• Victoria Restaurants

    The Tapa Bar

    June 29, 2009


    From The Tapa Bar website: “Tapas are small, flavourful dishes that can be served as an appetizer or together as a meal. What distinguishes tapas from other dishes is more the spirit of the eater, not the food itself. One often lingers, unhurried, over tapas.” Oh, how I love eating tapas! As you know, tapas are […]


    Sips Artisan Bistro

    June 27, 2009


    What a find! “Sips” was the perfect little bistro to experience some of British Columbia’s unique wines and grab a bite to eat.  I’m not sure if a reader suggested Sips or I read about it myself, but I’m so glad that Mal and I decided to stop in.  The decor inside Sips is modern, yet […]