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Happy Monday, bloggies! 😎

So, Ecto randomly starting working this morning. Wtf!?! I’m obviously happy, but it’s still very strange. Let’s just hope that it keeps working! I don’t think I can deal with another technology breakdown.


For breakfast this morning, I reheated a piece of Breakfast Polenta Pizza in the toaster oven. It was so tasty with a lightly-browned, toasted top. Mmm! Living without a microwave actually hasn’t been that bad, but I still think we’re going to buy one.


On the side, I had some cantaloupe.


And, iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.


2010 Yoga Challenge

Last year, on Carrots ‘N’ Cake, I hosted a 31-Day Yoga Challenge where I challenged myself and CNC readers to practice yoga for every day of March. Over the course of the month, I really enjoyed the experience– the poses became easier and my flexibility increased, and soon I found myself craving yoga, especially at the end of a hectic day. However, in the final week or so, I felt obligated to practice yoga because of the Yoga Challenge, which didn’t make the experience completely enjoyable for me. I disliked feeling that I had to practice yoga. So, for this reason, the 2010 Yoga Challenge is going to work a little differently.

This year, if you would like to participate, I encourage you to set your own goal(s) for the Yoga Challenge. So, if you already regularly practice yoga, you might want to challenge yourself to practice everyday for the month of March. However, if you’ve never done yoga or don’t practice frequently, maybe you will challenge yourself to fitting in one session per week. It’s totally up to you!

My goal for the Yoga Challenge is to practice yoga for at least 20 minutes two times per week. I love yoga, but for some reason, I just don’t practice regularly. Hopefully, challenging myself to 2 sessions per week will help yoga become a permanent practice in my life.

Last year, readers left comments about their daily practice on CNC to share their experiences with others, ask for advice, and keep themselves accountable. Feel free to do the same thing again this year. As a yoga novice, I found this especially helpful. Just leave your comments and questions on any blog post during the month of March, and be sure to keep your eyes open for other people’s Yoga Challenge comments.

To kick of this year’s Yoga Challenge, OpenSky has offered to give CNC readers a deal on Aurorae Yoga Mats. Just entered Yoga10 at checkout to receive 10% off. Wouldn’t a new yoga mat be a great way to kick off the Yoga Challenge? 😉


Happy yoga-ing! :mrgreen:



  1. i take yoga twice a week at a community college near my house. i highly recommend doing this if your a beginner. it’s a lot cheaper and more one on one time with your instructor (especially good if you are a newbie like i was). my yoga instructor told us about a website called yogamazing.com. every day they have a free 30 minute podcast of yoga! it’s really cool because if you don’t have time to go to a class you can do a quick session at home! i try to do it once or twice a week in addition to my actual yoga classes. good luck on the challenge! yoga is so much fun!

  2. WOOHOO!!! March is YOGA month! I am doing a 30-day Bikram yoga challenge starting today. With all of the wonderful reasons of why not to do it, I decided to just jump in and go for and make it work! Thanks for your post, I know there are others practicing with me all over the country.

  3. PS if you go to Bikram, make sure you stomsch is super EMPTY so you don’t feel sick,also drink lots of water before and after-make sure to take a towel and water in with you!
    There is nothing worse than hot yoga and a full stomach

  4. What a great idea! I haven’t been practicing nearly enough yoga lately. This month I’m going to try to go to one class (or at least do one podcast) per week.

  5. I’m the same way about yoga. My high school boyfriend got me a set one year and after starting I noticed an immediate change in my body. I was standing straighter and feeling more confident at the leanness I had discovered. I am just not super motivated to do yoga because I am such a cardio junkie. I never feel like I am getting a good enough workout, but maybe it would help to throw it in once or twice a week.

  6. Oh, I wish this were the April yoga challenge! One of the first things I want to do when I get home from travelling is start yoga, but that’s not until the first week of April! Still, hopefully I can pick up some tips from this challenge and apply them in the future…

  7. My Ecto has not been working in forever – I will try it again if yours just started working because I had given up on it!
    🙂 Yay for the yoga challenge! With 6 weeks until my due date, I need to do some major stretching and yogaing!

  8. Thanks for giving me the push to get started with yoga again! I’ve been really bad about getting back into a workout routine since my wedding. So I figure if I commit to do doing yoga two times a week it should get me headed back on the right track and remind me how good it feels to workout.

  9. I was just pricing various yoga studios around my area. I’m training for a marathon and suddenly am craving yoga, I think just for something different and low impact. I can’t do it all the time, but I’m going to try to commit at least one session a week for stretching. Thanks for another great idea :D.

  10. This is such a great idea! I’ve been meaning to get into yoga for a while now (I’ve done it a few times), and I think this challenge will really help me to give it a real try.
    Can’t wait to get started!!

  11. this sounds great! in college i did yoga at least twice a week and had a decent daily practice going and now i am lucky to do it twice a month. this sounds like a great challenge. still working on exactly what my practice will be!

  12. Good for you! The last time I did a yoga challenge, I said I would do 4 days a week, which was more realistic for me than every single day. I think I will stick to twice a week too!

  13. I love yoga. I tend to go for more infrequent, long sessions at a studio – the community atmosphere is very inspiring for me (and heats up the room big time).

  14. I’ve been wanting to start incorporating some yoga into my day to day routine. This will be perfect. Maybe I need to put my yoga mat to use? 🙂

  15. I am so in love with yoga and the more I run, the more yoga I need. This challenge is perfect. I hope to take at least 2 yoga classes at the gym, plus do one yoga session at home each week. I feel so much better after a good stretch.

  16. yes, count me in…I just returned from my Monday night yoga session but I would like to add another session every week….may try a dvd or a podcast…thanks….I love yoga combined with running…

  17. Sorry your day was so frustrating today… Hope tomorrow is better :), I Love your sign in the back, I’m guessing it says I love blogs and coffee? lol Me too, and blog and drink my coffee together. Match made in heaven.
    Have a good day tomorrow!

  18. I am so excited to participate in this challenge. I just purchased the Yoga Wii game…so I’ll be using this as my motivation to try it out. I’ll make sure to link back to this site. Thanks for creating the challenge again. Do you have an icon or anything that you’d like me to post?

  19. That is so funny that you’re mentioning this! Part-way through February I started to practice yoga more often and thought it would be fun to have 31 days of yoga in March. I did my Hatha flow yesterday and am really looking forward to doing another one tonight because it made me feel so relaxed. I’m definitely in!


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