170 Wall Balls + 43 DUs {Recap of 13.3}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Well, Open WOD 13.3 was a tough one. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I survived and managed to beat my previous score, so I’m happy.

Workout 13.3

12 minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall balls
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

To prepare for the Wall ball madness, I practiced my technique at home. I always feel like I get crushed below the 14-pound ball when I do them, so I asked Mal for some tips. He suggested catching the ball higher and then riding it down. I guess I was catching it too low””hence being crushed under the ball. I dunno. My Wall balls need work.


Please note my mismatch sneakers in the photo above. I was trying to decide if I liked the Nanos or the Sublites better for CrossFit, so I was wearing them around the house and doing random exercises to test them out. Verdict: Nanos. Best CrossFit shoe ever.

While I practiced my Wall balls in the living room, Murphy looked on from the couch.


I guess watching all of that physical activity exhausted him.


His life”¦


”¦ is so hard.



A little while later, Mal and I headed to 781 to tackle 13.3. On Thursday nights, our box holds an “Advanced Open Preparation Class” to prepare for the next Open WOD. The majority of the people in the class do a trial run of the workout and then do it “for real” on the weekend. Mal and I both just wanted to get it over with, so we planned to do it “for real” last night. Thankfully, there were a few other people who wanted to do it last night too.

When we arrived, a few of the coaches were measuring the Wall ball targets for the workout (9 feet for ladies; 10 feet for men). Apparently, the painted line at our new box is higher than 10 feet, which made the 9-foot target so much more manageable!


Mal’s heat went first.


He flew through the Wall balls and Double-unders.


And made it to the Muscle-ups with about 2.5 minutes left.



He got his first Muscle-up, no problem, but then struggled to get any more. Mal wasn’t happy with his performance because he got the same score as he did last year during 12.4 (13.3 is a repeat workout), so he’s debating doing it again this weekend.


I, however, will not be doing this workout again. It was brutal, I’ve done it 3 times now, and I just don’t want to put myself through it again. Plus, Wall balls are truly my nemesis.

Not joking or exaggerating, I was no-reped 20 times during the Wall balls for either missing the target or not getting below parallel with my squat. Wall balls are just not an exercise that my body likes to do. I finished the Wall balls with more than a minute to spare, so I busted out as many Double-unders as I could, but I kept messing up and only managed 43. Mal said I looked “frantic” and “spastic,” so I definitely need to work on keeping my cool when Double-unders come up in workouts. Ya need to be loose!

I’m a little bummed about all of my no-reps during the Wall balls, but, obviously, it’s my own fault. These workouts have standards that need to be upheld, and I totally get that. I guess I’m just mad at myself for wasting time and energy trying to get through the Wall balls. Imagine how much time I would have had to do Double-unders if I didn’t do an extra 20 Wall balls! Ha! Oh, well. I still managed to get a higher score than the last two times I did this workout, so I’m happy that I improved.


After CrossFit, Mal and I came home and made dinner, which was a Mexican Hash Egg Bake from PaleOMG.

today's special

This meal was so frickin’ good! I ended up using a can of Rotel instead of fire-roasted tomatoes and adding black beans (there was half of a can in the refrigerator that needed to be used up), which were delicious additions. Definitely try this recipe! You won’t be disappointed!


Question of the Day

What exercise is your nemesis?



  1. Straight hang pull-ups are mine!! You did great I know the feeling of frustration but at least you did better!! Improvement is always a great motivator

  2. wow that sounds like a hard WOD! I did some wall balls last night at my gym just to get a comparison of what the 13.3 is like… I did 100 at 10 lbs and am SO SORE today.

    congrats on going at it hard, regardless 🙂

  3. Hey atleast you tried!!! I am proud of you!

    My nemesis is burpees and squats while doing shoulder press- totally kills me

  4. I used to hate burpees, but I’m starting to like them in an odd way. Mountain climbers suuuuuuck in my humble opinion. I also loathe dubs but only because I can’t do them yet. So my plan of attach in 13.3 is to get through the wall balls, and if any time is left over do as many dubs as I can.

    PS, Joe bought me some gluten-free english muffins that are really good – I’ll get the name of them and send it to you!

  5. I’ve been thinking and I can’t come up with an answer, which worries me. I hope this doesn’t mean I stick to what I’m comfortable with. Exercise is meant to challenge you; if it felt “good” then more people would do it and it wouldn’t change you. I guess mine would be running. I love the feeling afterwards, but while I’m doing it, I just want to stop

  6. Kudos to you guys for getting through those wallballs! I would have sat down half way through 😉
    Pull-ups, wallballs and headstands are my nemeses….oh, and step-aerobics classes – I have no sense of direction – LOL

  7. Yes, 13.3 is bruuutal. I watched people do it yesterday while I did the WOD and then the powerlifting class. Watching the muscle-ups was awful 🙁 they all just look so spent!

    HSPUs and Toes-to-Bar=nemesis.

