10 Frequently Asked Questions {Baby Edition}

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Hi, friends!

I’ve received a lot of questions from you guys about all sorts of baby-related things, so I decided to reply to the frequently asked ones in this post. If I missed any questions you want to know the answer to, just let me know. I will do my best to reply!

What stroller do you have and do you like it?

We actually have two strollers and both work with our car seat: The Chicco KeyFit Caddy and the ACTIV3 (Fitness) Stroller. (Chicco kindly sent me the ACTIV3 for free to try out.) Both are excellent strollers, and I highly recommend them.


The KeyFit Caddy is lightweight, easy to use, and our car seat clicks right into it. We typically use this stroller when we’re out and about, shopping or running errands. It’s pretty small, so you can throw it in the back of your car and whip it out when you need it. It doesn’t take up a lot of space when it’s in use either, so you’re not trying to navigate a busy store with a monstrosity of a stroller.

The ACTIV3 Stoller is the bomb. I’ve only used it for power walking so far, but it definitely has some serious potential for awesome workouts. Once again, our car seat clicks right in and the stroller itself is lightweight and easy to use. It’s bigger and heavier than the KeyFit Caddy, but you use it for a different type of activity (running). You can use in on- or off-road by simply adjusting the suspension with the tap of your toe (Mal thought this was especially cool). You can also lock the front wheel and adjust the handle bar to different positions depending on your comfort and the type of workout you are doing. I seriously can’t wait to run with it as soon as Q is bigger!

How is Murphy adjusting to the baby?

He’s doing well! Here is an update!

How are you doing with the Ulcerative Colitis stuff?

Great! (*knock on wood*) I started taking steroids toward the end of my pregnancy to get my symptoms under control. Things got better, especially after I gave birth, so since then, I have slowly weened off the steroids. I actually finished my final dose yesterday, so I hope my symptoms stay in remission. (I assume my hormones while breastfeeding are keeping things calm for the time being.)

Are you planning to do “Body After Baby” posts?

Yes. I think so. I just need to think about how and what I want to share. Anything specific you guys want to see/know about?

What workout pants did you wear during your pregnancy?

I actually never bought special maternity workout pants/capris/shorts. I just wore my regular workout pants throughout my entire pregnancy. My long tees and tanks worked well with them, so I didn’t need to spend money on new ones. However, I found that my workout pants with the widest waistbands were the most comfortable. My favorites were a pair of capris from Athleta and a pair of pants from Moving Comfort. Here’s a whole post about what I wore to work out when I was pregnant.

How do you plan on losing the baby weight?

I’m actually not planning to do anything special to lose the baby weight””just eating healthy, exercising, and being patient. I have about 10 more pounds to lose, and I know it’ll take some time for them to come off, but I’m not worried about it. I’m just taking it day-by-day and trying to be as consistent as possible. If you’d like to follow along with my weight loss efforts, check out what I’ve been eating and keep a look out for more posts about my workouts!


Do you like breastfeeding?

I do! There were definitely times during the first few weeks that I felt like I had no life besides breastfeeding, but it’s getting easier. I also love seeing that Q is getting bigger and gaining weight. Check out those chubby baby arms! So cute, right?


What baby stuff do you really love?

Here are some baby items that we love and cannot live without!

Graco Little Lounger: Q hangs out in his Little Lounger all the time. It’s perfect for daytime napping and chilling with Murphy. The lounger has a vibrating option, which Q generally doesn’t like, but he’s of fan of being rocked to sleep in it.


Summer Adjustable Swaddles: You people who can swaddle a baby in a blanket have mad skills. I just can’t do it. Well, I can, but not well. Q breaks out in a matter of minutes (we call him Houdini), so these swaddles are the best thing ever. They are adjustable with velcro, so it makes swaddling a piece of cake!

WabbaNubs: These pacifiers have a mini stuffed toy attached to them, so they are adorable and don’t fall on the floor as often as regular ones.

Boppy: My Boppy has been essential for breastfeeding and hanging out with Q. The second I put him on it, he chills out and relaxes.

Why is Mal home so much?

He’s a high school teacher, so he’s off for the summer, which, of course, has been amazing for taking care of Q and having family adventures together!

What type of bread do you use?

Ok, this one isn’t baby-related, but I get it all the time”¦

I pretty much buy whatever bread  is on sale. I generally like the gluten-free varieties, but I’m not picky. Right now we have Whole Foods gluten-free white bread and (gluten-filled) whole wheat from Whole Foods in our kitchen.

Questions of the Day

Moms: What are your favorite baby products?

What stroller(s) do you own?

Have any other baby-related questions for me?

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