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    Pregnancy Plank Tabata

    January 24, 2014


    Hello! Just wanted to share a quickie workout that anyone can do, but the pregnant ladies might especially be interested in! I’m really trying to keep my abs strong throughout my pregnancy, so I’ve been doing this 4-minute plank Tabata a few times a week. Surprisingly, the 20-second holds get pretty tough toward the end! […]


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    Good morning! This morning’s breakfast was especially delicious, which was a nice surprise because it was previously a major snack fail. As you might remember, I am developing some recipes for the Almond Board of California. One of the recipes on my list is a healthy “energy” bar of sorts. Well, I attempted the new […]


    I Need Mouth Band-Aids

    October 24, 2013

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    Good morning! After breakfast yesterday morning, I headed into the city to get my blood drawn. Just when I was starting to feel better with the UC stuff, I now have a low platelet thing going. My doctor didn’t seem too concerned, but she thought it was a little strange since my count was normal […]



    Ever since I found the Silk Iced Latte at my local grocery store, I’ve been thinking about different ways to use it. Of course, it’s delicious mixed with iced coffee, which is how I usually drink it, but I knew it would also taste amazing as part of a smoothie. Introducing the Pumpkin Spice Latte […]



    Hi, friends! Happy Friday! I have all sorts of running stuff to share with you this morning. Are you ready? First things first: I’m running the Falmouth Road Race (aka “my favorite road race ever”) this coming Sunday! Woohoo! A huge THANK YOU to ESPN Boston for hooking me up with a bib! The Falmouth […]


    My Eats Lately

    July 25, 2013

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    Good morning!! I’ve really enjoyed writing these weekly recaps of what I have been eating lately. They’re a lot more exciting for me, and, hopefully, you too! With that said, here’s the next edition of My Eats Lately! Fruit, Squash, and Nut Butter Breakfast Bowl I’ve been combining pumpkin, butternut squash, or sweet potatoes with […]


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    The other day, Mal and I were both in bad moods (oh, Gemini mood swings), which, of course, is never a good time. Usually, when one of us is in a crappy mood, the other person helps them snap out of it, but Mal and I kept annoying each other and making little snide comments. […]