• spaghetti squash


    Hi, friends! How’s it going? It’s time for another Monday In Meals post where I recap a day of my meals and snacks from, well, Monday. After some Sunday food prep, I tend to eat healthier at the beginning of the week, so I figured my eats might be good inspiration. Plus, CNC started out as […]


    What I’m Loving Lately 56

    January 15, 2016


    Good morning and happy Friday to you! The weekend is almost here, which means it’s time for another Friday favorite: What I’m Loving Lately! I missed last week’s post, so I have quite the round-up for you guys this morning. Enjoy! Coconut protein powder in my (hot) coffee – Of course, I love mixing it into my iced […]



    It was a gorgeous day in downtown Boston yesterday! It was a little chilly, but beautiful and sunny at the same time. My doctor’s appointment went well. It was short and sweet like I expected. My doctor wants to wean me off the Uceris over the next few weeks, which, truthfully, I am really worried […]


    cheesy spaghetti squash bake

    I tried. Really, I tried. I tried really hard to get an appetizing shot of this meal, but it just never happened. I apologize, and I assure you it’s a really tasty recipe. Just try to put the way it looks behind you, okay? When I posted a picture of this meal on Instagram the […]



    A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a “Cinco de Swap” with Avocados from Mexico and The Motherhood. Along with some other bloggers, I was sent a $50 gift card to cover the cost of groceries to make a tasty avocado recipe. As you know, I love avocado, especially in the form […]



    Just a heads up: This is a super random blog post… and you’re welcome. Ha! Mal had today off from school since it’s Good Friday, so we (ok, him and Murphy) slept in and enjoyed a leisurely morning together. I actually had a terribly disturbing dream about Murphy being attacked by a big, white sea […]


    It’s Watchathon Week

    March 28, 2013


    A couple of hours after lunch yesterday, I had a craving for something cold and creamy—specifically, a “Bananas Foster” smoothie, which I’ve made almost every day since I created the recipe for Health.com last week. (FYI: I think it’ll be published next week.) It’s so frickin’ good. It’s basically a dessert smoothie, but the recipe calls […]