2 Really Great Snacks

…and the terrible titles continue!! 😉 But, my post title explains things pretty well. I enjoyed two really great snacks this afternoon. 😆

My first snack of the afternoon was a homemade granola bar.



Followed by a yummy surprise! :mrgreen:

On my doorstep this afternoon, I found a fun, little package.



IMG_1130.JPG IMG_1131.JPG

Inside was a special something from Stonyfield. I’m not going to lie, I loved the adorable packaging right away. Check out the cute cupcake-like containers! 😀


Inside the box was a 4-pack of Stonyfield Oikos Greek yogurt in chocolate and caramel flavors. Holy yum! :mrgreen:

Even though I had just eaten a snack, I couldn’t wait to break into the caramel flavor. I have a weird caramel yogurt/ice cream obsession.

IMG_1138.JPG IMG_1141.JPG

I have to admit, I really don’t like yogurts with fruit at the bottom. No matter how much mix and stir, I can never quite get it right and then the last few bites are super sugary sweet. Ick. 😕 So, when I discovered that the caramel-flavored OIkos had caramel at the bottom, I was sort of bummed. But, of course, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions about a potentially decadent dessert-like yogurt. 😉


Well, this yogurt was really, really, really tasty! The caramel was smooth, rich, and sweet, and blended surprisingly well with the thick, creamy yogurt. Each bite was truly a treat! I could definitely see myself enjoying one of these as a dessert after lunch or dinner. The caramel flavor is perfect for a sweet tooth like mine! 😉


I may or may not have used my finger to lick the container clean. Mmm!


Mal had a rough day at work, so I’m taking him out for sushi. Hopefully, an impromptu “date night” with some good conversation and delicious food will lift his spirits.


  1. Mmm . . . chocolate greek yogurt.

    Altho the chocolate mousse from The Flat Belly Diet Cookbook, which I use greek yogurt in, is so totally awesomeo on its own . . . I haven’t seen those flavors here, but you can be sure I’ll be looking now!

  2. I love the Oikos Caramel! I was sent some coupons for it yesterday and it really is a wonderful treat! (Love the chocolate too…it has that yummy tangy chocolate, almost cream cheese flavor to it!) Mmmmm

  3. Ok, those yogurts sound amazing!!!!! I am a yogurt freak but must admit I keep saying I’m going to try the Greek yogurts but never do. I have this fear of bitter, sour yogurt like when I was a kid (long before they made yogurt that tasted good and creamy! LOL) so I fear venturing from my seriously sweet and yummy, creamy Yoplait Light & Creamy yogurts!!! However, caramel and chocolate… I’m sorry.. now it’s a MUST try! I’m looking for them at my local Wegmans next time I shop (darn I should have read this email before I went grocery shopping today!!!!)

  4. I am looking for the recipe for your homemade granola bars. I made a batch from a recipe I found online and was blown away by all the calories that were in them…Have you ever shared your granola bar recipes / will you???

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