1:45 On The Treadmill + The Sandwich I Devoured After

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Gooooooood morning and happppppppy Friday! What a week. It was kind of a weird one with the blizzard and having Mal home for two days in a row. It seemed like a weekend, but now the weekend is here again. Whoa. Obviously, I’m not complaining. I love spending time with my boys””all three of them!

Yesterday morning, I hit the treadmill for my long run this week. I thought about running outside, but after I consulted my running coach and Monica, I decided it wasn’t a very good idea. There’s SO MUCH SNOW here. Hardly any of the sidewalks are clear and some of the snowbanks are as tall as me, so there’s just no where to (safely) run. Long story short: I ran for an hour and forty-five minutes on the treadmill, and I survived.

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[Rewind to the morning]

Pre-run eats: Crazy Easy Steel Cut Oats mixed with sweet potato-banana puree (leftover from Quinn’s breakfast) with Greek yogurt peanut butter delight, a fried egg, and a glass of iced coffee with SO Delicious coconut milk creamer.

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After breakfast, I dropped Quinn off at daycare and then headed straight to KFIT to do my long run.

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Doing a long run on a treadmill has the potential for not being very fun, so I came prepared. I had planned to watch a movie on my iPad or iPhone, but things didn’t work out. I didn’t know our Netflix password and then there wasn’t enough space on my iPad to rent a movie”¦ blah, blah, blah”¦ so I ended up listening to a couple of podcasts to help pass the time. (Here are some of my favorite podcasts.) I finished up an episode of Balanced Bites and then listen to one on autoimmunity on the Dr. Lo Radio Show. Both podcasts kept me entertained and, surprisingly, the first hour flew by. I know, who says that?! Haha! But, seriously, the time passed much faster than I expected and, before I knew it, I only had 20 minutes to go. (Here are some more tips and tricks for how to not die of boredom on the treadmill. I promise it’s possible!)

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After my run, I stopped by Marylou’s for an iced coffee and then mixed it with SFH vanilla Recovery as soon as I got home.

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After chugging my protein shake, I stretched, showered, and then made lunch, which was a delicious sandwich. Listen to this! In the mix: Creamy Swiss Garlic & Herb from The Laughing Cow with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, and half of a baked sweet potato (chopped into chunks) inside a spinach wrap. OMG, it was so good!

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After that, I worked, worked, worked. My afternoon snacks included: A couple of Oatmeal Cranberry Almond Bars, Stonyfield Greek yogurt with gluten-free granola, and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea. I also packed a Perfect Food Bar to take with me on my drive to the hospital to pick up my Holter Monitor, which I’ll wear for the next 24 hours. I hope it tells us something this time!


Question of the Day

What’s the longest you’ve ever run on a treadmill?

P.S. IBD peeps: A reader told me about this great support group on Facebook. Just wanted to share the page: Givin’ It All For Guts Foundation!



  1. thanks for sharing the IBD page, I’m always looking to reach out to people who can understand what IBD is like!

  2. I did my 20 miler for my last marathon on the treadmill. I quit at mile 10 when I attempted it on the weekend (wasn’t feeling good) and then knew I needed to finish it for my mental sanity going into raceday. So I did it on a Monday after work and basically raced to the gym and ran almost until it closed. It was pretty painful… I typically don’t mind the treadmill but, yikes, 3+ hours is tough.

  3. Speaking of podcasts, if you haven’t listened to the Serial podcasts yet, you MUST! It’s a great time killer. Perfect for a long run. I was so sad when I got through them all.

  4. I have ran 6 miles three times this month and I literally just started running for the first time in my life around Christmas. I just did the elliptical or HIIT workouts. I wanted a challenge!

  5. So here’s a treadmill question for you. I used to run miles and miles on the treadmill, used it for anything from speed work to long runs. Then one day last spring I stumbled a little and almost fell off. Now any time I get on the treadmill, even to walk, I get panicky and almost fall off. Any tips for overcoming my treadmill fears?

  6. I think I did 10 and a half. It was possibly the worst day of my life…luckily it was when the Olympics were on and what in the UK we referred to as ‘Super Saturday’ where we won a ton of medals so I just occupied myself with that and used the cheering on the tv as motivation….let’s just say I don’t think I will ever go over 5 again!

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