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    Hello, hello! Right now, I’m out running. I’m either tackling 13 miles like a champ or cutting it short and running 8 miles. Both runs are my half marathon training plan this week, so I decided to see how my body feels before I decided how many mile I would run. Whatever distance I don’t […]


    10 Miles + “Hawk” WOD

    September 11, 2013


    Good morning! Guess what day it is!? [source] Happy Hump Day!!! Of course, Mal and I started our day by quoting the “Happy as a Camel on Hump Day” commercial. The “Mike, Mike, Mike…” part is my favorite, which, obviously, translated to “Mal, Mal, Mal… what day is it, Mal?” Haha! Ok, we’re five years […]


    2013 falmouth road roace

    Falmouth is still my favorite road race! I had such a blast yesterday! Around 8:30 yesterday morning, Jess and I arrived at the runner drop-off area to take a bus to the start of the race in Woods Hole. When first I saw the lines for the buses, I was like oh, crap, this is […]


    Right Before the Race

    August 11, 2013


    Good morning! Happy Sunday! Right now, I’m on my way to Cape Cod for the Falmouth Road Race. Boy, do I hope I’m ready! I’ve been running pretty consistently since my not-so-great performance at the ZOOMA 10K, but I haven’t run more than 6 miles at once and, well, Falmouth is 7 miles. However, I […]



    Did you know there are eight basic kinds of runs? I didn’t. I probably could have reeled off five, maybe six, but I definitely didn’t know there were eight. Are you wondering what they are? According to Competitor Running, here are the eight basic types of runs: Interesting, right? I’ve run all sorts of races, […]