• Tory Row

    Dinner and a Parade

    September 3, 2011

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    After renting a power-washer for the deck and priming the bathroom walls for painting, Mal and I were more than ready to kick up our feet and relax yesterday afternoon, so we headed to Tory Row in Harvard Square for dinner. We started with a round of drinks. Beer for him. Wine for me. Harvard […]


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    Chandra, Monica, and I spent the afternoon as tourists in Harvard Square. We wandered around, explored points of interest, snapped photos of those points of interest, and spent way too much time window shopping in Anthropologie. Of course, we had to visit Harvard Yard. I miss my old stomping grounds! I said ‘hello’ to my old office window. […]



    I’m lucky to live in a city like Boston where there’s a fabulous food blogger scene. I feel like there’s always an event or get-together for us foodies on practically any given night of the week. Tonight, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with a group of food bloggers at Audubon Circle in the Fenway area. […]


    Game Over?

    September 2, 2010


    Bad news on the house front: our second offer was rejected. In fact, the sellers didn’t come down at all on their counteroffer. Apparently, we’re not in a buyer’s market. Waahhh! 😕 At first, Mal and I decided to just throw in the towel and move on. But, the more we talked about the house, […]