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    Thanksgiving 2011

    November 25, 2011

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    Hi, friends! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was great—lots of quality family and friend time, tons of delicious food and drink, and plenty of rest and relaxation. It was a successful holiday! Wednesday On Wednesday afternoon, Mal, Murphy, and I hit the road to drive to my in-law’s house for the holiday. […]


    fitbook Giveaway

    November 22, 2011


    You guys know that I’m semi-obsessed with planning and tracking my workouts, right? It keeps me focused on my goals and motivated to achieve them, so I’m all about it. Plus, this type of health journaling really works: In one of the largest weight loss studies to date, Kaiser Permanente asked nearly 1,700 participants to […]


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    Look what arrived at my house this afternoon!! OpenSky sent me some Get Well flowers, which instantly brightened up my day. Thank you, OpenSky! I can’t even explain how much these flowers cheered me up. I still feel pretty crappy (haha), so I haven’t left the couch much since Thursday. (My DVR is now empty.) […]


    Why I Eat Vegetables

    February 17, 2011

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    Want to know why I eat vegetables? The short and simple answer is nutrients. Most vegetables taste pretty good to me, especially if they’re roasted, but knowing that the nutrients are good for my mind, body, and soul encourages me to eat them frequently. When I’m loading up my diet with veggies, I notice a positive […]


    Jars Per Month

    February 17, 2011

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    Good morning! I woke up craving carbs and coffee. Don’t you think Carbs ‘N’ Coffee would make a great blog name? Imagine what you could do with it! I still love Bagels ‘N’ Gnocchi the best though. Breakfast This morning’s breakfast was a plate-o-carbs: toasted Lender’s bagel with plain cream cheese and a Pumpkin-Quinoa Muffin. […]