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    Goooooood morning and happy National Pizza Day! To help you celebrate the day, here are some of my very favorite pizza recipes: Sweet Potato Pizza Crust Toaster Oven Pizza for One Dandelion Pesto Pizza Buffalo Chicken Pizza Gluten-Free Grilled Pizza Almond Flax Pizza Crust Mal was home from school again yesterday, so we had another […]


    Scenes from the Weekend

    September 22, 2014

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    Hi, guys! Happy MONDAY! How was your weekend!?! I hope it was wonderful! Mine was quite lovely—lots of family, friends, and good food, all the makings of an awesome weekend. That said, here are some scenes from it! Friday was a rough day for Quinn and me. He woke up 3 times during the night […]


    Dandelion Pesto Pizza

    March 4, 2014

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    Guys, I am totally obsessed with this pizza recipe. It was so, so, so delicious (and nutritious!!), I already want to make it again. Ever since I finished my smoothie and juice book, I’ve really been digging dandelion greens. They’re a great alternative to your usual spinach or kale, especially in green juice and smoothies, but […]



    Hey, hey! How are things? Yesterday morning started with a delicious breakfast of toasted waffles with almond butter, marmalade, and banana slices on top. I am really digging this combo lately. I knew I wouldn’t be eating lunch for awhile, so I made a blueberry-basil smoothie to hold me over. I took it with me […]


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    Good morning! This short week is sure flying by, huh? I can’t believe today is Thursday, and I’m off to Annapolis tomorrow morning for the ZOOMA race! Breakfast I started this morning with a breakfast blast from the past: Two-Ingredient Pancake. I haven’t had one of these babies in ages. I added chia seeds to […]



    Hello, hello! I hope your Tuesday is off to a fabulous start! I have an especially delicious, only 3-ingredient recipe for you guys, but, first, let’s do breakfast! Breakfast Breakfast was something a little different this morning, but it was really tasty. I had two toasted Vans waffles with Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread […]


    The Cheesehead State

    May 7, 2013


    Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Home of the Cheeseheads! (I’m seriously considering buying a cheesehead hat before I leave Milwaukee. I would totally wear it at home. I <3 cheese.) Thankfully, all of my travels went smoothly today: Home —> Taxi —> Boston —> Detroit —> Milwaukee —> Taxi —> Hotel. Not a single travel hiccup. […]