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    10 Miles + “Hawk” WOD

    September 11, 2013


    Good morning! Guess what day it is!? [source] Happy Hump Day!!! Of course, Mal and I started our day by quoting the “Happy as a Camel on Hump Day” commercial. The “Mike, Mike, Mike…” part is my favorite, which, obviously, translated to “Mal, Mal, Mal… what day is it, Mal?” Haha! Ok, we’re five years […]


    2013 falmouth road roace

    Falmouth is still my favorite road race! I had such a blast yesterday! Around 8:30 yesterday morning, Jess and I arrived at the runner drop-off area to take a bus to the start of the race in Woods Hole. When first I saw the lines for the buses, I was like oh, crap, this is […]


    Right Before the Race

    August 11, 2013


    Good morning! Happy Sunday! Right now, I’m on my way to Cape Cod for the Falmouth Road Race. Boy, do I hope I’m ready! I’ve been running pretty consistently since my not-so-great performance at the ZOOMA 10K, but I haven’t run more than 6 miles at once and, well, Falmouth is 7 miles. However, I […]



    Did you know there are eight basic kinds of runs? I didn’t. I probably could have reeled off five, maybe six, but I definitely didn’t know there were eight. Are you wondering what they are? According to Competitor Running, here are the eight basic types of runs: Interesting, right? I’ve run all sorts of races, […]



    Hello, hello! I’m running a half marathon this fall, so my friend Abby hooked me up with a personalized training plan. It incorporates running and CrossFit, and it’s amazing. Abby makes these customized training plans for all kinds of runners with all types of goals, so if you’re interested in working with her, drop her […]



    Yowsahs. It was a hot week of workouts. The temps were in the mid- to upper-90s all week long, so I was a sweaty, dipping mess for all of my workouts. It’s truly incredible how much I sweat—Mal too. We always joke that we’re the King and Queen of Sweat at CrossFit because we’re always […]


    IMG_2077 (600x450)

    Hi, friends! Good morning and happy Tuesday! My day started bright and early with a long walk with my favorite pug. It’s been so hot and humid here lately, I’ve cut a lot of our walks short. Even in the early morning and late afternoon, it’s still too hot for squishy-faced pugs. Murphy is always […]