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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend. (It’s almost Spring, right? RIGHT?!) Here’s a little recap from mine!

ONE: New iPhone! Once again, Mal “forced” me to upgrade my iPhone. My phone has been out of storage for months now and he was sick of me complaining about it (I would have to delete photos to take new ones), so he finally took my butt to Apple to get a new one. Side note: I am obsessed with my new iPhone case from the Apple Store. It’s fancy-schmancy Kate Spade. I know. Who am I?

TWO: Baby dates! We had one on Saturday at Hingham Beer Works and then one yesterday at another friends’ house. It was so nice to catch up and see how much their little ones have grown.

IMG_0301 (800x600)

THREE: Handsome boys. I spent most of Sunday afternoon cuddling with these three dudes.

IMG_0022 (800x600)

FOUR: Dark beers that I sampled at Beer Works. I love samplers. They’re so fun.

IMG_0279 (800x600)

FIVE: Minutes of Q&A. Yesterday morning I was interviewed for a segment on NECN, a local news station, about how the snow in Boston has been a challenge for those of us training for the marathon. It was such a cool opportunity. My friends at Stonyfield coordinated it for me!

IMG_0014 (800x600)

Speaking of the marathon”¦

SIX: Weeks until the Boston Marathon!

SEVEN: Times I read Moo Baa La La La to Quinn this weekend. It’s his favorite going to bed book. Side note: You can buy personalized books from Susan Boynton, which I plan to do for Quinn’s first birthday. They are super cute. 

EIGHT: Miles I ran on Saturday. It was SUCH a beautiful morning! I think maybe Spring is coming?

IMG_0098 (800x800)

NINE: Time I went to bed all three nights this weekend. It was the best.

TEN: Weeks until Mexico! I’m going on a mini-vaca with some girlfriends. I cannot wait! (I am so sick of snowwwww!)

Questions of the Day

What does your phone case look like?

Beer or wine?

Is it Spring where you are?

Have you ever been on TV?



  1. I had the same problem with my phone and I ended up getting a new one with the most storage possible! I love your Kate Spade case. I’ve been a big fan of her cases for awhile and have a few really cute ones!

  2. Love your new phone case! I have a Lilly Pulitzer spring/summer and a J. Crew Tortoise one for fall/winter!

    Beer and wine, depends on what I’m eating or where I am!

    Spring is coming, we’re warming up this week…40s!!

    Congrats on your appearance! We had the local news at one of our Super Bowl parties once, that’s the extent of my stardom 🙁

  3. Mexico with the girls on the beach sounds like so much fun! I don’t even live where it’s cold but there’s just something awesome about hanging by the pool in the sun. Love the Kate Spade case! I’m obsessed with them. I have a small collection myself.

  4. I have navy and shimmery gold and navy blue with anchors iPhone cases from JCrew! Love them! Beer samplers are the best! I’m an IPA girl, so samplers are the only way I’ll branch out to try some of the lighter beers.

  5. I have the same phone case! What a great picture from your run. It definitely feels like spring is coming. Michigan is 30 degrees warmer this week from last!

  6. The personalized Sandra Boynton books might have just made my day. My daughter loves them too. Her current fave is “Doggies” which is probably the most annoying one to read of course, haha!

    Loved the style of this post!! 🙂

  7. I was once in a Christmas Tree Shop Commercial, haha it was so tacky and awesome!

    Thanks for the tip about the Boynton books! I had no idea you could get custom ones, so fun!

  8. I’ve got some peach, tan, navy blue and gold striped case from targrt. I like it.

    Beer or wine. Depends on my mood but beer seems to fit my mood the most!

    Ohhhhhh it was sooooo nice this weekend. We hit 40! We were loving it, we did some spring cleaning went for a run with the kiddos, it’s coming! That warm weather. 🙂 my husband kept raving on and on how nice it was and how he can’t wait for nicer weather. To me I get this feeling about all SEASONS! I love the first snow, the grasps of spring, the hot summer morning, the crisp fall morning! I could never live somewhere that didn’t have all 4 seasons.

  9. What does your phone case look like? it’s a kelly green Kate Spade one with a watercolor design of a bike holding wine + picnic goodies

    Beer or wine? wine!

    Is it Spring where you are? not quite yet. i live in CT and we’re also seeing the first peek of spring, though. it hit 50 degrees yesterday! and supposed to be hitting the 40s all week. so. excited.

    Have you ever been on TV? nope.

  10. My phone case is purple, boring! I used to have an iphone but switched to an Android at my last up grade and I’m so desperate to get back to an iphone! But my upgrade isn’t until August! I’ll never make that mistake again!

    I’m all into beer since I had my son. I love hoppy tasting beers lately!

    I’m with you, so no Spring here but rumor has it we may reach 50 in MA Weds! Woohoo!

    I was on TV back in 2010. I was interviewed at a mass pike rest area about the e-zpass and something about construction! My family and I watched it over and over, we couldn’t stop laughing for some reason, we thought it was hysterical!

  11. Love that phone case! I just have a grey Mophie case. Not very cute but I love how it can charge my phone when I’m out!

    Beer or wine?
    -I’m definitely a beer girl, and the darker the better! I love to get samplers anytime I’m at a brewery. It’s so much fun sampling multiple beers instead of settling on 1 big beer 🙂

    Have you ever been on TV?
    -Yes (kinda!) I was in the marching band at Penn State, so we were televised during games on ESPN a lot-including during the Rose Bowl. I was also interviewed my senior year for a news station in State College.

  12. Wow you really got some serious snow over there. Hope it won’t snow on Marathon day. Mexico sounds fun!

    I prefer wine, the bubbly is the best! Beer is good and it’s cool to sample but it makes me bloated.
    There’s still snow in Northern Europe when I am, BUT I’m so excited to move to California really soon! Have a great Monday!

