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Hi, friends!

Just wanted to share some fun “facts” from yesterday!

#1: Quinn was feeling quite a bit better, so we visited our local playground where he enjoyed swinging on the swings. Look at that happy face!


#2: The sweet potato gnocchi from Trader Joe’s is so incredibly tasty. I ate the entire bag by myself yesterday– in two sittings (lunch and second lunch), but still.


#3: Quinn’s favorite new activity is throwing things. All the things. All the time. So fun. Our house is in shambles and Murphy is scared for his life. Watch out, coaster coming at your pug face!


#4: It was a beautiful day for an outdoor adventure, so Quinn and I did some running and walking around the neighborhood. He was a big fan of the trees and leaves (and my headphones) yesterday.


#5: This book… Pig and Pug… OMG, so adorable. What a great birthday present. Quinn loved reading it with me last night!


#6: Yesterday’s breakfast was a Carrot Spice protein pancake with peanut butter and a Milk Chocolate Almond iced coffee from Marylou’s. De-lic-ious.


#7: I’m leaving for the airport at 4:30 AM tomorrow morning, so I am 100% packed up and ready to go. Here’s what I packed for my out-of-town race weekend.


#8: I bought this adorable stripped tank + briefs for Quinn from Zulily the other day. We usually just put him in a onesie at night when the weather is warm, but I just couldn’t pass this up as summer jammies. Too cute. Related: Zulily is seriously awesome. I get the emails everyday and shop there way too much. I also bought Quinn this dinosaur fossil shirt + plaid shorts AND there just happens to be a J.Crew Factory sale today! Yay!


#9: Quinn and I went to our first KFIT stroller bootcamp of the year. We had so much fun!

IMG_3567 (570x800)

Local readers: Are you curious about stroller bootcamp? Here’s what to expect at your first class and details how to sign up.

IMG_3582 (600x800)

I’m telling ya, it is SO FUN! It’s one of my favorite activities to do with Quinn. He loves it too. Other kids! Nature! Cruising around at the park! What’s not to like?

IMG_3585 (600x800)

#10: Mal might enjoy Quinn’s toys more than he does. Look at these two. Mal is playing with Quinn’s new toys, and Quinn could care less. Haha!

IMG_3561 (800x600)

Question of the Day

Share a FUN “fact” from yesterday! 



  1. Haha Dan is the same way with kids’ toys! He buys presents for his nephew and younger brother, and ends up playing with it way more! My fun fact is that I went out for a walk with my dog at night and saw lightning bugs/fireflies for the first time this year! I was so excited and the weather was perfect..love summer nights!

  2. Yesterday I made cauliflower fried “rice” and I’m obsessed! Never missed the rice!

    p.s. Old Navy has really cute jammies too for boys. They come with similar shorts and a t-shirt – adorbs.

  3. I took the day off and drove an hour each way to go to Sephora and Chipotle! It “wasted” almost all of my day, but I desperately needed both 🙂

  4. I’m unsure if I will ever be a mom, but if that were to happen I hope to find a group of mom’s who would work out with me, stroller in tow. My fun fact from yesterday was spending my first evening at the farm I will be participating in a workshare CSA. I met a few ofhers , spent a few hours hoeing and can’t wait for all the fresh organic produce I’m helping grow

  5. Hi! Long-time reader here, and I have to tell you how happy Quinn’s cute little face makes me! I LOVE the pictures you post of him – they always makes me smile and fills my heart:) You’re a lucky mommy (with good genes lol)!

  6. I can’t resist sharing my fun fact. I am an artist and I sold a piece of art yesterday to a museum!!!!

  7. Fun fact from Wednesday- I got in a trail run and had REALLY good splits ’cause the mosquitos came out in full force during the second half.

  8. Love Quinn’s hair. When my son was his age, his hair would do the same thing. We called him Don King. 🙂

  9. Fun “fact” from yesterday: After a month or so of thinking I’d lost my bar muscle up, I did 10 in a WOD! Woo hoo, I still got it!

  10. such a random question…where is the rug in your living room from? Been searching everywhere and don’t love a lot of things I am finding.

  11. Those gnocchi are soooo good. Love mixing in some baby spinach or kale and chicken sausage with them too!

  12. Well this is going to be an odd question but I’m going to ask it. How did you take the pics of you exercising with Quinn in the stronger? I would like to take a few pics like that.

      1. @Tina:
        Lol. I thought you had some fancy gadget with a remote control or something. I didn’t think of Mal taking the pic. Duhhh!! Thank you. Nice pics.

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