• Stonyfield Blogger Barnstorming Tour


    A few of you guys asked some really great questions in the comment section of my Stonyfield Barnstorming Tour Recap post. I wasn’t 100% sure how to respond, so I asked my friends at Stonyfield to help me out. They sent me a detailed email with their answers, so I wanted to share them on […]



    Thanks to Carrots ‘N’ Cake, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country and experience some pretty amazing events. One of my favorites– and perhaps the most significant and life-changing for me– took place this time last year. Last June, I participated in Stonyfield’s Blogger Barnstorming Tour with three other bloggers. Stonyfield believes in all […]



    You know what’s really cool? Eating fresh veggies out of a garden without washing them or worrying about what weird chemicals are on them. It’s also pretty neat when iceberg lettuce has an actual flavor to it! Amy loves her iceberg lettuce too! I think we all enjoyed picking and eating veggies straight from the […]


    Stonyfield Plant Tour

    June 30, 2010


    The final stop of the Stonyfield Blogger Barnstorming Tour was at the Stonyfield plant for a tour of the facilities. But, before we toured the plant, we ate breakfast! Not surprisingly, breakfast at Stonyfield included lots of yogurt! So much, in fact, that we did a taste-test of a bunch of flavors– many of which […]



    If you’ve been reading along with my barnstorming adventures, you probably know quite a bit about organic dairy farming by now. Well, it’s time to tell you a little bit about conventional dairy farms. In addition to visiting four organic dairy farms in Vermont, we also visited one conventional farm. Parent Family Farm is a […]