How undereating affects your hormones

How undereating affects your hormones

Our brain is pretty freakin’ amazing!⁠ It’s literally designed to keep us alive no matter what. Even when you’re doing silly stuff like undereating, not sleeping enough, exercising too much, and not getting enough vitamins and minerals… all of that.⁠

Your brain detects when your caloric intake is too low. And because it wants us to stay alive, it goes into survival mode. It ramps up your cortisol to beat stress, it tells the thyroid to slow down in order to store as many calories as possible, and it tells your ovaries to stop working because it can tell this is not a safe environment to grow a baby.⁠

Undereating and your hormones

All of this work results in crazy cortisol levels (hello mood swings!), a sluggish thyroid (which makes you tired AF and stalls weight loss) and kills your sex drive (I’m sure your partner LOVES that one, eh?!?).⁠

You’re doing yourself ZERO favors by sticking to some 1200 calorie, no-carb, no-fruit, chew on a celery stick to keep yourself full diet.⁠ You’re actually doing damage, especially to your hormones.⁠

Stop dieting. ⁠Give your brain and body a break.

If you’ve been doing the same thing year after year and getting no results you have GOT to do something new. ⁠

Did you know your brain did all this? How will you change your eating habits now that you know how undereating affects your hormones?

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