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Happy National Running Day!!!

Are you heading out for a run today to celebrate? As you know, I’m giving my legs a little break for the next couple of days, but I still plan to celebrate with a run-walk with my favorite pug this afternoon. I mean, it’s National Running Day. I can’t miss it!


In honor of National Running Day, I’ve complied a bunch of my favorite running posts. I hope you enjoy them!


My Race Recaps
I love running races. Of course, I enjoy the excitement of the day, but the best part is the competition with yourself. When I sign up for a race, I always set a goal, which motivates me to train hard and improve my time. I’ve completed a number of different distances from 5K to marathon. You can read all of my race recaps and see how I display my medals.


My Favorite Treadmill Workouts
The winters are cold and long in Boston, so I take my running indoors to the treadmill on occasion. Here are some of my favorite treadmill workouts, which keep me interested and motivated, no problem.


What I’ve Learned from Running Marathons
I’ve only run two marathons, so I don’t have a ton of expertise in this area, but I can tell you what I’ve learned from training and completing those two marathons. Here are some lessons I learned from running marathons.


What to Pack for an Overnight Relay
As you can imagine, packing for an overnight relay isn’t an easy task, especially since you need to be prepared to run multiple times in all sorts of conditions during the 24 hours, including the middle of night. So what the heck do you pack for this type of event? Here’s what I packed for Reach the Beach.


How I Started Running
Here’s the story of how I started running and some tips to get started.


How to Start Running: Tips for Beginners
Running is great exercise and an effective way to tone muscles, but it can be daunting to take the first step! Here are some tips to make it less intimidating.


Tips for Increasing Your Distance
Training for a marathon taught me a lot about how to increase my distance. Here are the tips and tricks that have helped me build my mileage from one to 26.2!


How I Fuel for a Long Run
Running long distances requires a lot of energy. Before a long run or a race, I eat the same breakfast: peanut butter and banana on whole wheat bread or an EnglisThe h muffin. During a long run, here’s how I fuel. Within 30 minutes of completing a long run, I typically ”˜refuel’ with eggs, a smoothie, or a peanut butter sandwich.


How I Raised Money for TNT
I raised over $8,000 for Team In Training. Here are some of the ways that I raised money for TNT. My best advice for fundraising: start early!


How to Pick a Good Pair of Running Sneakers
I actually don’t know much about finding the right pair of sneakers, but here are two pieces of advice based on my own stupidity personal experience.


Ways to Prevent the ”˜Marathon Sniffles’
Marathons and training can leave a runner vulnerable to illness, but, fortunately, there are ways to boost your resilience, which includes tweaking your training, managing stress, sleep, and eating well. Here are some suggestions for preventing sickness.


Team In Training’s Milage Schedule
I followed the TNT Milage Schedule to train for my first marathon. It lasted nearly five months and included a weekly speed workout, one short run (4-6 miles), three cross-training days, a rest day, and a long run on Saturday with our team. On my cross-training days, I did Body Pump, yoga, or the elliptical. As our milage increased, at least one of the cross-training days turned into a rest day for me. I was surprised how necessary it was to let my body recover after those really long runs.


All for 26.2
Before Mal and I left to run our first marathon in Arizona, I recapped our journey.


Recap of My First Marathon
In January 2011, I ran the Rock ”˜N’ Roll Arizona Marathon. It was an amazing experience””and really frickin’ tough!


Recap of My Second Marathon
In November 2011, I ran the New York City Marathon. It was the greatest race of my life.


How to do a Tempo Run
Are you wondering what a tempo run is all about? Here’s an explanation and example of one!


Get Out There and Run
On the days when I’m just not motivated to run, here’s what I do. Seven tips and tricks to get out there and run!


What’s On My Running Playlist
I get lots of questions about the music I listen to when I run. Here’s a post with some of my favorite tunes.


Ways to Deal with Training & Cravings
After gaining weight while training for my first marathon, I vowed not to gain weight the second time around. I still experienced plenty of cravings during training for my second marathon, but I didn’t fall into them (as much), so I didn’t gain weight.


Marathon Fueling Q & A
Last July, I had the opportunity to ask a Certified Sports Dietitian a number of questions about how to properly fuel during marathon training. You can read our whole question and answer session here.


