• NuVal

    Summer Run Streak

    May 23, 2012

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    Hello, hello! After breakfast, I planned to go for a run, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt lazy and unmotivated, so I threw on my new Reach the Beach tech shirt with the hope of it psyching me up. (New workout gear is typically instant exercise motivation for me.) Even though I was […]


    What Counts as a Workout?

    March 14, 2012

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    Ever since colitis flare #2, I’ve taken it easy with workouts by scheduling more rest days into each week and completely nixing my twice-a-day sessions. With that said, I woke up this morning feeling pretty sore (and just kind of blah) after last night’s CrossFit workout, so it was no-brainer to take a rest day […]


    Moving Billboard

    March 6, 2012


    Hello, friends! The other day, I read an article about creative ways to make some extra cash. One of the ideas was basically turning your car into a moving billboard by advertising on it. Apparently, you can make some serious dinero doing this. One company who does this type of advertising, Free Car Media, says […]


    Fill ‘Er Up

    February 21, 2012

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    Hello! The other day, I received the following question from a reader: How filled up does your Oats In a Jar get? I made it a while ago, but my oats barely made it 1/3 of the way up to jar. I found it so inconvenient that I ended up just pouring it back into […]


    Afternoon Cuddle Time

    January 26, 2012

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    One of the best perks about working from home is afternoon cuddle time with my favorite pug. How adorable is this dog?! Murphy often spends much of the day sitting in my lap while I work at my computer. I’m sure it’s terrible for my back, but he’s so darn cute, I just can’t say no. […]


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    Hi, friends! I have a hot date with my couch and Parks and Rec in a little bit since it’s LITERALLY my favorite show on TV right now, so I’m going to whiz right through this post. Snack A few hours after breakfast, my stomach started to grumble, so I threw together a quick snack […]


    I (Mostly) Hate Naps

    December 14, 2011

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    I don’t know what’s up with me, but I’m absolutely exhausted today. Maybe it’s the weather or my new workout routine that’s making me extra tired? All I know is that I needed to take a power nap to wake up this afternoon, which says something because I hate naps. I rarely ever nap because […]