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    Good morning! I started my day with a delicious batch of overnight oats with fresh berries and chia seeds. It was de-lic-ious. Recipe here! I also enjoyed a Hawaiian Chocolate Nut iced coffee from Marylou’s. (This photo is actually from yesterday, but I snuck out at the buttcrack of dawn for one this morning.) Even though […]



    Hi, guys! Just popping in to give you a little recap of yesterday! Breakfast Q and I were up at 3:30 AM, so by the time we finished with everything, it was just about 5:00 AM, so I started my day. I figured while everyone was sleeping (both Q and Murphy ate breakfast and then […]



    Hello, hello! Just popping in to share some of my eats from today and my new post on Health.com! Breakfast I had an egg-cellent breakfast this morning: Egg, bacon, cheese, and kale in a pita pocket with a glass of homemade Marylou’s Hawaiian Chocolate Nut with vanilla almond milk ice cubes. It was so good. You […]



    Good morning and happy National Donut Day! Are you celebrating today? I sure hope so. It’s quite the delicious day! When Mal woke up this morning, the first words out of his mouth were: “NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!!” And then, “Let’s get free donuts!” He was absolutely pumped and immediately jumped out of bed like a freak. In […]


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    Last night, I had my final CrossFit class until after Baby H. arrives. It was definitely bittersweet. Obviously, I need to give my body a break and rest up for labor, but, man, it was sad saying goodbye to my favorite workout and my favorite people. As Greg Glassman (the founder of CrossFit) once said, “Woodstock […]



    Hi, friends! Happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? I had another low-key one. We hired a painter to cover up some wood trim and paint the new doors in our house, so I pretty much stayed close to home all weekend. The painter spent most of Saturday and Sunday at our house, but […]


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    Good morning and happy Sunday! I started my morning with a deeeelicious breakfast of Pumpkin Coconut Chia Pudding, which was inspired by the Pumpkin Protein Pie Chia Pudding from PaleOMG, and a glass of freshly pressed green juice, which was my recipe for Sweet Mint Limeade with a big handful of baby spinach. Mmm! This […]