🎄Share your favorite Christmas memory⁠🎅🏻

Here’s mine…⁠⠀

It was Christmas 1990, and I was 10-years-old. I vaguely remember my friends saying that Santa wasn’t real.. and then (of course) I told my sister because I thought I was so cool for knowing the truth. I also remember snooping in my mom’s bedroom closet and stumbling upon a whole bunch of presents that I put on my Christmas list, so I knew something was up.⁠⠀

So, by the time Christmas rolled around that year, I “knew” there wasn’t a Santa Claus. I mean, those guys at the mall were definitely fake, and I uncovered my mom’s little present “secret,” so there was no way Santa was real.⁠⠀

But, on Christmas morning, my thinking completely changed because under our Christmas tree was a Nintendo!!! ⁠Holy cow! ⁠⠀

I clearly remember unwrapping the box with my sister and shrieking when I saw what was inside.

There was NO WAY my mom could afford such an expensive gift, so the only person who could have given it to us was Santa. This Christmas “miracle” definitely made me believe for another year! ⁠⠀

What’s your favorite Christmas memory? ⁠⠀
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