  13. Thank you- I had no idea that Sandra Boynton sells personalized books. But not the Hippopotamus and Hippos go Beserk are very popular in my house 🙂

  14. It’s summer here in Australia, burning summer! 🙂 my phone case is a minion and I am obsessed with it. I used to work as an extra and do commercials (LOL) so I was on TV quite a lot! My favourite TV experience was being a prisoner in Spartacus and getting covered in grease, good times haha it was not an attractive look 🙂 My most recent thing was on a sandcastle building competition on the news in nz, sooo random! 🙂 I have pretty much done every job ever haha.

  15. I woke up and felt like it was already spring due to the sun so early! Thank you daylight savings time!
    My little girl absolutely adores Susan Boynton books, so I will definitely be getting her a personalized one for her…
    Thanks for the great tip:)

  16. Sandra Boynton books are a big hit in our home. I had no idea about the personalized ones. So cool! I will definitely be getting one for my daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  17. My phone case is sort of kaleidoscope looking. I got it in Urban Outfitters about 6 months ago so that must mean I like it. Lol.
    I was on TV last year in a dicks sporting goods commercial about running. It was created from 9 videos of individual runners. The campaign was Every Runner Has a Reason. It was so cool to hear my voice while watching tv. 🙂
    Spring is definitely coming. Reached 40 degrees here in NYC already!

  18. That is so cool about the personalized Sandra Boynton books! My son loves them too. His latest favorite is “Tickle Time” but he loved “Moo, Baa, La La La” for a looong time! “Snuggle Puppy” is also up there! That’s awesome that you were on TV! Can’t believe the marathon is only 6 weeks away.
    Wine all the way!
    Haven’t been on TV….yet 🙂
    Not Spring in NH – but the weekend was lovely!!!

  19. boring old purple and teal ottberbox defender, (I have 2 boys under 4!!!) I need something UNBREAKABLE!!! 🙂

    Boynton books are great! We love the Bellybutton book, Going to Bed, Pajama Time, and Let’s dance little pookie!!!! I pick them up at Marshalls for $4!!

  20. I was on tv a few years back when training for the Avon 3 day walk with my mom who then a year later past away from the cancer! Hoping to be a spectator again for marathon Monday and that the snow is gone. Good luck with the rest of your training.

  21. I had NECN for a few minutes yesterday and all of a sudden I saw you running in your blue jacket and I practically screamed, “OMG that’s Tina” to my husband and he’s like “what, who?!” Haha so cool you got to do that.

  22. I was on Oprah once. In the studio audience (not on the big stage or anything). But got enough screen time that a lot of people called my mom to say they saw me.

  23. I loved this 1-10 counting thing, fun!

    It’s totally spring here, so maybe come to UT?! 😉 But Mexico does sound amazing too, haha.

    Our weekend was awesome…we revealed the gender of baby #2 to our family (& today on the blog), wahoo!!

  24. My techie husband just introduce me to Dropbox and its photo counterpart Carousel. You download these to your phone (and computer if you want) and you can save documents and photos. It frees up space on your phone because you are storing stuff on their servers. You can still access your phots and videos right in your phone and share them with whomever. You may already know about these, but I’ve been telling all my mommy friends so they can keep taking pictures of their little ones!

  25. I always had the same problem with my iphone until i learned an awesome trick that has forever saved my phone life! you can sign up for dropbox and download the app onto your phone and have all of your photos saved into there. then you can delete ALL your photos off your phone (it was terrifying the first time) and free up tons of space. plus, now i have access to my photos anywhere and if my dropbox ever gets full (it hasn’t) i can just transfer the files onto my computer quickly!

  26. My phone case is hot pink with blue grips from Speck. When I got the iPhone 6, I needed the little grippy things to prevent the bigger phone form slipping out of my smaller hands.
    And we’re just starting to see spring in Chicago! It’s supposed to be 50° multiple times this week! 😀

  27. I saw you on NECN yesterday and had that moment of wait, I think I know her! Well, kind of, just from the blog 😉

  28. I love Moo Baa La La La. I always buy that book, Doggies and Goodnight Gorilla for baby showers. Babies need books.

    My phone case is like a small wallet and it holds my credit card and ID. I never use a purse and it is so handy. Super cheap on Amazon too 🙂

  29. I used to have a Kate Spade case with cute little doggies all over it! Now I have a bright pink Speck case that’s grippy…my husband made me get it after my last iPhone died when I dropped it into water.
    Beer all the way! I’m loving oatmeal stouts, red ales, and ESBs right now.
    Spring is here in the Midwest! Hopefully the warmer, snow-melting temperatures head your way soon!

  30. We got our first taste of spring this weekend and it was glorious. I don’t think I have ever been this excited for weather above 40 degrees.

    My phone case is just a boring old pink otter box. I drop that bad boy way too many times to risk having another type of case on it.

    How cool about your interview! That is so fun!

  31. I was on Oprah once – it was Rachel Ray’s first appearance and I was filmed asking her a question and got to attend the show taping.
    It’s warm (40s!) and sunny in Madison and everyone seems so happy and nice!

  32. I have a gold glitter phone case. I had it for my 5s and then when I upgraded to the 6 Plus they didn’t have it made yet. I waited until the same case was available and bought it. Score.

    Congrats on the interview! It isn’t quite spring yet here in Chicago, but it was in the high 30s low 40s this weekend which was amazing!

  33. Love this style of post!

    I was on Bozo the Clown for a friend’s bday while in nursery school and was selected to play on one of teams for a geography game – we won and the prize was UNO (the card game) but I really wanted the jumbo tube of Tootsie Rolls. 😛

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