10 Easy Fall Crafts for Toddlers

I’ve partnered with Fidelity & MEFA for this post in support of the U.Fund Dreams Tour. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Quinn is ALL about arts & crafts lately. He has a little smock that he likes to wear, so anytime he’s in the mood to get crafty, he grabs it from the cabinet in his playroom and shows us that it’s time to “paint.” Well, he likes to color with crayons and markers, but painting is the most fun for him!


Since our little guy is really digging the crafts lately, we’ve created a few “projects” for him to do. Most recently, we bought some cardboard ghosts to decorate. Quinn actually wants to be a ghost for Halloween, so he was really excited about them. And it was such an easy craft project. We already had stickers, markers, and paint at home, so we set up everything on the dining room table and, just like that, we had an art project to do.

arts & crafts

Mal and I helped decorate the ghosts too, so it was a fun family project for everyone. Side note: Mal made the “mama ghost” look absolutely ridiculous! Ha!


We love doing these kinds of projects with Quinn because they’re FUN, but also because he’s able to improve upon his fine motor skills while using his imagination to create art all by himself. We let him do his own thing and just allow his creative juices flow! 🙂 He’s growing up so fast and, before we know it, he’ll start making his own decisions about what he likes and really interests him. While we don’t want to steer him in a specific direction with regard to hobbies, activities, or sports, we hope that we can open as many doors as possible for him. We want our little guy to experience as many new opportunities as possible and make these kinds of decisions for himself, both today and in the future.

Mal and I know college will be here before we know it, so I’m glad that we’re starting to consider our finances and plan now for Quinn’s future. We have a couple of investment/savings accounts already set up for Qman and contribute to them on a regular basis. I know that we still have plenty of time to save, but our BABY starts preschool in less than a year, which just goes to show you how quickly time can pass. Wasn’t I just sharing Quinn’s birth story on CNC? Seriously, where does the time go!?! As they say, “the days are long, but the years are short,” which is sooooo true when it comes to little ones and planning for their future.


Once again, I’ve partnered with Fidelity & MEFA in support of the U.Fund Dreams Tour, which hosts a variety of events that help parents like us learn more about saving for our children’s future. Unfortunately, we’re not able to attend any of the events this fall (we’re so bummed to miss the “Boo at the Zoo” event – our little owl had so much fun last year), but I wanted to share two local ones that are coming up in October and November:

U.Fund Dreams Tour @ Boo at the Zoo – Stone Zoo
Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Start U.Reading with Clifford the Big Red Dog
Saturday, November 19, 2016
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Clearly, Quinn really enjoys art projects, so I recently took to Pinterest to find some fun and easy ones that we can do together. I know some of you guys have toddlers at home too, so I thought you’d enjoy a round-up of some of the best (i.e. easiest and most adorable) ones.


Fall wreath station – I love the idea of setting up a station for decorating. This would be a great toddler/kid party project too!

fall wreath station toddlers square

Paper Plate Apples – It doesn’t get easier than this! You just need a few items to make this adorable craft.


Sponge Painted Apple – This craft project is similar to the one above, but it involves sponge painting.


Pumpkin Apple Stamps – I love that this project takes apple stamping to a whole new level by turning them into pumpkins. Adorable!


Handprint Acorns – Clearly, tiny toddler hands make great acorns. This is such a cute (and simple) idea!


Toilet Paper Rolls Spiders – Quinn is all about spiders lately, so we will definitely make these Toilet Paper Spiders soon. There’s actually two different projects here, so we’ll have to pick an afternoon to get crafty together!


Painting Pumpkins – I love the idea of using paint to decorating pumpkins. The options are endless!


And we can’t forget about Thanksgiving!

Handprint Turkey – Wouldn’t these make adorable place settings for Thanksgiving dinner? I might have to put Quinn to work this year! 🙂


Footprint Turkey – Too cute!


Silly Personalized Footprint Turkey – Also adorable! I love the photograph addition on this project!


Question of the Day

Are you crafty? What was your favorite kind of art project to do as a kid? 


  1. We did a nature walk to find treasures last night and glued them to paper and colored around them. I said we were going to make a craft and Eleanor kept saying “Make crap”. LOL! She already knows the limits of my crafting abilities!

  2. My Mom used to get a big roll of white paper and I’d use stamps and an ink pad or draw designs and she’d use it as wrapping paper. It was a fun holiday project and I think the personal touch is very nice!

  3. Hi. 🙂 Yes the items you shared are very cute, however in many “formal” early childhood programs that are considered “product.” That is when you have a planned outcome for the child’s creativity. On of my favorite things to do when I was an early childhood educator was to have a box of “junk” basically small and big boxes, bottle lids, paper, paint…just loads of junk. Then we would just sit the kiddos at the table with loads of glue and let them go to town creating and building.

    Here is a link to one of my favorite poems about the importance of creativity for children.


  4. My daughter is a couple years older than your son, but my son is the same age. Funny how they are so different in their attention span with just a couple years difference. My son always loves to make a mess so finger painting is great for him. My daughter just got a new pink hello kitty sewing machine, so we have been learning to sew on that while brother stays occupied in his high chair with the finger paints! Thanks for the crafty fun ideas!

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