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    The final day at the Cooking Cottage started with a heart-pumping and adventurous workout sponsored by Snap Supercandy. Our trainer for the workout was Rob DeCillis, who works with Spartan Races. Rob is also a new dad. His wife actually had a baby the day before and he still drove an hour to train us. […]



    Good morning! Happy Friday! A bunch of you guys said you enjoyed reading my “day in the life” posts, so I’m going to keep them alive on CNC and try to incorporate them more into my regular blogging. With that said, here are some (tiny) pictures from yesterday! Starbucks at Broadway. There’s a new Starbucks […]


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    The other day, Mal and I were both in bad moods (oh, Gemini mood swings), which, of course, is never a good time. Usually, when one of us is in a crappy mood, the other person helps them snap out of it, but Mal and I kept annoying each other and making little snide comments. […]


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    Happy first day of summer, friends!!! I love summer. A lot. I also love today because it’s the longest day of the year. I just really enjoy having those extra hours of sunlight each day. It’s kind of cool when you look outside at 8:30 at night and it’s still kind of light out, right? […]


    Happy Murphday

    June 15, 2013

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    Guess who turned four years old yesterday? Yep, our little pug is a year older. I still remember the day we got him. He was so tiny and now he’s all grown up. I still can’t believe he’s four. Where does the time go? Murphy’s friend, Clark, was one of the first dogs to wish […]



    Yesterday started bright and early once again with a run in Central Park with Monica. We ran 3 miles together, but then I called it quits. I just didn’t have a ton of energy and felt blah, so I headed back to the hotel while Monica continued on for a few more miles. Breakfast On […]


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    All packed up and ready to go to New York City! Are you wondering what my trip to NYC is all about? I shall explain… Remember when I submitted my “Nacho Skins” recipe for the Whole Foods blogger contest? Well, it won the grand prize (yay!!!), which was a two-night stay in New York City […]