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Hi, guys! Happy Monday!

I’m feeling a tad exhausted this morning after completing CrossFit Open WOD 15.1 on Friday night and then running 15.1 miles yesterday for my long run. After all of that activity, I am so thankful today is a rest day. Heck yes.

Rewind to Friday night

Mal and I are both participating in the CrossFit Open this year. I’m honestly not sure why I signed up, considering I’m training for a marathon and barely CrossFit anymore, but I love my box and miss my CrossFit friends, so I guess I’m in it for the FUN.

photo 5 (13) (600x800)

The whole intramural thing is such a blast. I love the friendly competition between members and all of the accompanying team spirit makes the Open a million times more fun! Yay, Clangin’ and Bangin’!

photo 3 (32) (800x453)

Go Dad go!

photo 4 (20) (760x760)

Recap of 15.1…

Ok, so, the toes-to-bar destroyed me (and my hands). I was never really proficient at them before I got pregnant (I could maybe string 4 or 5 together), so nowadays I’m still not great at them, especially since my core is kind of weak. The deadlifts and snatches were no problem, but I spent a lot of time staring up at the bar and getting no-reped doing those darn T2B. But, hey, it’s something to work for in the future, right? (I ended up with 97 reps.)

The clean & jerk was ridiculous and, truthfully, kind of hilarious at the same time. I ripped my hands on the T2B and since my platelets are low (because of Remicade), my blood doesn’t clot normally, which means it was everywhere… all over the bar, plates, my shirt, dripping on the floor… it was kind of insane. All I could do was laugh at the situation and, well, ask for a paper towel. Long story short, I was kind of freaked out (I’m not good with blood) and definitely distracted, so a heavy clean & jerk just wasn’t happening for me. I started with 95 pounds and then 115 pounds and got them up without issue. I tried for 125 and failed twice on the jerk, so I dropped down to 120 right at the end of 6 minutes and couldn’t jerk it. Oh, well. More stuff to work on. I’m ready for 15.2. Onward and upward!

photo 1 (28) (526x800)photo 2 (19) (520x800)

On Saturday, Mal, Quinn, and I went out for lunch at Hingham Beer Works, one of our favorite kid-friendly restaurants with good beer. I tried a seasonal brew, which was infused with strawberry. It was dark and toasty, but not too fruity, just kind of sweet. I really liked it.

photo 2 (12) (800x600)

Mal and I shared the boneless buffalo chicken as an appetizer.

photo 4 (21) (800x600)

And then I ordered the Garden Burger with sweet potato fries for my entree. Both were really tasty.

photo 3 (33) (800x600)

Quinn ate Cheerios, blueberries, a few sweet potato fries, a bottle, and some homemade mixed veggie puree (this kid can eat) for lunch. Now that he’s bigger, it’s a lot of fun to take him to restaurants!

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On Sunday, I woke up to below-zero temps. Yikes.

photo 1 (451x800)

But, I planned a long run with my friend Marisa, so I geared up as best I could.

photo 5 (13) (800x800)

I said goodbye to my sweet boys and then headed out into the freezing cold temps. Brrrrrr!


It actually ended up warming up to 19 degrees by the time we started to run, so it wasn’t so bad, especially once we were moving.

photo 3 (10) (800x600)

Marisa kept me company for the first 1:45 and then I finished the remaining 45 minutes by myself. It was SO NICE to have a running buddy yesterday. We talked the entire time, so it really made the run fly by. I ended up doing 15.1 miles in 2:30 and felt pretty good at the end… well, I definitely felt tired, but good.

photo 2 (451x800)

After my run, I recovered with ice packs on my knees, a protein shake made with SFH vanilla Recovery, dark chocolate M&Ms, and a fuzzy blanket. It was glorious.

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Questions of the Day

CrossFit friends: What’d you think of 15.1 and 15.1a? How’d you do? 

Runner friends: What’s your favorite recovery food(s)?



  1. I didn’t really think I could do T2B and the 75 lbs snatch is pretty heavy for me, so I wasn’t sure if I should do the scaled version or not. My coach pushed me to Rx and I was pleasantly surprised! I got through 93 reps and got a 5 lbs PR at 125 for my C&J!!!!

    I hate ripping my hands. I try to keep up with my calluses now a days because that is seriously the worst. Hope they heal quickly!

  2. I have yet to brave the cold and take my runs outside. The paths are quite icy, are the running paths your on cleared or how are you dealing with running on the ice? I am going a bit stir crazy on the treadmill and ready to get back outside!

