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    Rainy Day Laziness (Sort of)

    December 28, 2012


    It was cold, gray, and rainy yesterday morning, so I stayed in bed much later than usual. Mal and Murphy were snoozing next to me, so why would I want to get out of bed when I could stay warm and cozy and cuddle with them? Breakfast Eventually, I motivated myself out of bed, but […]


    Let’s Go to the Mall

    December 18, 2012


    Did anyone think of “Robin Sparkles” from How I Met Your Mother when you read my post title? [image source] Whenever Mal and I mention a trip to the mall, we always sing “let’s go to the mall” just like the song (because we’re huge nerds, obviously). Anyway, I went to the mall this morning […]


    How Do You Like Your Yoga?

    December 12, 2012


    Hello, hello! How’s your Wednesday treating you? I hope well! I’ve enjoyed a nice day so far. Breakfast This morning’s breakfast was a French Toast Breakfast Scramble with Teddie peanut butter, which, of course, I went back for a second and third scoop of. I was really hungry when I woke up this morning, so […]



    How do you like that post title? Ha! I couldn’t come up with a common topic/theme for this post, so I went with all of them. Hey, at least you know exactly what this post is about, right?  😉 After lunch yesterday, I had a craving for Sweet Potato Wedges with peanut butter, so I […]



    YUM! I loved, loved, loved today’s lunch. It included a bunch of Crispy Curried Sweet Potato Coins! Lunch also included a couple of leftover Spiced Mini Burgers from last night’s dinner. My plate was filled with a bunch of food orbs and it just didn’t look pretty, so I didn’t bother to snap a pic, […]


    Paleo Challenge Rules

    October 2, 2012


    Hi, friends! A bunch of you guys asked for additional details about the Paleo Challenge I’m doing with my CrossFit box. I asked my coaches if I could share some of the specifics on my blog and they agreed, so here they are: The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat like we used to back […]


    Blogs I’m Lovin’ Right Now

    September 18, 2012


    Hello, hello! You guys often ask me what blogs I read, and, I have to admit, they change quite a bit from month-to-month. Of course, there are some I’ve read for years now that will always have a place in my reader, but, like with most things in life, my interests change and so do […]