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Whether it’s 1:1 or group online nutrition coaching, individualized hormone testing, or at-home fitness programs, the Carrots ‘N’ Cake Lifestyle is all about reaching your goals in a healthy, sustainable way. Using functional testing and macro nutrition, I help women feel better while achieving their unique body composition goals. Are you ready to step into your healthiest self? Choose your own adventure below!

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The FREE 5-day Create Your Nutrition Masterplan Training is GROWING with women who are FIRED UP to change their approach to fat loss, and I want you IN too! ​ ​ ***FREE LIVE TRAINING*** Learn how to create a Personalized Nutrition Plan and discover how to get the results you want, eating the foods you love!   This 5-day LIVE training with teach you how to get results without restricting, dieting, or spending hours at the gym.  …

Welcome to another episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake Podcast. A common conundrum we hear when working with clients is the challenge of how to deal with sugar cravings. Sugar cravings are super common and something most of us have experienced. Want to understand the why and learn what you can do to conquer them, listen in! First, I revisit my personal story in dealing with my sweet tooth. I share: I was eating little…

Create your nutrition masterplan in 5 days! Are you doing ALL THE THINGS, but not seeing results? Are you frustrated by lack of progress or, worse, gaining weight no matter what you do? You are not alone! What you did in your 20’s to lose the weight isn’t what will work in your 30s and 40’s. If you’re confused and have no idea what to do next, this create your nutritional masterplan FREE training is…

Welcome back to another episode of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake podcast. I am so excited to share today’s episode which is all about my favorite topic, hormones! I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Greg Brannon, who shared a wealth of knowledge that I know you’ll love. Dr. Greg Brannon founded Optimal Bio in 2012 and now acts as the medical director for Optimal Bio in North Carolina and works as an OB/GYN. During his…

A persona account of taking VSL#3 for ulcerative colitis. Plus, read on for a VLS#3 review and discount!

Have you been spinning your wheels with your nutrition and wondering if anything will ever work for you? You aren’t alone! We have loved working with so many amazing clients who wondered the samething. They’d tried it all, felt frustrated, stuck, and not sure what to do next. That’s where 1:1 coaching comes in and where these client transformations began. If you are curious if the coaching process is worth it? Don’t just take our…

Do you feel like something is out of whack with your hormones, but you’re not sure what to do about it? This podcast episode will help guide you in the right direction! We have SO many clients that come to us having similar symptoms: Weight loss resistance Slow metabolism Heavy periods and PMS Poor sleep Mood swings & more! Does this sound like you? We have 3 different ways to you can work with our…

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