  3. After my Marathon on Saturday all I wanted was a delicious burger, French fries and champagne! It hit the spot and was glorious. Wat to rock the 15 miles this week! Especially in the cold weather.

  4. Good job on the open! I love that you went for it even though you’re in the middle of marathon training :). I did my long run yesterday too – I ended up eating some skittles during the run for fuel, which I like better than gels. I can always come up with an excuse to eat more candy!

  5. I love dark chocolate m&m’s! Great recovery:) How are you feeling about training with only running 3 days per week?

    You did great with all your exercise this weekend! I did my first and final 20 miler in preparation for my marathon on March 22nd. I am so glad it is taper time!!!

  6. Ouch! Hope your hand is feeling better! I don’t Crossfit, but I think the whole idea of the Crossfit Open seems so fun! I’d definitely participate.
    I don’t drink soda during the week, but a Big Gulp after a loooong workout is my favorite recovery food. Nothing like a caffeine high after being completely exhausted 🙂

  7. OK — the public health nerd in me HAS to know what the procedure is for dealing with blood during Crossfit. That was something that freaked me out during my brief stint at my local Crossfit box and I just couldn’t get over all the shared bodily fluids. ***shutters*** What did they do to clean up all your blood?

  8. You did such a great job on your long run! Can’t believe you did it after the WOD, and seeing how cold it was. I probably would have made an excuse and stayed in. Good for you!

    After runs, I love to have chocolate milk. It’s a perfect post-race drink! I also like to have some sort of protein. I’m never that hungry after a run (just thirsty!) so I have to force myself to eat something, but it definitely helps with recovery.

  9. I liked 15.1 and 15.1A. I got 172 reps and 187# clean and jerk.

    Favorite recovery food = sweet potatoes + almond butter!

  10. “It ended up warming up to 19 degrees. . . ” cracked me up. That is such a New England thing to write–and oh so true haha. Can you believe it’s supposed to get to the 30s this week?! I need to find my bathing suit!

  11. Great job on the first open wod! I am still recovering from my c-section so I only got 90 reps and a #140 clean and jerk, but I’m still pretty proud of myself. My hands also ripped open and bled, which was super gross!
    I’m so jealous of all your running! It’s super cold here (northern Canada) and I refuse to run in -30.

  12. I feel guilty for finding your 15.1 recap kind of humorous trying to picture the C&J with wipes everywhere. It reminded me of when I cut open my forehead during a snatch last year – it was light weight and apparently I didn’t move my head out of the way fast enough 🙂 Blood everywhere and all I could do was laugh!
    I am 3 months post pregnancy and since going back to work I haven’t found the balance yet of crossfit and time with my little girl. I did a lot better than anticipated so I was happy. 1 down 4 more to go!

  13. I’ve been doing CF for about 6 months, so this is my first experience with the Open. I signed up at the last minute, and am SO glad I did. It was SO FUN! I did the scaled workout because my snatch isn’t so strong (nor are my T2B), so i got 199 reps in and then PR’d my C+J at 100lbs. The enviornment in my gym was so positive and uplifting and I am so grateful to have found such an inspiring and motivating exercise place to work out in! I can’t wait for Thursday to find out what 15.2 is! I’m hoping for box jumps and/or DU’s! Awesome job with 97 reps RX! That’s no joke. Sucks about your hands! NE Winters (this one in particular) don’t help either. Goodluck healing up!

  14. I refused to mentally add the weight I was adding to my bar for the clean + jerks and ended up at 113! I was pleasantly surprised since I had only planned to get to 100lbs. SO impressed you ran in that weather, I could never.

  15. Fair play to you for doing the Open and a long run the next day! Did the Open myself, every year I plan on cycling those TTBs ugh! Still a work in progress 🙂

  16. Hi Tina,

    I’m so impressed and inspired by you! You manage to balance motherhood and taking care of yourself so well (I’m sure it’s not as perfect as the blog seems, haha!).
    I have a silly question/fear of mine… what the heck do you do if you have to use the bathroom when you’re out there? Races always have porta-potties so there’s never a worry there. But I have yet to do some serious mileage for fear that I’ll have to pee!!

    1. It’s funny you ask because I actually took a quick pee break behind a building before I started running yesterday. I just found an isolated place and then peed in the snow! Haha!

  17. Nice work! Considering you’ve been doing so much more running, I think your scores are amazing! I did 123 reps and had the same issues at 125 as you did, so I ended up with 120 as well. It was actually kind of a fun workout combo – not something I’ve done before.