  8. Muscle ups. I am still new to crossfit, but even the scaled version is so tough for me! Really most movements on the rings are just plain hard! Good job on the wall balls! Those are actually one of my favorite exercises along with box jumps 🙂

  9. I did 13.3 yesterday too! Wallballs killed me so bad! I had this awesome plan going into it, but just couldnt keep the pace I thought I could. I get soooo freaking exhausted with wallballs. And today my “QUADS ARE ON FIRE!” (sang to the tune of alisha keys girl on fire 😉 haha) I ended up with 196… freaking 4 away from 200! So angry. I am trying it again tomorrow.

    I hate wallballs and double unders so this WOD was for sure a compilation of all my goats. Totally sucks

  10. It was so brutal.. nice job! I have only been doing CrossFit since December so didn’t do it last year.. maybe I’ll try again in a year :p

  11. Caution… do NOT walk down stairs without a railing today!!! I don’t know about you, but my legs are not working right today! 🙂 You kicked ass and did great, that damn 14lb ball is HEAVY!

    Hmm, 13.3, where do I start? When I heard them announce this workout, I was immediately disappointed. But then I let go of the disappointment and started psyching myself up for it. I can do double unders, not in a row, but I can do single single double. So I just had to get through the wallballs. hahaha, well, I’m still a beginning CrossFitter as well as an over weight Mom who is giving it her all. So I only got 76 Wallballs in 12 min. waaa waaahhh. But I put a score up on the leaderboard. And I need to keep reminding myself over and over that my goal for my first Open was to not finish last, in the world 🙂 But I am still bummed I didn’t get to show off my newly acquired DU skill.

    Last comment… I am kicking myself for not doing the 50-day Wallball challenge we had at our box. It just ended last Friday. The way it worked was that everyday you add an extra rep on, so the first day everyone did 1 Wallball, and by day 50, everyone who was still participating, did 50! It lasted for 10 weeks (only counted Mon-Fri) and I can tell you, THOSE participants ROCKED the wallballs in 13.3!

  12. Congrats on beating your last score. Monday was my first “real” CrossFit workout and it involved wall balls. During on ramp I used the 8lb ball which was a little light for me and Monday only the 14 lb was available. Ugh. Hard.

  13. I guess that is what i dont get about Crossfit. Why have you do something for time, if you are more worried about the # of reps and not the quality of the rep? I would think that alot of injuries happen with these types of AMRAP workouts. I dont like the feeling of being rushed during my workout, I want to be sure I am in proper form and making it count!

  14. Your husband is hot. I sincerely apologize if that’s inappropriate to say. LOL

    Anyway… my least favorite exercise would have to be… I suppose running! It’s funny, because I LIKE it, I’m just not good at it and I could never seem to get better no matter how much I did it! It’s just not something my body wants to do.

  15. As silly as it sounds, Curtsy Lunges! I actually love doing lunges because I love the results but for some reason I just get so frustrated with proper form and my knees with the curtsy.

  16. I was on PaleOMG last night and saw that recipe and made the exact samething for dinner! It definitely was delicious and I’ll probably make it again for brunch on sunday

  17. I got the exact same score as you yesterday on 13.3. If it makes you feel better, i had about 2.5 minutes to do my double unders and just couldn’t string them together as well as I normally can. My legs and arms were just shot! So you’re 43 in 1 minute is pretty impressive!

  18. I really hate burpees and weighted lunges. Burpees always start off as not being so bad but by the end I always just want to lay on the floor.

  19. OMG, did you just reference my other favorite Blog in CNC? It’s going to be a good day.

    Mountain Climbers make me hate Mountains AND Climbing.

  20. I just love to say wall balls – wall balls, wall balls, wall balls. Pull-ups are my nemesis. For sho.

  21. haha I got a good laugh when Mal said you looked “frantic” and “spastic”! Sounds exactly like something my husband would say! LOL I guess we should appreciate the honesty?? 🙂

  22. I did it last night and got 246. My legs are on fire today too and I think I strained something in my hamstring. Damn wall balls 🙂 I might do it again tomorrow though b/c I was also no repped on several wall balls and two muscle ups..annoying! So for the wall balls, did your coach make you all have the entire ball above the line or just the center of the ball touching the line? Ours did the entire ball but I’m not sure he was right..it was hard! Way to do it 3 times though Tina!

  23. I was actually really happy that my box didn’t do 13.3 (not as intense as 781) because wall-balls suck! Other than that I still really stink at pull-ups, having to use the band isn’t bad but I really need to work on my upper body strength. Awesome job, can’t believe you did it 3 times!

  24. Bench pressing is my nemesis because I have such weak chest muscles.
    Wall balls with those standards seem really tough (I’m sure I would get a bunch of no-reps for not hitting the target and not going down low enough, too).

  25. wall balls are my nemesis too! Our trainer is known for calling out “no rep” I think he thrives from it, ugh. SO I will def have to work hard to be no repped. Can you do a muscle up?

  26. hahahah those Murphy pics are so cute! Such a rough life 😉

    Pull ups/push ups are the bane of my existence! I have no upper body strength, although I am getting better at push ups.

  27. I hate wall balls. My least favorite exercise. I always try and do that station first when I work out so I don’t have to worry about it at the end. And I’m not a huge fan of thrusters. Would much rather do push presses.

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