room.

IMG_3023 (600x450)

IMG_3006 (600x450)

Top ladies: Sam Briggs (Fittest Woman on Earth), Lindsey Valenzuela (believe!), and Valerie Voboril (mother and 4th grade teacher). Fun fact about these ladies: They train together! Sam even lived with Lindsey for awhile. I love that these three are training buddies and did so well at the Games.

IMG_3007 (600x450)

Top men: Ben Smith (he said he ate Chipotle at least 5 times during the Games), Jason Khalipa (won the 2008 CrossFit Games), and Rich Froning (reigning Fittest Man on Earth and said he ate In-N-Out Burger the night before the final day of competition).

IMG_3008 (600x450)

The press conference was amazing. It was so great to hear from these athletes, live and in person. I know a lot you guys don’t do CrossFit and probably have never heard of these people, but they are huge celebrities in my eyes. They’re basically Olympic athletes in the sport that I play, so I admire and respect them so much. It was a huge honor to even be in the same room as them.

IMG_3018 (600x450)

It was also pretty sweet sitting just a few feet away from the three-time Fittest Man on Earth.

Heyyy, Rich!

IMG_3010 (600x450)

(He is not ugly.)

I took a few videos during the press conference to share with you guys. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Here’s Jason Khalipa talking about how the workouts at the CrossFit Games have changed. He has competed in six Games competitions, so he’s seen how much things have evolved over the years.

Here’s Jason again. This time he’s talking about the power of positive self-talk and the difference between a good and great CrossFitter. Very inspiring words.

As you can see, I had an absolutely amazing time at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games. A huge THANK YOU to Reebok and Fitfluential for sponsoring my trip. I can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity. Being at the Games was so awesome, and you guys know how much I love CrossFit. I probably had the goofiest smile on my face for the entire three days. It really was CrossFit Christmas for me!



  1. I can’t believe how many people are in that stadium! I know nothing about Cross Fit except what I’ve learned from you, but it’s fun to read about it because you obviously love it so much. And hello Rich Froning!!! I don’t know any names in that world, but I’ll remember his-lol!

  2. Tina, you look and sound like you had the most wonderful time! I bet the atmosphere was amazing.

    Everything you have posted about the games really does sum up why crossfit is so amazing, it’s the sense of community, passion and commitment to doing and trying your best. I love the sense of friendship and a desire for everyone else to succeed as well as yourself, just inspirational.

    After my crossfit taster, my husband and I have signed up to the 4 week On-Ramp crossfit course and then hope to be full members of our local box. Starts Monday and I can’t wait 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing all the pics and the videos, and go you with the handstand walks! 🙂 Not sure how the hell you didn’t go all fangirl in that room. Whoa. 🙂

  4. I don’t do CrossFit (I’m nervous about trying it!), but I find this so interesting and incredible to see what these amazingly strong people do!

  5. Great post!! It was truly a fantastic weekend. That third place guy is my fiancé!!:) thanks for sharing all the great pictures and footage.

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