• San Francisco Adventures

    Going Solo

    November 8, 2010


    My last day in San Francisco is bittersweet. I love this city (and, of course, wine country), but I really miss my husband and my pug (who now has a doggie ear infection 🙁 ). I’m not one to get homesick, but, for some reason, I’m seriously missing home this time. My flight back to […]


    Adventures in Wine Country

    November 8, 2010


    I joked that yesterday was the third best day of my life, behind my wedding day and last year’s adventures to wine country. Ok, the day that Mal and I closed on our new house was pretty epic too, so maybe yesterday was the forth best day of my life! 😉 When Jenna, Anne, and I arrived […]


    Foodbuzz Gala Dinner

    November 7, 2010


    Wow, what a meal. It was legen- (wait for it) dary. Last night, the Foodbuzz Gala Dinner was held at the Grand Hall in the Ferry Building. It was a beautiful location for a fancy, celebratory dinner. I kept picturing how perfect it would be for a wedding reception. Before dinner, we enjoyed a cocktail […]



    Good news: I faced my fear of public speaking and survived the food blogging panel!! Bonus: I didn’t pass-out and I only said a few weird things! 😉 Really, it wasn’t that bad. I was nervous the whole time, but I managed to form complete sentences and, hopefully, people took something useful away from it. The […]



    Wahoo! The Foodbuzz Festival is off to a great start! Around 6:00 PM last night, I hopped on a bus with a bunch of other food bloggers to the Welcome Reception & Street Food Fare at the Fort Mason Center’s Herbst Pavillion. We arrive right when the sun was setting over the bay. So pretty! […]


    Gonna Tear It Up

    November 5, 2010


    I made it! I’m here in San Francisco! Say hello to my roommates for the weekend: Jenna & Anne P! We’re going to tear it up in San Francisco! 😉 We’re sharing a room at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. Lunch On the flight to San Francisco, I ordered the “Go Picnic” meal, which included […]


    Day Trip to San Francisco

    December 30, 2009


    When Mal and I finally arrived in San Francisco via 6-hour bus ride, we had a strong urge to drink a beer. Luckily, our friend, Beth T, offered to pick us up from the airport and save us from our misery entertain us until our late-night flight back to Boston. Within minutes of meeting Beth […]