    As a sidebar, do you prefer to run in the cooler weather or the heat?

  18. You are so inspirational! Get it girl!

    Also, where is that green sweater from? (From the pic of you and Quinn)

  19. Those sweet potato fries look so good! I remember taking my daughter to restaurants when she was that age and giving her lots of things to try! She’s 2 now and eats everything in sight, haha!

  20. Hi, Tina.

    I’ve read some of your posts before and I know that you find losing weight during marathon training difficult, even though it’s not so intuitive! I’m also training for Boston and am discovering the same thing and my appetite is so outrageous (especially after those long runs!). I feel pretty weird about how I’m eating, maintaining weight, etc. during this time. Any advice or just words of wisdom you could offer?


    1. I’ve never actually tried to lose weight during marathon training; I just try not to gain it (or at least not too much). This time around, I’m eating a lot more protein and healthy carbs (chicken, beef, potatoes, English muffins, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, etc.) instead of pizza, cupcakes, and beer like I did for the last two, which definitely caused me to put on the pounds. I’m also paying attention to WHEN I am eating, like in the morning before a run, I eat a carb-heavy meal, and, post-run, I make sure I get in protein right away (usually a protein shake) and then eat a hearty meal after that. I’m honestly not too worried about weight gain this time. I’m really listening to my body and FEEDING it. I know I need a lot of calories during marathon training– both for fueling my runs AND recovery. My body needs the calories, so if I’m hungry, I eat, and I don’t feel bad about it at all. I hope this helps! Happy training! 🙂

  21. I’m glad you posted how you did with 15.1! I miss your CF posts, but understand why you can’t CF now while you are training for your marathon. I am doing my first CF open this year and I also ripped my hand open with the T2B. It hurts!

  22. I did 15.1/1.a on Friday and got 122/135. I got a 145 lb clean (PR is 150), but just couldn’t get the jerk. After the jerk fail I attempted the clean again and couldn’t get it because my lats were DONE. With all those T2B, I thought I was bound to rip, but I got lucky and a teammate leant me his old cloth grips. They were a life saver!

  23. Please share what makeup you had on in the picture of you and Quinn out to lunch. Your lashes are so long and lush, and your skin is really glowy!

  24. I don’t know that I have a favorite recovery food. Maybe I should think about that. They’re probably all my favorite. Nice job on both activities and that sucks about the blood explosion! It probably made you look like a warrior though haha.

    My husband and I marathoned the whole 3rd season of House of Cards, but I was able to fit in a workout on Sat and Sun.

  25. I have a 15 month old and a newborn – both boys – thru already eat us out of house and home. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in their teenage years lol.

  26. Congrats on 15.1 and those damn T2B! I am not in the open but tomorrow is my first day back to Crossfit since I had my baby. He is 9 months old now and I am so nervous (and excited) to go back. My strength and endurance are GONE! I am also worried about my core strength…don’t think I will be seeing my T2B for a while…

  27. I don’t know why but every time I hear someone else ripped their hands on 15.1 I feel better about the fact that I did too…I’m going scaled as this is my first year and my hands tore really bad on the knee raises so by the time I got to the clean & jerks, it hurt to hold the bar. I was able to get 90# which was my old 1 rep split jerk but I think a clean PR for me so I left pretty happy, but yes…blood was still pretty much everywhere. I felt terrible but my judge was like “don’t worry, I’ll clean up the bar and plates, you just go wash up and get a bandaid on that” It was so sweet (especially since I was visiting a different box because of 50 States In A Year).

  28. Thanks for the recap and good on you for doing the Open and marathon training! You’re my hero!!
    15.1 was a similar story for me – fine on DL and snatches, but T2B killed me. I also tried and succeeded on 95 and 115 but just couldn’t jerk the 125 or the 120. Oh well – RXed it, so that was my goal.

    Hope you are staying warm on those long runs!!

  29. I actually just learned how to
    String together t2b a week before the open but when it was time for 15.1 and te clock went 3 2 1, go I totally forgot lol. But I ended up getting 112 reps and 120 ran and jerk. Thankfully i didn’t rip my hands of t2b which I normally do. So ready for 15.2

  30. Wow, 15 miles in that weather is awesome! Good for you! I am new to running and consider making it to 4 miles an accomplishment. I like how you incorporate other forms of training into your routine and don’t focus entirely on running. Good luck with the rest of your marathon training!

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