Q & A with Mark Remy of Runner’s World
Right before the New York City Marathon, Runner’s World offered me the opportunity to do special Q & A on my blog with one of their editors on a topic of my choice. I jumped at the chance to ask some questions about how to run the best race possible.


Why Am I Gaining Weight During Marathon Training?
Tackling 26.2 miles was a major life goal for me, and I hoped that all of the training would help me maintain my weight or even help me lose a few pounds. But I was surprised that I actually gained weight during marathon training.


How I Survive Winter Running
I used to dread running outside in the winter, but learning how to deal with the cold and dress properly for the conditions has made it much more enjoyable. Here’s how I get myself out the door and running!


How I Prepare for Race Day
I thought it would be helpful to share my race day routine since it can be equally exciting as it is nerve-wracking. Here’s how I maximize the enjoyment of race day without stressing out over too many of the details.


Getting Over the Hump
Hills always used to kick my butt, but during the New York City Marathon, I learned how to make them my bitch. Check out these tips for getting over the hump!


How to Run on a Treadmill Without Dying of Boredom
Watching TV is a great way to keep me from getting bored on the treadmill, but I don’t always have the luxury of watching my favorite shows. Here are some other things that I do to prevent myself from dying of boredom on the treadmill!


My Name Is Tina, and I’m An Aggressive Heel Striker
The folks from New Balance invited me to visit their facilities in Lawrence, Massachusetts. They offered to give me a tour of the manufacturing factory and analyze my running gait in the Sports Research Lab. Apparently, I’m an aggressive heel striker.


How I Display My Running Medals
I actually used to throw away my running medals. Now I display them in all of their glory. Here’s how!


The Right Way to Foam Roll
I foamed rolled the wrong way for years. Here’s how to do it the right way!


How to Prevent a Body Breakdown
I’m hypersensitive to any sort of weird running pain since I’ve struggle with injuries in the past, so I keep these things in mind to prevent and recover from potential issues.


How I Changed My Workouts When I Couldn’t Run
Both times that I trained for a marathon, I got injured when I increased my mileage. I didn’t want to give up on my goal, so I changed my workouts to let my body recover. Here’s what I did.


The Race Where I Didn’t Poop My Pants
Finishing this race meant so much to me. At one point, I couldn’t even take Murphy for a walk around the block without an emergency trip to the bathroom. It’s amazing was some positive thinking, strong drugs, and a few dietary changes will do.


Why I Love the Treadmill
I understand why the treadmill gets a bad rap. It can be pretty boring, but I enjoy it, especially in the winter and for interval workouts. Maybe I’m a weirdo, but here’s why I love the treadmill so much.


My Review of the New Balance 880s
In the market for a new pair of sneakers? Check out my review of the New Balance 880s. They’re my favorite running shoe to date!




  1. Thanks for compiling all of your running posts–I know what I’ll be doing for the next hour or so! 😉

    I’m going to celebrate by running a couple miles with myTEAM TRIUMPH–an athletic ride-along program that gives race experiences to people with disabilities! It’s my favorite way to get a run in!

  2. Are you still running with Back on My Feet? My chapter made a special call-out for National Running Day today (and we were thrilled to have sunny weather at 5:45 a.m.). I was partially inspired to join based on your participation, and I love all of the promotion you have given them on your blog. Please keep getting the word out!

  3. Hooray for National Running day! I plan on running 2-4 miles today. Even though my training plan says I should be cross training today I can’t skip national running 😉 ! Run walks with dogs are the best!

  4. I inadvertently celebrated Running Day without even knowing about it – hit a new milestone on my 5K runner program, running 8 minutes at a stretch! Might sound laughable to you marathoners but a month ago I struggled through 2 minutes so I feel like a rock star 🙂

  5. Instead of just running on the treadmill I decided to get out and go for a nice long run outdoors for national running day. I can usually run for a longer distance at a solid pace when I’m on the treadmill, but sometimes I get aggravated that I’m bored or it is starting to feel tedious, and that just leads to a not great workout. But when I run outside, I often get the motivation that lets me be in a good mood throughout the entire run, even if it is a lot harder than running on the treadmill.

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