10 Thanksgiving Day Workouts

I’m planning to splurge at Thanksgiving dinner (specifically on my Grammie’s turkey stuffing and my mom’s pumpkin pie), so in order to offset some of those extra calories, I’m running a road race with Mal in the morning. Starting my day with some exercise sets a healthy tone for the day, so I’m able to enjoy Thanksgiving to its fullest without going overboard either. Here are 10 workouts that will help you start off your Turkey Day in the same way!


Feel like running?




Have a treadmill?

35-minute Treadmill Run (3.25 miles)


10k Challenge





Have a jump rope and/or kettlebell?



Don’t Have A Lot of Time?



  1. This post is great for anytime actually! Thanks for putting all the workouts in one spot. We run a turkey trot 5k for habit for humanity every Thanksgiving. This year will be our 4th year! I get faster every time so I try to beat my time every year 🙂

  2. My box is having a special “trainers in” WOD. So the workout will be as tough as a Saturday WOD (which are the hardest at my box) and the trainers are working out WITH everyone else, so that’ll up the competition a bit.
    Pretty much it’ll be the mother of all WODs, which should definitely offset any extra pie calories.

  3. My parents and I are running a 5 mile road race on Thursday morning as well. It’ll be my third year running. It’s a great way to start off my favorite holiday!

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  4. This is awesome, thanks Tina!
    I’ll be running a 5K thanksgiving morning (my first race, can’t wait!) to set the day off to a good start.
    These workouts will definitely come in handy for the days after. I love that there’s one to suit every environment. Getting out for a little exercise will also help deal with extra time with the in-laws!

  5. Ill def be working out on turkey day! I was going to do the thanksgiving day race but now i dont have time! THanks for the post!

  6. I was going to do a race as I usually do on Thanksgiving morning, but I got convinced into teaching a spin class instead. Still a great workout! 🙂

  7. I will too be running this Thursday morning! If I start the day out healthy, it will be much easier for me to keep the momentum throughout the day. I might sneak in your “99” workout – looks like a good calorie burner 🙂

  8. I’m running 10 miles with my Dad Thanksgiving morning! It’s our new tradition (as of the past two years) and it really is the greatest thing ever. Running + Pumpkin pie? What could be better!?

  9. Thank you for posting these.. I will definitely be using all of them and sharing it with my friends..I love reading your posts..

  10. I have “enjoyed” the 99 since you first posted it! I am doing a 15 mile training run with my running group early Thursday morning! Can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. I wanted to do the Hingham Turkey Trot with friends,however, we are hosting and need to get up early and start on prepping.
    I hope to get a 3 mile run in with my husband once we get the bird in the cooker!

    Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your race.

  12. I’ve somewhat planned on taking either Thanksgiving or the day after as a rest day, so I’m gonna leave it up in the air for now! But I love these running workouts, run 1 mile then do pushups etc. My parents live near a track so that’d be perfect, thanks for the link-up!

  13. I’m loving these workouts! I did the ’99’ Thanksgiving morning and I did the ‘Hotel Room Workout’ this morning! Except I don’t think I can do a single Hollow Rock…I youtubed it and I’m thinking my core just isn’t strong enough…yet. Thank you!:)

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